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HMS Prince 1670 by Spiderpig - FINISHED - Constructo - Scale 1:61

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Next was to plank the bottom half of the hull. Originally I was going to opt to do it as a single planked hull, but the bottom half in the Sapelli wood came out a bit messy for my liking. I decided to double plank it once I added some of the detail to the hull first. Constructo added a bundle of veneer planks to allow for this option.

















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Once the planking was complete I started adding some detail to the hull, before I commenced the second layer of planking.


The back of the stern:




Then added some lengths of wood to detail it:




And the final result after I trimmed the pieces, and sanded them down:





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Hi Brian


The hull measures 890mm once it's complete. However this measurement includes the bow spirit. I believe the hull is about 750mm in length. It's currently the largest Prince model on the market. Mamoli does one, but it is quite a bit smaller. Amati used to do one years ago, and that was enormous! over 1000mm in length I believe.


I got mine from the UK as it's hard to find Constructo kits here in Australia.



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And finally added the wales to the top half of the hull. You will also notice at the stern that I have built a small frame piece out of plywood. This is for the quarter galleries.




Here is the final result on Starboard side:




Both sides with the wales attached:






Now she has the first coat of varnish. I will post some more photos once I complete the varnished hull!








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The cast metal decorations are okay. There is a lot of them though. I guess to save on costs Constructo used cast metal for most of their decorative pieces, rather than brass which other companies use. I managed to find a spray paint of brass, and they came out fine with that. Only took a few minutes to spray them all.


Here are some photos of the varnished hull. I'm yet to do another coat as 2 coats hasn't come out as good as I would like it. The first photo also shows some the detail at the bow of the ship. Had some serious challenges there with curving the wood lengths at the front! But I'm satisfied with the result.


post-1207-0-82605300-1379225154.jpg post-1207-0-93640500-1379225156.jpg


post-1207-0-50221600-1379225158.jpg post-1207-0-23199100-1379225161.jpg







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Updates for this week. I have finished the 3rd and final coat of varnish on the Prince. She looks great now! I have now begun to decorate the hull with various wood and metal ornaments.


Starting with the deck at the bow of the ship: I needed to build the small wooden door out of thin African Walnut strips. I then added an eyebolt to imitate the door handle. Along with some false looking hinges made of brass that were supplied by the kit. All the other pieces are cast metal that have been spray painted with a "brass" coloured paint. The look I was going for came out beautifully! I wanted a colour that was slightly shinier than gold, but not as shiny as polished brass looks. This paint really worked!




And here she is again with 1 coat of vanish added to the wooden parts. I will give them another coat or two over the week.




Thanks for watching 





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Updates from this week. I have continued on with decorating the hull with some more ornaments and such.


Starting with the gold rings that decorate the top two rows of cannons. Also added some wales at the stern.






I then went forward a few steps and added some detail to the door at mid ship:




And on another note I thought I would add a photo of the building frame I'm using. I have read a lot of posts of people who buy those expensive keel clamps etc. I designed my own. I used left over planks from a previous build to build the frame work. It needs to be roughly a third of the hulls length, and about the same width as the hull. Then I used the offcuts from the plywood frame work that held the bulkheads to create the upright sections.


I then added some felt, similar to that used on the bottoms of furniture to protect the hull 


Thanks for watching




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I love these long weekends! You just get so much more time to continue with the build of your ship!


I have now finished decorating the bow of the ship.


Starting with the figure head and some smaller figurines:






Then the Davits that have some small Lions head tacks, and a small figurine underneath.




I am now working on finishing off the galleries at the stern, coupled with the vast detail on the stern itself. So far I have begun to add some small sections of wood to starboards sides gallery:




This took me hours! So it'll be a while before I eventually get to this complete finish:




Thanks for watching 



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