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  1. BlueJacket Lobster Boat: A Review

    Eric: A very nice build. I like the colors too. I built the Bluejacket Lobster boat with the fiberglass hull and the instructions and plans appear to have been much better with the kit I did as it's a newer kit and the instructions in their more recent offerings just keep getting better. I considered the same green color you used but used a lighter green. I attached two photos of my build. I agree with the paint issue - I switched to acrylics many years ago. When I opened the old Floquil paints my wife would immediately start to complain about the smell. For peace I started to investigate acrylics and have not used any solvent based paints other than rattle can primers (occasionally) and then out doors. Since Badger introduced their Stynylrez primers I use them indoors. In fact Mary will often be in the shop at the same time I am airbrushing with the Badger paints and doesn't mind the very slight odor. It's great being able to paint w/o a respirator - though I do use a spray booth - for the particulate issue not harmful fumes. What's next on the building board? Kurt
  2. Cool Tool Box

    I love it - and the price but I can't find it on their web page. Spent 20 minutes w/o success - can you provide a link to the catalog page? Searched under tool drawers, drawers, storage drawers - w/o success as well as scrolling all over their various categories. Thanks, Kurt
  3. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    gluedand.... Yeah, most of the people here are a bit older - but that's when one has the time to indulge in the hobby. But we do have youth here. Check Elijah's build below - he's a club member and a NRG member. This is his second model - he just turned 15 last month. He is making great advances in his skills because he sees the work of some very fine modelers at club meetings as well as here on MSW. And he asks questions and listens carefully and then gets the task done - he has my phone number and we just got done with a call that hopefully filled in the info he needs to get his plexiglass case glued up for his last model. Our local clubs have all ages represented but certainly most are 40+ as I am sure is representative of most clubs as well as here. One doesn't use the description of "the guy with the grey hair sitting in front" at a NRG conference as most are either grey or bald but we do have all ages represented. I hope like all get out that Elijah sticks with this hobby w/o interruption but if he's like most of us he will probably lessen his involvement when he gets to college and starts working and raising a family but when he gets some free time when kids are a bit older he will be back into it like most of us here. As far as most of us being older, this has never been a young persons hobby (with exceptions of course) as boats and ships take longer to model than cars and planes. I myself started modeling at about age 10 doing just about any plastic kit I could get my hands on but got seriously into car models at about age 12-13. Kept it up till work got in the way and picked it up again when I had evening time to fill when on duty in the firehouse. That's when I got into boats. There was always something I could do in the evening and take home to assemble to the model at hand. Retired at 50 and still modeling. Kurt https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/15753-continental-gunboat-philadelphia-by-elijah-model-shipways-124-scale/&tab=comments#comment-490150
  4. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    gluedandscrewed: Sorry, but using your reasoning about seeing the work of masters being discouraging then we need to cancel major league baseball so the Little Leagues don't get discouraged. Not equating the less experienced modelers to youth baseball, but learning from your more experienced peers is what the Guild and MSW is all about. All modelers should have encouragement to advance and become better modelers and seeing the work of others can be a big part of learning - and the advice offered here is very important to the development of all levels of modelers. I think every modeler who visits here or attends a show/contest regardless of their level of skill and/or experience looks at somebody's work and says to their self " I wish I could do that as well as he/she does that". For most it's not discouraging but motivational to see work that they at some point only aspire to be able to do. Take care, Kurt
  5. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    The model ship competition at the WI Maritime Museum (40+ years) has considered scratch building as being the work of the modeler with the exception of chain, rope with a very limited amount of mercurially available parts. This contest has ruled that if the modeler makes the master drawing photo etched parts from a 3rd party can be used. Recently we updated the rules to allow 3D printed parts as long as the modeler did the drawings. My long term scratch build project is shown below - will be awhile before I have the wood needed to start. Kurt
  6. Split Brass Ring Frustrations

    Henry: Good point and 100% correct. However, they are not always properly aligned or closed before being opened and that's why I have the pliers. Kurt
  7. Split Brass Ring Frustrations

    Soldering is a good cure but you need to get the two ends aligned so there is no visible gap between the ends before soldering. There are special loop closer pliers that squeeze the rings together w/o the tendency of common pliers to make them oval rather than round. The pliers have a curved shape cut into the jaws that hold the ring upright so the ring ends can be squeezed together. No need for an expensive pair as their use is light. Any jewelers supply has them and many places selling beading supplies too. The photo is from the Fire Mountain Gems catalog - I have a pair from this supplier. Kurt
  8. Boston Tugboat Betsy Ross

    Kurt: Your title is mislabeled as this is a tug boat rather than a tow boat (even though it did tow) so you might want to edit your title. I don't have any specific information on this tug, but seeing as the photo came from the Steamship Historical Society I would suggest that you contact them about this as they have extensive records and might have this info on hand. They are very helpful in my experience. There is a Yahoo group on tugboats with some very knowledgeable people with many assets. Its called tugboats and you can get on the forum by sending an email to tugboats-subscribe@yahoogroups.com once you have access ask there and you might get an answer. Take care, Kurt
  9. There is an article linked below from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) an organization member of the NRG, about a hull survey done in Fairbanks, Alaska of the Steamboat Nenana a museum boat in Pioneer Park. This might be of interest to the followers of this forum topic. There will be an expanded article in the next issue of the INA Quarterly and I will link it when available. Kurt https://nauticalarch.org/first-look-at-a-rare-northern-steamboat/
  10. Midwest doesn't currently produce any model boat kits. Regarding so many HMS Victory, USS Constitution, Cutty Sark and HMS Bounty models - I have a modeler friend who will go into a long spiel about how there should be a law against even a single one of these ever being allowed to be sold or built again as there are way too many in existence already. Including thousands still in closets that the owner will never get to. He goes into great detail about how many modelers probably purchased one of these as their first model boat, gave up in disgust, and if they didn't take up drinking as a hobby, probably went into model cars or airplanes. Kurt
  11. I agree 100% with Keith. Kurt
  12. Several have mentioned it and I have been contacted privately - once again - about the tone of the conversation. Please just desist in the use of "crappy" etc. There are some who are offended by this type of language - please be considerate of your fellow modelers. I think that with a bit of restraint another word can be used to describe the poor quality of the parts. Cheap, inferior, junk, lousy, shoddy, trashy, sub-par, useless, worthless, atrocious, awful, rough, sad, unacceptable - just to mention a few words that are probably more descriptive. Thanks, Kurt
  13. Colour of riverboat hulls?

    Eric: I went over the Bertrand info too with the same results. Also checked info on the the Arabia and the original data on the Heroine - but as Glenn Greico explained several times in his build log Kevin Crissman was routinely digging up facts as Glenn built the model. I also checked Glenn's build log and there is no evidence that he simulated caulking anyplace on the model and his models contain all the known details. I will be surprised if any info comes back showing that caulking was used. Kurt
  14. Colour of riverboat hulls?

    Chris: As far as I know it was just paint as many hulls were white. I think white might have been used more than black actually. I have never actually read anything about hulls or decks being caulked. All sources I have read say the hulls were fitted with smooth tight joints between the planks as well as the decks. Decks did have camber for water run off - which would only be rain as riverboats were not likely to get their decks wet otherwise in the protected rivers. You have my curiosity aroused and I will be contacting some nautical archaeologists about this issue of caulking. Kurt