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  1. The Nautical Research and Model Ship Society of Chicago (NRMSS) celebrated their 90th anniversary Saturday, August 11, 2018 with an evening of comradery and pizza. The Society meets on the 2nd Saturday night each month in the shop of NRMSS President Kurt Van Dahm. Of the eleven members all but Earl Krantz are NRG members, with Toni Levine and Kurt Van Dahm both NRG Directors. Bob Filipowski and Marc Meijer are both former NRG Secretary’s. Elijah Jennison has been a NRG and Society member for 3 years and we also celebrated his 16th birthday one day early. The members present represented 165 years of NRG membership with Toni Levine with 29 years, Bob Filipowski, Ed Urbanczyk and Kurt Van Dahm each with 24 years, Doc Williams 18 years, Geoff Mattson 17 years, Rick Szydelko 15 years and Dan Cicero 11 years. Back row - L-R Bob Filipowski, Elija Jenison, Geoff Mattson, Dan Cicero – Fife Rail Editor, Marc Meijer, Richard “Doc” Williams – Society VP , Rick Szydelko, Edmund Urbanczyk – Society Treasurer Front Row – L-R Earl Krantz, Kurt Van Dahm – Society President, Toni Levine
  2. Peter: It was determined long ago based on the experience with some of our Directors involvement in a big west coast event over several years when they did this and attendance dropped off substantially with people spending a few $$ to view in their home rather than attending. This hurt the attendance enough that the event was losing money. It is very expensive to do a good job of recording live events and they were not able to recoup their recording costs with the sales of the recordings. Probably because those who stayed home intending to buy the recordings never got around to it. With that experience, with the same audience (ship modelers) as we have had over the years it was decided not to do this for the reasons above. However, the board is looking at something like this down the road now with MSW being part of the NRG. The NRG membership pays for what the NRG is able to do and we need to increase the number of NRG members significantly in order to have the capital to do things like this. If 10% of the current MSW members were to join the NRG we would be much better able to do this type of activity. We have some things in the works to make membership more attractive so hopefully the numbers will go up and we can consider your suggestion again in the future. Kurt
  3. Jim: The banquet is the concluding event of the conference on Saturday evening. I will get something added to say that it's on Saturday evening. One of those things that I guess we just assumed everybody knew. Thanks for pointing this out for us so we can correct it. Kurt
  4. kurtvd19

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Thanks. The Museum decided not to put this model and the two others in their model room due to the three of them being of boats built right there in town and telling a bit of the story of boat building in Manitowoc, WI. There are several bots in the room that are behind and off to camera left. The Lady Isabel in the WI Boat Room at the Museum - 42' motor launch Steve Wheeler's 1/12 scale model of Lady Isabel. It and the model of Splash will be placed close to where Steve is standing (with his back to the camera looking at Lady Isabel) on one of our measuring and photographing trips. Steve's model won a gold award, Best Great Lakes and Modeler's Choice in the 2018 competition. Splash will be entered in the 2019 competition.
  5. kurtvd19

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Not today but yesterday - didn't get back last night with inclination to post it then - 300+ mile round trip. I delivered a commissioned model to the WI Maritime Museum. Late from my promised date but early for them to get the stand made for this and 2 other models that will be put on display in the Museum's WI Boat Room where there are full size boats made in WI. This and the other 2 models are models of boats built in Manitowoc by Burger Boat - still in business today but building mostly aluminum mega yachts. Burger has built boats in Manitowoc since 1877 - http://www.burgerboat.com/about/history The model is 1/12 scale of SPLASH a 26 ft sloop built by Burger in 1935. It is still owned by family members of the original owner. The boat still sails on Lake Michigan waters from the Menominee (MI) Yacht Club - the Yacht Club is is just barely into MI and carries WI registration. I worked from the original plans and many photographs and measurements I made during several visits and one nice day on the water on the boat. The model is painted in the original 1935 colors. Fully scratch built with the exception of the turnbuckles, control lines by Syren, and SS wire standing rigging lines. SPLASH in Menominee Yacht Club
  6. kurtvd19

    Centering Tools

    I agree completely - WAY overpriced for everything they sell - nice but unless I hit the lottery big (very hard to do when I don't buy tickets) I will probably never buy one of their tools. Kurt
  7. kurtvd19

    Spring clamps

    Ron: Look in MicroMark's catalog. Also Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Depot and Menards carry the clamps. All of the clamps in the photo can be bought at any of these places - not sure if the small metal clamps at the left are available from MicroMark though. Kurt
  8. Ken: Dry in Vietnam? Hot and humid - about 115% humidity all over SE Asia and then there is the monsoon season. There were times I'd have killed for a dry breeze. Glad the model is traveling well. Kurt
  9. Ron: Thanks. I am familiar with the publication and get it myself though no interest in model railroading they have great weathering articles and sources for cast parts, etc. As you correctly noted we already have everything we need for the digital edition - we just have to find the correct software or service so we can make it all secure. Our new NRG Director is a professional techie and he's investigating this for us. I will share your post with him. Thanks, Kurt
  10. kurtvd19

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    One last time. Kurt
  11. kurtvd19

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    OK guys. This discussion has deteriorated and time to bring it to a close. Guns related to ship modeling are OK. Conversations on shooting guns needs to be in a separate guns or shooting topic under the Shore Leave group. Just like other stuff not related to modeling. Kurt
  12. kurtvd19

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    John: Toni meant that it's perfectly fine to discuss guns but there should be a "Guns" topic in the Shore Leave section rather than where the discussion wound up in What did you receive today? topic. Some just don't have any interest in reading anything about guns (note Maaaslo's comment) in the general What did you get today? area. Anybody interested in guns can click on it and those who don't want to read about guns can avoid the topic by not clicking on it. Whoever makes the next post concerning guns or shooting should start a new topic in the Shore Leave section with a Guns or Shooting related topic name. Kurt
  13. Eric: A digital version is going to happen. Just when is the big question as it's difficult to find info about subscription based magazine software or services. It is actively being investigated. I am just concerned that we are not big enough to do it. It sure would help if we had 10% of the MSW membership sign on. Kurt

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