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  1. Nice set of photo's Lawrence, and like Nils my favourite is the Stern Qtr shot with the light thro' the sails. The flag arrangement does sit easier on my eye a case of less is more I think. You must be feeling well satisfied with your Bounty, I hope you have somewhere good to display her, and show her off to best advantage. B.E.
  2. No need to go to the other place Martin, the detail is here on page 3, post 72 of my log. The Cathead should butt up against the Main rail of the head works and during the process of fixing the cathead it is worth checking they sit right. On Pegasus the Main rail is a pre-shaped piece of walnut so it is an easy matter to blu-tack it temporarily in place before the cathead position is fixed. Cheers, B.E.
  3. Thank you, Don, Lawrence, Joe, and Mike for your most generous comments, much appreciated. @ Lawrence, served brass wire comes in very handy for a number of tricky little rigging requirements, and Catharpins are one of the best examples. @ Mike, I didn't repost the log twice, just in two halves. Fortunately the first half was a straight copy and paste from another forum, and the second half (Masting and Rigging) from my word/photo files, which were in a reasonable order but still took several day to complete and proved the most tiresome. Otherwise I doubt I would have had the heart or inclination to start again. I now live in fear of the 'delete' button ps: Have you changed your tag name from 'Landlubber Mike? B.E.
  4. Fine Companionway you have made there Don. B.E.
  5. Cheers Eddie, all sorted now, don't seem able to get my brain in gear today B.E.
  6. An impressive looking Bounty Lawrence, looks like she would be on her way to Tahiti if you put her in the water. Well Done One question to satisfy my curiosity, why have you rigged her out with the Blue and Red Ensigns at the Main and Fore mastheads in addition to the White at the Gaff? An unusual arrangement this, in the case of Bounty my inclination would be that she would have worn the Red Ensign at the Gaff (being on an Admiralty mission) and the Union flag at the jack (as you have shown it) She would also have worn a Commissioning pennant at the Main Masthead, which would have been kept aloft for the duration of her mission. Regards, B.E.
  7. Thanks for responding Eddie, but that post by Dan seems to relate to the old system, and specifically to linking posts to indexes. I am talking about making the link to my overall log as appears in the signature below each post. In your signature in the preceding post only your top current build has an active link not your other current builds. In the previous system all my three builds had active links? Cheers, B.E.
  8. Nice progress Steve, great job on the traveller ring. B.E.
  9. The link to two of my builds, Pegasus and Pickle seem to be broken in my signature, although the link to my Seventy-four build seems to be working, how do I remake the connection? Thank you. B.E.
  10. I'm with the programme Martin, just because it's hidden is no reason not to do it. Mrs Shires W is generally supportive of my modelling activity, but having read the frank disclosure by Mrs Prairie W, I now begin to wonder why. She did once express an interest in making an Airfix Spitfire (had to be an Airfix) and indeed started it, when I asked which Mk she would like I was promptly told not to get nerdy! just get her a Spitfire. Still on with the show - don't forget to get the Catheads the right way up, and you will need to temporarily fit the main head Rails to assist getting the position right. Cheers, B.E.
  11. Our respective Mrs W's seem to have the same outlook towards our modelling efforts, but that's not the point is it, although on a practical level Mrs Prairie W is correct in the sense that the Foc'sle scroll will be mostly hidden by the shrouds. Nice detail tho' Martin😊 Good luck luck with the Catheads, an interesting little project in their own right. B.E.
  12. Looking forward to following your new build Bob. I have exactly the same mind set as I approach completion of my Pegasus , smaller subjects, larger scale, less focal range requirements. Time catches up with all of us I guess B.E.
  13. The gun port size is as per the pattern, and I lined them with some 0.6mm boxwood strip. However, were I doing the model again I would have made the first port, which is in fact a Bridle port, (not a gun port), narrower to 8.50mm, and side hinged the port lid. I didn't line the Sweep ports. B.E.
  14. I looked at this during my build and I finally settled on RB32mm guns and the 15mm for the Swivels. However, the 29mm look fine as well on the carriage, and once they are all together along the broadside I don't think they will look undersized, I just preferred a slightly chunkier look. This is the comparison I made when deciding on my build, and as you can see the Syren version is finer still than the RB 29mm. B.E.
  15. Hi Doug, the details are there, Page two, post 52- here's the link I think. Cheers, B.E.