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  1. Carl: There is a small fishing boat - the NRG's Generic Sharpie that fits the bill for a simple small craft. 200+ page monograph to guide the builder. The author did the monograph for the builder with minimal tools noted. All materials are standard sizes - no need for custom milling. Only one build going right now but you can see the info on either link below - the review of the initial announcement. Kurt
  2. I found the source for the plans - right in my office in fact. The plans used for the model were the same plans used for the museum boat at the Camp River duBois at Hartford, IL. There was an article in the March 1993 issue of the Nautical Research Journal - Keelboat, Pirogue, and Canoe: Vessels Used by the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery by Richard C. Boss = pages 68-87. Incidentally the article is available at the NRG store as a downloadable pdf for $2.50. The article and plans can certainly be used to develop a set of model building plans. Kurt Link to museum site http://www.campdubois.com/
  3. Eric: Do you know what they did for plans of the replica barge in the museum in IL where the expedition spent the winter? I saw the barge before it and the museum were complete and it was very interesting. A guy did a scratch model of this barge and took a gold medal last year at Manitowoc with it. I will contact him about what he used for plans. Kurt
  4. I might mention that the Generic Sharpie has plans and a 200+ page instruction manual (a free download). There is currently one build log. Kurt
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Jim: Flying and the model just won't mix. Wish you were driving.... Kurt
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Jim: It would be great if you could attend the NRG Conference and bring this great model for the exhibit room - I would love to see it in person. Kurt
  7. Can I get some knot advise?

    Practice will cure the tightening too soon. Kurt
  8. In early April we announced the following incentive to motivate builders to start a build log of this new plan set. To date there has been one build log that qualified for a prize - Generic Sharpie by DocBlake - I notified Dave of his winning a prize and today he claimed his choice and will be attending one day of the 2018 NRG Conference for free (see prizes listed below). Congratulations Dave. An Incentive for Starting a Build Log The NRG’s Generic East Coast Oyster Sharpie plan sets have been selling out – we had to reorder prints 2X already BUT nobody has started a build log yet. As an incentive we have decided to reward the first three (3) MSW / NRG members who purchase the plans and start and continue* actual build logs** from the plans. The build logs should be started in the scratch built forum and labeled with Generic Sharpie – by “your ID”. When we have six or more build logs up and running we will set up a group build area for the Generic Sharpie build logs. The winners will be able to pick any one of the prizes listed below: Free registration for one day at 2018 or 2019 NRG Conference ($145 value) Shop Notes 1 and 2 set ($60 value) Nautical Research Journal – all content set 4 – CDs or 1 Flash Drive ($150 value) Continental Galley Washington Plan set ($65 value) 1 year NRG membership or extension ($50 - $62 value) THE RULES *“Continue” means that multiple posts containing build log content must be made for a minimum of 30 days after the initial post. Logs will be tracked by starting date and the first 3 that have continued for 30 days following their initial post will be declared the winners. **Note the words “actual build logs” – no fair showing a few pieces of wood and going no further just to win.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Love the GT40. The original and the recent road version - actually sat in one of the new ones at the local dealer - he asked me if I wanted a test drive - I sure did but had to be honest and tell him I wasn't actually in the market - way out of my price bracket. Years ago a guy pulled up at the Fire Station in a Pantera when I was on duty and asked if I would give his kid a tour. I jokingly said "OK if you let me take your Pantera for a spin". He said sure thing. I gave the kid the tour and then he said "keep it in the neighborhood - we will wait here for you". Had to get the Capt. to take us out of service so I could take it around a few blocks. I had to do a few favors for the Capt. but he was a car guy and completely understood. Jay Leno featured a Pantera just last week which jogged me memory of the car. Kurt
  10. Phil: I like the one from Midwest Products for a large miter box. It's plastic but it holds up well. For smaller work I like the mini miter box from UMM. It can only be used with the saw shown in the photo - from UMM also. Kurt
  11. Thanks for the input Richard. Mike mentioned something about accessibility - I will contact him and get an answer and get it posted on the web site as well as letting you and Chuck know. Kurt
  12. Chuck: The bus picks us up at the hotel and takes us to the dam and after the tour is done we go to the boat. It's all part of the same package. I would imagine that if you don't want to actually tour the dam you could keep the bus driver company or just stay near the pick up spot and rejoin the group as they go to the boat. After the cruise and lunch the bus heads back to LV. The cost is essentially for the bus to and from along with the cruise and lunch. There might be others who are not going inside as I don't know just how accessible the dam tour is and some of out older members sure aren't going to keep up. The only thing other than what I have said her would be for you to check with Mike Lonnecker at one of the meetings as he's handling this for us. Take care, Kurt
  13. The photo shows Steve Wheeler's 1/12 scale model of the Lady Isabell. The full size 42 ft. boat is displayed in the lower level of the museum in the Wisconsin Boats room. As the name indicates all of the boats in this room were built in Wisconsin. The Lady Isabell was built by Burger Boats in 1907 and after a couple of owners and a rebuild she was donated to the WI Maritime Museum. The model will be on permanent display along side the full size boat in the Wisconsin Boats Room later this Spring/Summer. The model received a Gold Award and the Best Great Lakes Award. All winners of the Best Great Lakes award have their name posted on the permanent plaque in the Model Room. Steve is shown filling in for me, sitting at the registration table in the left background. Kurt

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