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  1. kurtvd19

    New here

    Welcome to MSW Ab. Ab is very modest - one of his paper models was on the cover of the NRG's Nautical Research Journal - Fall 2016 (61.3) and featured inside Kurt
  2. kurtvd19

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    I got some AYC from Chuck and I am using it on a new model and I love the stuff. In my case the model is of a 1890 era canal boat primarily made of White Oak for which I am using Birch - dead ringer at 1/2" = 1' To White Oak. There is also a lot of Yellow Pine used on the boat and the AYC looks perfect in place of Yellow Pine on this model. I was very impressed with the ease of using the AYC as it cuts great on either my Preac or Bynes saws and finishes nicely. I bought a couple of sheets from Chuck and after actually using a bit of it ordered a bunch more - it will be stocked in my shop going forward. And as usual Chuck delivered it quickly and well packeaged. Kurt
  3. Sanding photo etch is tricky and probably not needed - I have never had to do it at least. Any sanding should be followed with a cleaning using a grease/oil cutting agent - acetone should work for most crud and lacquer thinner works too - and to get the sanding debris cleaned. I follow the solvent soak with a water rinse and then let the parts air dry. Don't skip the water rinse. If you are on well water or have real hard water you might be advised use distilled water. Next, do not touch the parts with your bare hands. Use tweezers or clean cotton gloves or exam gloves W/O powder! Primer should stick just great. I use an acrylic primer - Badger's Stynylrez - and it and the final color coats stick. This is what has worked for me. Kurt
  4. Actually you are a member. By being a registered user - rather than a lurker who doesn't sign up just looks -you become a MSW member. Thanks for signing up for NRG membership recently - you are our only member in the Darwin part of Australia but glad to have you on board. Kurt
  5. Mike described the funding accurately enough for the purpose. There is currently close to $300 (US) coming due for some of the operating costs and the gauge would be moving down accordingly, but it might stay close to where it is as donations can come in that offset the expenditure. With the varying amounts donated/collected and paid out it is hard to keep the gauge showing a completely accurate count but it's as good as it can be w/o obsessive monitoring by volunteer MSW and NRG staff. We truly appreciate the voluntary $$ support from the members here. Kurt
  6. kurtvd19

    Pleased to be a new member

    Welcome to MSW Dave. Be sure to start a build log of your Fair American. Kurt
  7. Woodworker's supply stores carry dyes for wood. Some are diluted with alcohol some with water and some with either. Dyes have been used for a long time. I am sure you have similar products on your side of the pond. Kurt https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/dyes-pigments
  8. kurtvd19

    A $14,000 model kit

    One can make a small fortune build models for a living. The secret is to start with a large fortune. Kurt
  9. kurtvd19

    MSW plastic invasion?

    Plastic has even been featured in the NRG's Nautical Research Journal and on our cover over the last few years. Check the new Journal on the web site with a 1/350 plastic model on the cover and featured inside https://www.thenrg.org/the-journal.php . Plastic kits today are high quality and the many add-ons that are available can make them truly magnificent models that require far more than glue part A into slot B. I think plastic models are being more widely accepted as a legitimate modeling method as the finished product is the important thing and what the model looks like when complete being the most relevant rather than the materials used. We had an award winning plastic modeler (1st place at the IPMS Nationals) win best Miniature at the WI Maritime Museum's annual contest give a presentation to the modelers on how his model was built. Many said, at the end of the presentation, that they had no idea of how much work went into a state of the art plastic model. As far as I am concerned it is the finished product that is to be judged not the materials used. Kurt
  10. Dave: Welcome to MSW and I hope the start of a long time hobby. Both of these topics have been discussed at length on the forum. I suggest you do a search and after reviewing the various Q&A's post your follow up questions to those areas. A search is easy to do - upper right area of the page - type in "basic tools" for one search and "workbench height" for another. This should give you a start. Members will be glad to offer advice. Kurt
  11. kurtvd19

    Domanoff Ordering

    That's the ask a question button. They will not and can not charge you until you give them a card number. Kurt
  12. The sand it is an aluminum extrusion with ridges at each corner. The sandpaper is attached to the recessed area between the raised edges with the raised edges contacting the guide surface. The sandpaper never contacts the tool surfaces. Kurt
  13. kurtvd19

    Centering Tools

    UMM-USA has this nice little center finder - I have one and love it - for only $8.50. http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_162&products_id=6607 UMM is a good source for good tweezers and photo etch tools Kurt
  14. Derek: Welcome aboard. Your support of the NRG helps us do things like making MSW available to the hobby. Glad you like the Journal. Take care, Kurt
  15. NEW DIGITAL EDITION OF THE NAUTICAL RESEARCH JOURNAL The digital option that many have been asking for is now a reality. This first issue is being made available free to everybody, members and non-members alike, because we are convinced many will want to sign up for the digital option. WE HAVE UPDATED THE COVER - We have added the name of the NRG’s Ship Modeler’s Forum, – Model Ship World, - to the right of the new title box as the forum has become so widely used and now such an integral part of the NRG. We have added 16 pages to the Journal and increased the modeling related content. The additional 16 pages are full color – doubled to total 32 pages of color - to feature more modeling content. Features of the digital edition: The same content as the printed Journal Viewable on any computer, tablet or mobile phone Full color photos and illustrations Add bookmarks and notes Archive of all digital editions released during your membership Available immediately when each issue is released...no more waiting for the mail New lower-cost digital only membership option Cost-effective for international members Go to https://www.thenrg.org/digital-edition.php to see the first digital issue. The digital edition is available for only $40 or an additional $15 if both print and digital are wanted. Existing members - If you prefer to receive only the digital edition (starting with the next issue Winter 2018) or want to add the digital edition to your print copy contact the NRG office to make the change. Non-US members may want to take advantage of the assured delivery and save with the digital edition for $40 versus the $62 fee for print copies to non-US areas. New members can pick print, digital or both at the NRG Store – don’t put it off – sign up now. NRG Office – nrghomeoffice@gmail.com or 585-968-8111 Sign up on-line - https://www.thenrg.org/join-the-nrg.php Show your support of the NRG – sign up for the digital Journal. Membership in the NRG helps us support MSW and the hobby of model ship building.

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