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  1. What have you received today?

    I always urge that the instruction should be read from start to finish before starting any construction. And that's step 2 after checking that all the parts have been provided. Kurt
  2. Griphos: Go to your local library and see if you can get the book through the inter library loan system. Their network of libraries can locate a library that has the book and it's sent to your library for you to check out. They say that sometimes there can be a nominal charge but I have yet to run into a charge. Great way to check out a book before buying it. Kurt
  3. List your miseries here

    I was involved with fire and building codes for well over 30 years. One thing I told my inspectors and backed up with an iron hand was "never tell a citizen you want this or that done". Tell them what the code requires, show it to them in black and white - copy the code section and give them a copy if necessary - and then explain to them why this is a requirement. All orders/violations had to be in writing with code citations or the inspector was not happy when reviews were done. When I did a plan review I told the architects and/or engineers exactly what section of the code was not followed, exactly where it was not followed and cited the code section. I would explain it thoroughly if asked, but could not tell them how to solve their issue (design professionals get very upset as the design is their exclusive territory and how dare a mere mortal tell them how to fix it). If asked I could give them my opinion but you would be surprised how few time they asked. Something like "door swings wrong" was not adequate - I wanted the architect to correct the plan the first time around - why make him search for the error - I called out "door in room #XYZ swing wrong". Easy to find and fix. I have no idea why the 15 degree offset would require a manhole - was this a code specified thing or something the inspector "wanted"? Anybody who has an inspector tell them they did something wrong has the right to ask the inspector to show the citizen or builder the code section violated specifically. You would be surprised at how many time the violation disappears when the builder or citizen demands to see it in writing in the code book that they are wrong. After my time as Chief of Fire Prevention when I did consulting much of my time and income came from a builder hiring me to help him solve a problem that his reading of the code book said he was doing right but the inspector said was wrong. Many times it was a simple matter of me saying "show it to me in the code book". Don't be afraid to insist on making them show you what the book says. Kurt
  4. Marisstella is a sponsor here - they are legitimate and reliable. Check the banner ads on the right side of the home page. Kurt
  5. Wow! almost 29,000 members...

    Many "active modelers" will probably never post - but they are reading and following builds, etc. NRG member surveys have found that many ship modelers are very private and just do not speak out. They find their answers by reading and searching. Kurt
  6. Speaking from experience when these GB publishing companies fold and then reorganize they do not recognize their previous loyal subscribers and do not honor the remaining subscriptions. Start all over and then hope you get all you pay for because again history shows they have a very poor record of fulfilling the new subscriptions before they fold again. Kurt
  7. New to the forum

    Welcome to MSW Vic. Kurt
  8. Newbe

    Welcome to MSW Syd Kurt
  9. The cushions can be made from epoxy or sculpy - painted and until touched you would swear they are leather or fabric - depending on the painting. Kurt
  10. Read the thread on 3rd Party Posting - the link can disappear overnight if the 3rd party changes their policy (Photobucket) - possibly making the posts with the videos useless if that is all they contained. Kurt
  11. What have you received today?

    The term was commonly used here in the Midwest. Sometimes we parked near the local "lake" and sometimes out on a road between the corn fields. But regardless of the location we never did see any of the submarines. Sometimes we parked adjacent to the canal (in Lemont) out of Chicago that connects via the IL Waterway to the Mississippi. The canal was traveled by actual Gato Class subs made in Manitowoc, WI during WWII on their journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Would have been quite visible as they were moved on a floating drydock type of barge from Lemont to the Gulf - but this was long before my time. But we felt that if a Lemont cop stopped by we could say we were watching for the subs that once passed by here. Kurt
  12. In my opinion Sherline is the one to get. Check their web site www.sherline.com and ad at the back of each issue of the Nautical Research Journal. I know mine doesn't weigh anywhere near 100 lbs - the web site says shipping weight of under 50 pounds. Proxxon also makes a good mill. Check the Proxxon banner ad on the MSW web site. I have no personal experience with the Proxxon. Kurt
  13. Karl Kalb, Microglass

    Karl was a great guy and friend. I will miss him and the hobby will miss his great hulls. Kurt
  14. I picked up a cheap and not at all sturdy drafting board with an adjustable top (for the angle-no height adjustment) at a garage sale - but these things are available at any office supply store. I put it in the upright position and depending on the plan size I either attach the plans directly to the top or to a larger piece of foam core. I can keep it right near the workbench and move it as needed. Kurt