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  1. New to this forum

    The list can be found here - just click on it and you can see the official up-to-date listing of the prohibited manufacturers. Kurt
  2. New to this wonderful forum

    Larry: Welcome to the NRG's Model Ship World. Go to the Member's Build Logs section and click on the kit builds topic and there are guidelines on the first page to tell you everything you need to know. Happy modeling, Kurt
  3. Preac Thickness Sander

    Roger is 100% correct. I once had the part number - direct from Charlie File's son - when I had to replace a bearing. Sold the sander and dumped the note but it was a standard bearing. Kurt
  4. Anybody contemplating using scalpel blades should consider getting a beefier handle than the stamped metal handles sold for surgery as there is little force used in surgical procedures whereas we tend to exert a bit more force and using the surgical handles gets old real quick. Borrowed one of those from my wife quickly gave it back and bought the ones shown below. I use the metal one for fine work and the red one for less critical stuff. When the metal handle needs a new blade the blade in the red handle is thrown away and it gets the used blade from the metal handle. The swapped blade is still plenty sharp. Stropping is routine for blades in my shop. I still have a bunch of Xacto blades/handles but use the scalpel blades most. Each of the handles below cost less than $7.00 each with the red plastic one costing more than the metal one! Both were obtained from ebay (with free shipping - the only way I buy on ebay). Kurt
  5. New Member

    Welcome to MSW Kurt
  6. I use Swann-Morton #25a blades. They are a lot cheaper if you get the non-sterilized blades. Have found them on both Amazon and ebay You might want to get a plastic handle like this (just an example) https://www.amazon.com/OdontoMed2011®-SCALPEL-PLASTIC-VETERINARY-INSTRUMENTS/dp/B01EC46Q52/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1511647956&sr=8-9&keywords=scalpel+handle+4 Kurt
  7. Surgical blades are the way to go. Xacto or Excel both will loosen if you apply pressure that loosens the tightening nut. The surgical blades lock in place and prevent this. Kurt
  8. New hobby?

    Ship-it: Go to the last post on the last page of the link Chris provided about the banned kits issue - to see if your kit mfg. is listed. You can skip all of the prior posts - as the last post is the final word on the issue. Kurt
  9. The stack should not face into the wind - otherwise the stack doesn't work and it gets real smokey below decks real quick besides playing havoc with the stove fire. Kurt
  10. Ulises: Mary is sending you an email about your mailings. The Fall Journal (62.3) was mailed to you at the address you list and it has not been returned to us. Maybe there is an issue at your end. Regardless, I am sure you and Mary will get it fixed. Kurt
  11. Ulises: I am sorry you haven't received the Journals and I will check into this today. You sent emails to an address that isn't active (and I don't remember it at all - where did you get it? - just so we can check to see so we can get it deleted from wherever you found it). Our contact information is listed on the NRG's web site and it is accessible from within MSW at the top of the MSW home page - it's the NRG Home Page button. The contact email is info@thenauticalresearchguild.org and emails are answered within 24 hours (max. - but usually within just a few hours). When we have problems with a member's mailings we contact them by email and seeing that you have a new email we might have sent the emails to your old email. When there are problems with a mailing it's useless to send a letter to the bad address and when the email is changed there is nothing we can do until we are contacted by the member. Which you have done now. This is why we devote part of the last page of each Journal asking the members to keep us current with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Expect an email yet today from our office manager to your new email address. Take care, Kurt
  12. I just got a new listing of towboat and riverboat plans available from John Fryant of Paddlewheels & Props. He now has the Alan Bates plans available - I was worried that these plans were lost to us when Alan died. I thought I would share them with the other riverboat fans. Kurt PADDLE WHEEL - PROPS - FRYANTS- PRICE LIST 11-17.pdf
  13. I would go with a flat barn red or oxide red - same color just different names depending on your source. Any shade of the oxide red would be good. Applied over a white primer it will be lighter and over a black primer it would be darker. No primer - neutral. Absolutely no gloss paint. Kurt
  14. I agree 100% with Eric. Cost and availability and also the red didn't show dirt and crud as much as white. Kurt
  15. finished01.jpg

    Very nice build and I love the colors you used. Kurt