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  1. Greg: I have purchased these at both Menard's and Home Depot. I can't believe anybody only has 2 clamps of any one type. I routinely use many at a time and have about 24 of this type alone. Like Norm Abrams says, 'You can never have too many clamps!" Kurt
  2. I have always kept my unopened CA in the freezer - just because I am the only one who goes into the freezer in my shop - others go in for drinks and I don't want the CA being moved around. I was told years ago by Bob Smith to keep unopened CA in the refrigerator and have done so with some stuff being 2-3 years old before being used. Note they say shelf life can be up to 4 years. If I need to open a new bottle and it has been in the freezer (it will not freeze up) I put it in my pants pocket for 20 minutes and it's ready to go. Below is a bit of text right from the Bob Smith Industries web site. If you purchase C/A from a hobby shop and the C/A is labeled with the stores name it is Bob Smith Ind. CA. I think Model Expo and Micro Mark are selling this line now. In my opinion it is the best CA and Epoxy on the market. Kurt Exposure to heat and moisture are the two main factors in decreasing the shelf life of CA. If kept at normal room temperature (74°F) and humidity levels, BSI’s regular CAs will have a shelf life of over two years. Unopened bottles can be stored in a freezer, but this offers little or no advantage over storage in a refrigerator. CA bottles can be stored in a sealed container inside the refrigerator to isolate them from moisture. Adding a desiccant (silica gel) to the container can extend the life of the CA to over four years. Opened bottles that are frequently used should not be put into into the fridge since condensation can occur inside the bottle. Accelerator should never be stored with CA.
  3. Various plastics and metals but have never heard of wood being used. I don't think using wood is possible due to the additive nature of the process, building up the shape. But, who had heard of 3D printing just a few years ago? A shape can be carved out of wood using CNC controlled lasers and/ or mills in a subtractive manner. Pat has made 1/200 scale anchor chain with the bars that is individual links all together as if it was welded chain. Some gentle tumbling and then paint - incredibly intricate. Kurt Kurt
  4. Pat Matthews is speaking at the upcoming contest at the WI Maritime Museum about researching and doing up a 1/8 scale Hicks engine in which he used many 3D printed parts. Pat's something of an expert in 3D modeling using it daily in his job as a Ford engine designer/engineer as well as his very fine models. Pat has done presentations at the museum and at NRG Conferences on the subject of 3D printing. There are many process and no single process is best for all applications. Pat provided information on the variety of processes and what systems to use for applications in an article in the NRG’s Nautical Research Journal – Summer 2014 – Vol 59-2 (downloadable article [PDF] available from the NRG Office for $2.50). Pat has won gold awards at Manitowoc for his models that have included many 3D parts while one was almost entirely from 3D parts. The contest rules allow Photo Etch and 3D in scratch built categories when the modeler does the drawings/masters used for the processes. Two of his models with 3D parts are below - the big searchlight on the seaplane tender is lathe turned - the rest of the model is almost exclusively 3D printed parts. The contest info is here on MSW at the following link - https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/15799-wi-maritime-museums-41st-annual-model-ships-and-boats-contest/ Kurt
  5. Ron: Please post the bit about dialing in the 4 jaw chuck. Thanks, Kurt
  6. Wisconsin Maritime Museum’s 41st Anniversary Midwestern Model Ships & Boats Contest - May 19-21, 2017. A NRG Associated Contest. There are a lot of great activities planned and we expect a big crowd! If you haven’t been able to make it for a couple of years, you don’t want to miss this year! Help us celebrate 41 years as the longest running juried model boat contest in the nation. In addition to this year’s Contest, there will be a special visit to the historic Kahlenberg Industries plant on Friday afternoon. With its rich maritime history dating back to 1895, this company is the lead manufacturer of sound signaling equipment (ships air horns) as well as shafts, and propellers. The company’s history of innovative marine engine-building is featured at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Enjoy a personal, 45-minute tour by vice president Erick Kahlenberg – space will be limited so register early. Friday evening features a private gathering at the Museum to share cookies and other treats and visit with your fellow modelers. Saturday afternoon will feature two speakers. Bob Steinbrunn will tell us how he made his award winning model of Smuggler. This model won the first place award in last year’s Masters Contest that was open only to Gold medal winning models from previous competitions. Our other speaker will be Alex Deery who will tell us about “An Innovative Way to Measure & Interpret Wanda III’s Curves” which is Alex’s current project. To see a great write up and photographs by Scotty Dayton about last year’s event and to access complete information and registration forms go to the museum’s web site. http://www.wisconsinmaritime.org/special-events/midwestern-model-ships-boats-contest-and-display/ Please note that this year all registrations must be received by May 5th ! Questions? Reply here and I will help you. Kurt
  7. I suspect that some of the MSW members like the feature. Kurt
  8. Go to the top left of the Firefox browser when you have MSW open. Next to the "Back Arrow" there is a panel that when you drag over it and click on it this will block the notifications. Once you click on it it will say "you have blocked notifications from this site". Must be a new Firefox feature - I disabled it as soon as I read the how to in a previous post on this subject. Kurt
  9. That looks like it is pretty stiff. Jewelers wire comes in more flexible wires of similar diameter. I have used quite a bit of the jeweler type wire along with connectors called CRIMPS. The photo of the wire loop is 7 strand wire - diameter is .024". The Crimp is a bit bigger (I.D.) than I would use but this is what was at hand. A special pliers is used to do the crimping - not expensive but must be sized to the crimps. Kurt
  10. The Shop Notes have arrived. Any pre ordered copies will be mailed out later today or tomorrow. Kurt
  11. The original Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes first published by the NRG in 1979 and out of print for several years is being reprinted and will be ready for sale by early April. The original Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes contains “Shop Notes” and some longer articles from the first 25 years, Volume 1 to Volume 25, (1980) of the quarterly Nautical Research Journal. This book has been described as a book that ship modeler’s must have. This is a completely separate book from Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes II published in 2009 – SN2 covers Volumes 26 – 50 (1981-2005). If you have Shop Notes II we are sure you will want to add the original to your library and if you don’t have either, now is the time to get both. Be sure to contact the office for the member’s discount code that will save you $5.00 off the list price. Save on shipping when you order both Shop Notes (1 & 2). Place your order through the NRG office and pay only one shipping fee of $6 for shipping both copies (US only & to the same address only!). When the books are in stock we will announce they are available for purchase.
  12. We have added a new feature to the NRG’s web site. The Annual Nautical Research Journal Indexes are now published on the web site. While we have sent these indexes out in the Spring Secretaries News Letter (SNL) each year many members lose their copy or fail to save the SNL and the Index gets recycled along with the rest of the SNL. Also, until now new members have not had access to Indexes for issues published prior to their membership starting. Having this information in one place, and for all years, is a benefit to Members and other Researchers in that you can now quickly ascertain if we have covered their research topic and when the article(s) was published. Having that information will allow you to access the article through your own Journals, via the NRG CDs, or by purchasing the applicable article. This feature is one more way that the NRG is improving our services to members and the hobby. http://www.thenrg.org/the-journal-indexes.php
  13. Miles: Welcome to MSW and to the NRG - Mary told me you joined today - she's working on your welcome letter and sending you the current Journal. She mentioned you joining because my cousin toured and played Sax with your namesake about 25 years ago. I know you will gain a lot from your association with the crowd here - check the various build logs for the Constitution if you decide to tackle it next. Take care, Kurt
  14. Chuck: Mary and I will have your Mom and your family in our prayers. The family stuff has to be your priority. Everything else can wait. Kurt & Mary