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  1. What have you received today?

    John: That's a great find for you. The printed plans are copyrighted. Just because they do not bear a copyright date or symbol does not mean that they are not copyrighted. Copyright is automatic at the time of publishing (and in many cases prior to publishing). As you are not planning to sell copies it really doesn't matter. And your showing them as you did is perfectly within MSW guidelines. Should make a great model. Kurt
  2. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    John: Thanks for the photos. It would be great if you showed an overall of each in their case so people can see just how small the displays actually are. Take care, Kurt
  3. The nice thing about over spray from acrylics is that it is dry before it settles onto anything and is just dust to sweep up or brush up. The air pressure, nozzle pattern, how close to the subject the brush is held all contribute to over spray - if any. I use a spray booth but before I used it the table top was dusted off w/o any falling to the floor. I use the spray booth more for the lighting than over spray collection. All of my comments apply to acrylics - solvent based paints should only be sprayed in a proper spray boot with electrical components suitable for combustible environments. Kurt
  4. Dee Dee: Thanks for the offer, but I have a bunch of these. In fact I have just about decided to use them because after spending almost a full day machining 4 from brass I just am not happy that they look any better than this style. I am just about convinced that the angle of the horns isn't going to be missed in the model. I know that this isn't the first small sloop to be modeled and this style had to be used on those models as nobody sells anything much different. Thanks again for the offer and thanks to all who have pitched in. Kurt
  5. Wood for Keel/Frame Project

    Ryan: Right here on MSW we have the Triton Plans in the Work Group Projects that you can build a cross section model from or a full model - separated into two projects. Downloadable plans for the frames and keel pieces are accessible in the cross section area that will work for what you want to do. Access to the plans is only $5.00. You can see work others have done but the plans access section is only unlocked to you after paying the small fee. Once you have paid the fee this area is open to you so you can download all or part of the plans as needed - perpetual access. Kurt
  6. Over-spray is minimal. I use acrylics and the over-spray is dry before it falls onto the table top. A bit of newspaper catches it easily. Another advantage of acrylics is little to no odor. Solvent based paints are a different story and a spray booth like Hornet suggested is appropriate. Just be sure it's a properly designed unit with the fan being rated for use in a combustible environment. Kurt
  7. The Panama Fairlead is not the fitting needed - wish it was. It's almost square when viewed from the side and the part I need is very low profile from the side - full size they are only 5 1/2" long by about 1 1/2" to 2" high. Two full sized Panama Fairlead's would sink the 26' sloop I am modeling. I will be making up a master, then a mold and then cast, polish and plate the parts for the model. Thanks to all who have commented and provided help.
  8. Nic: Yeah, I did too. Looks like it's time to make a master and then cast them. I thought about bending/twisting them like you did and adding a bit of low temp solder to the ends and filing to get a master but I think starting from scratch will work better. Kurt
  9. Found a full size fairlead that's close. Looks like it's time to search through 40+ drawers of parts all in old manila 2" envelopes - I am sure I saw something close to this.
  10. Thanks Jim. I think the panama fairlead that AOS has is for a Panama Canal rated ship - it has a almost square profile while this chock is much lower profile. I have thought that I will have to cut and modify a closed chock and make a mold to cast copies. I have an inquiry in with the boats owner who's commissioned the model - I sketched and measured the fitting but I can't read my writing (unusual as I normally have very good lettering - but went cursive standing on a ladder in the boat shed). Thanks.
  11. I need to identify this fitting from a 26 ft sloop. It's some sort of chock or fairlead. The next question is does anybody make one of these fittings so I don't have to scratch a master and cast them? Need some about 3/8" to 1/2" long. I checked Bluejacket and Model Expo and some model yacht suppliers. No go. Any help would be appreciated - even if they were made by a defunct mfg as I inherited a load of old fittings from AJ Fisher, Baucher (sp), etc. - drawers full...if they made some I will search through the stuff I have. Thanks, Kurt
  12. What have you received today?

    Ron: My Grandfather was a freight conductor on the IHB out of the Chicago yards for his entire working life. He retired about 1965 and he used to speak fondly of the "good old days of steam". Kurt
  13. boat build commission requested

    Mike: Tell the guy to check on the NRG's web site under Ship Model Resources and onthat page there is a list of NRG member professional builders. Check the various web site links - there are all sorts of prices - some pre-built. Kurt
  14. Deno

    Deno: Had a childhood friend named Dennis - called him Deno. Go to the main page here at MSW and click on the KIT BUILDS. In the upper right of the page is the word search with a magnifying glass symbol to it's right. Type in the Enterprise 1799 there and click onthe magnifying glass image. There will be various Enterprise build logs there to scroll through. Kurt
  15. Deno

    Welcome Deno. It would be great to know your real name - you can add it in your profile. Go to the Kit Builds section and do a search for "Enterprise 1799" and you will see several build logs by members who have built this same kit. Look at their builds and start one of your own and show your progress or ask for guidance if you have difficulty. Kurt

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