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  1. P1010870.JPG

    A fine looking 'Swan' and beautifully displayed, well done! B.E.
  2. As part of our sojourn to Dorsetshire, I took the opportunity to cross the border into Hampshire to satisfy a long desire to visit this iconic location of 18th c shipbuilding. Very little has changed in the appearance of this shipbuilding village since the 18th century. The slipways are still there to see. The Museum has some interesting content, some of the displays are shown below. I particularly liked the dioramas. This dio showing Master Ship builder Henry Adams discussing the building of Agamemnon with James Dann the Navy board overseer, was my favourite. This model of Agamemnon from a well known kit at 1:64 scale, so familiar to members on MSW, gave me the real difference in size to my Pegasus build, which looks positively puny by comparison. Some of the other models were nice enough but perhaps lacked a little in terms of refinement, particularly in the scaling of masts and yards. Well worth a visit if you're in the South West area. B.E.
  3. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    What did I do in my Garden today .......... simply enjoyed it. B.E.
  4. Reminds me that I have a set of Floquil Marine Colors many years old. Such interesting names :- Orange Ochre. Tallow Coat. Pine Tar Oil. Weathered Manilla Stain. Verdigris. All in excellent condition apart from the Verdigris which has developed a thick skin over the paint. No wonder it was discontinued, given the dire warnings on the jars. B.E.
  5. There was usually a Rudder Coat fitted to prevent ingress of water thro' the counter. The Rudder Coat was a loose fitting bag like cover made of tarred canvas nailed to the rudder head and counter. Tricky little beggars to make at model scale but you will find examples around the model builds. Where the Rudder head came thro' the deck another small tarred canvas cover would be secured around the head and to the deck to reduce any water ingress to the deck below. The photo's below show the arrangement I used on my Pegasus build. Rudder coat in course of fitting. Canvas cover around rudder head, on Pegasus an additional cover was built over the rudder head to further protect it. B.E.
  6. Hi Ken, I upload photo's directly from my computer photo files, and they appear along the bottom of the log entry I am making. You can do this for all the photo's you wish to include in a particular log entry. I type in the blurb for the log, and then move the cursor below the line of print and click on the photo I wish to select which then appears in the body of the log. Again move the cursor below the photo and begin writing again in the body of the log, and so on. Hope this helps. B.E.
  7. Cheers Eddie, all sorted now, don't seem able to get my brain in gear today B.E.
  8. Thanks for responding Eddie, but that post by Dan seems to relate to the old system, and specifically to linking posts to indexes. I am talking about making the link to my overall log as appears in the signature below each post. In your signature in the preceding post only your top current build has an active link not your other current builds. In the previous system all my three builds had active links? Cheers, B.E.
  9. The link to two of my builds, Pegasus and Pickle seem to be broken in my signature, although the link to my Seventy-four build seems to be working, how do I remake the connection? Thank you. B.E.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today after four days intensive work I completed the restoration of the hull stage part of my Pegasus log which fell foul of the recent upgrade. It will soon be available for viewing. B.E.
  11. Thanks Sean, I am going to start a new log, but an abridged version covering the modifications I made to create my Pegasus and which I think will be of most interest to followers of my old build. It will take a little time to sort all the info but once ready it will appear in the kit builds section as the complete (I hope) article. I will also include some of the older stuff relating to the initial stages which pre-dated MSW. Thank you for your kind offer😊 B.E.
  12. Thanks for that Chuck, I've absolutely no wish to put Dirk or others to that sort of time consuming activity when they could be enjoying and progressing their own builds, yourself included. ps; I think I'd rather follow your builds Dirk, so please don't trouble yourself, but your offer is much appreciated. I do have the word files and photo files relating to the log so I'll see what I can do to post an abridged version perhaps concentrating on where I modified the kit as Chuck indicated. Regards, B.E.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm not into the blame game, I recognise the hard and sometimes anxious work that Jim, Chuck, Dirk, and others do on our behalf and sometimes '****' happens. I am upset about the loss of my log but I'm sure that all avenues are being explored to try and recover it. I'm not sufficiently technically competent to know what that might be, just a hope that there may be a back-up holding at least some of the log. Regards, B.E.
  14. Thank you Dirk, I'm still at a loss to understand what has happened. I logged on when the site was re-opened and my log was there in the new format. I don't know how I deleted the entire log as my understanding was up to that point under the old system that members couldn't delete posts let alone logs. Seems I may have fallen foul of a window during transition when that door was left open, but I can't see how I could have done it before the upgrade. As you may understand I'm feeling pretty gutted about this, and I thank you and the team for checking out any other straws however thin. Regards, B.E.