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  1. Miles: Welcome to MSW and to the NRG - Mary told me you joined today - she's working on your welcome letter and sending you the current Journal. She mentioned you joining because my cousin toured and played Sax with your namesake about 25 years ago. I know you will gain a lot from your association with the crowd here - check the various build logs for the Constitution if you decide to tackle it next. Take care, Kurt
  2. Chuck: Mary and I will have your Mom and your family in our prayers. The family stuff has to be your priority. Everything else can wait. Kurt & Mary
  3. Eddie: Thanks for signing up and supporting the NRG as well as MSW. Mary told me she sent you an email within about the last 10 minutes acknowledging your membership and it includes your member number. Thanks, Kurt
  4. A complete set of Annual Indexes to the Nautical Research Journal has been put up on the NRG web site under the Journal button http://www.thenrg.org/the-journal-indexes.php. The Indexes for Journal Volumes 1- 40 are searchable. The indexes from Volumes 41-61 are downloadable pdf's. Some of the articles from past issues are already available from the NRG Store and more will continue to be added http://www.thenrg.org/the-nrg-store.php Articles not yet listed for sale in the store can be obtained by contacting the NRG office - use the "contact us" link at the bottom of each NRG web page. Kurt
  5. Elijah: Great model - you can be proud of your first build. If you bring the model to our next meeting I will take some photos of it for you using my set up here so you have a couple of good photos against a nice background. On to the Philadelphia - you are going to enjoy this build. Kurt
  6. Caution - if you are using acrylics do not use common steel wool - a piece will inevitably be left behind someplace despite blowing off the dust and it will rust through your nice paint job. Use a synthetic sanding pad like the 3M pads or similar. Kurt
  7. Shellac is a very common finish for furniture and wood projects - it was used extensively here in the US until sturdier finishes became available and fine furniture makers still use it. It is still easy to get here and to use. The woodworking stores sell cans of ready to use shellac and they also sell the flakes so one can mix up a fresh batch and it can be made to different consistencies by adding more flake to the liquid. If you buy any, get the smallest amount you can get as it doesn't have a real long shelf life once it's mixed but if the can is kept tightly closed I have used stuff that was 2 years old. Here is a link to the Wikipedia definition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellac Hope this helped. Kurt
  8. I use only acrylics and specifically Badger Airbrush Co's Marine Paints - they have virtually no odor. I doubt that you have access to this brand. I often just airbrush a light coating of water onto the wood and when dry sand the raised wood. If it was raised a lot - softer woods raise more than hard woods - I sometimes spray another coat and sand that when dry and then apply the acrylic paints. Sometimes the model will not work well with sanding due to tight corners, etc and then I use a coat of shellac under the paint. The shellac doesn't raise the grain and once it seals the wood there isn't any way that the acrylic will affect the wood. Kurt
  9. David's sisters and brother-in-law visited Chicago Saturday to meet with David's friends from the 3 Chicago area clubs and his work. It was not a memorial service but a gathering of David's friends to tell the family things about David and vice versa. I have spoken a few times with Diane, the sister David stayed with during his illness and provided her the link to see all of these responses. The link below is to his obit and comments can be posted there. His family was very happy to see the MSW posts to see that David had many more friends than they were aware of. Kurt http://www.hagartywaychoffgrarup.com/obituaries/David-Glen-Botton?obId=1400888#/obituaryInfo
  10. Making a sternwheel operate is much more difficult than adding an electric motor. Most operating model sternwheels use a circular drive wheel, inside the engine room, that the inboard end of the Pitman arms attach to. This makes the pitman arms operate in a circular motion while the real steam engine connection to the inboard end of the pitman arm is a slide mechanism that goes fore and aft and the pitman arm attached to the sternwheel follows the sternwheel's circular motion. The inboard end slides back and forth at a set elevation while the outboard end rotates in a circular motion where it attaches to the sternwheel. When you see the slide mechanism operate vs the inner wheel type drive the latter looks very toy like. Kurt
  11. Michael: Thank you - and thanks to everybody else for your donations. Kurt
  12. Eric: Thanks for doing the research. I have filed the info and links in my steamboat files. I know it will proove helpful down the road. Kurt
  13. John: If you mean the NRG web site - www.thenrg.org there is no sign in requirement - nothing is hidden to the public. There is a "sign in - optional" blank on the Store page but it's not actually connected and it's some sort of default part of the software that we can't seem to get removed. If this is about something here on MSW I can't help at all. I am sure Chuck or another Admin will see your message. Kurt
  14. The proof of who can see the member number, is that while you see yours, you don't see anybody else's. Kurt
  15. Grant: Sorry, but the limitations of the web site would make it visible to everybody as there is not a "members only" section. There is an upgrade in our data base under consideration and members would have access to update personal info and see the member number but it's sometime down the road. If every member would look at their mailing label - the Spring 2017 issue is in the mail - and record their member number they will have it at hand when needed. Take care, Kurt