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  1. NRG 2017 CONFERENCE REGISTRATION IS OPEN The Annual Conference is being held in St. Peterburg, FL October 26-28, 2017 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel. There will be tours on Thursday of the U.S. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg and the Florida Institute of Oceanography. Friday features 3 speakers in the morning and several Roundtables in the afternoon. Saturday features more speakers and the evening banquet dinner. There will be vendors and a model show all day Friday and Saturday. Additional information and registration forms are now on the NRG Web Site - http://www.thenrg.org/nrg-2017-annual-conference.php The web site information will be updated as there is more information on the events. Some photos from a past conference – Mystic, CT - 2015. The audience showing intense interest in the speaker's words Chuck Passaro's Roundtable on Serving Rope was well attended David Antscherl's Roundtable was on Rigging Tips Nic Dumuck's Roundtable was on Making Scale Sails Using Silk Span
  2. Dave: We can assist if you let us know you need some help - cell phone call when arriving - after that we can take care of goings and comings. If you think you can come next year let me know and I can arrange to have some assistance at the Manitowoc end. Even I am qualified to hold an umbrella. Take care, Kurt
  3. Get the Donogan Optivisor with glass lenses - a word of difference from the plastic lenses - much clearer and they don't scratch. I swap out the lenses when I need more power rather than picking up the old plastic lens unit. I think I will just get rid of the plastic version - I will never use it again. Kurt
  4. I will show two ways to show scale of a model. The first is a way I have used to make the model look much smaller. For those who remember 35mm film, the first photo shows the model compared to a 35mm film box. The box was actually a store sale display item measuring 8.25" long vs the actual box size of just over 2". The second photo shows a full size 2" (50mm) scale that I used in forensic photography. It has a peel off back so it can be stuck right onto the object being photographed - also have them in 18% gray for accurate color reproduction (important in court). Also have 6" versions. This is a good way to show actual size. Kurt
  5. This was the best of show - I had the photo prior to the show. By Bob Filipowski - from the Midwest Model Shipwrights here outside Chicago. Sorry the color is a bit yellowish.
  6. Maturin: Check out Bob Filipowski's Long Boat build here on MSW. It is a superb model and he incorporated a lot of features he found in researching photos and other resources - check for his sources in his build log. This model just won a Gold at the Manitowoc Competition plus Best of Show. Kurt
  7. I just checked it and the big arrow button in the middle of the photo took me right to the video. Maybe if you don't do Facebook you can't see it. Sorry, but it's all I have so far. I am way too busy running the show to get photos myself but when I get the promised photos I will share them. Maybe it will work for you with the link below. Kurt https://www.facebook.com/HeraldTimesReporter/videos/10154371746036193/
  8. I have been promised photos from a few of the attendees but while I wait for them here is a link that aired on the local TV about the event. Kurt
  9. I don't think Allen is, but send me a PM with your email and I will put you in contact with him Kurt
  10. One last bit of info for those who might be in the area this weekend Kurt MANITOWOC, Wis. — The Wisconsin Maritime Museum, 75 Maritime Dr., Manitowoc, is pleased to announce that it is hosting its 41st Annual Midwestern Model Ships & Boats Contest & Display on Sat., May 20 from 9-5 and Sun., May 21 from 9-2. Thirty-five ships and boats created by accomplished modelers from eight states will be on display. They will be part of the longest running juried model boat contest in the nation. Other activities for visitors include an outdoor radio controlled boat pond and the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice model. Visitors will enjoy models representing a wide variety of boats and ships from many eras, including an 18th century longboat, a German navy frigate, the USS Izard WWII destroyer, a sternwheel towboat, a racing sailboat half-model, and a very unique carved boxwood Viking figurehead in a mini-book, to name a few. The public is welcome to view the models, talk with the modelers, and enjoy the daytime activities free with museum admission. The contest is associated with the Nautical Research Guild. Other sponsors of the event include: F.K. Bemis Family, Badger Air Brush, Wisconsin Scale Boating Association, Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago, North Shore Deadeyes, Midwest Model Shipwrights, Rocky Mountain Shipwrights, and River Bluffs Maritime Museum. Wisconsin Maritime Museum Background Located in Manitowoc along the shores of Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum is a great place to learn, play and explore the rich maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. The museum’s interactive exhibits offer many opportunities for family fun. Guided tours of the World War II submarine USS Cobia are also available. For more information, visit wisconsinmaritime.org or call 1-866-724-2356.
  11. I thought the same thing when I installed a LED light with an expected life longer than I have left! But, I don't have to worry about climbing a ladder when I am 80 or 90 either. Kurt
  12. This method of transferring a plan to a piece of wood was written up in a current issue of one of the woodworking magazines I get. They recommended it for transferring a pattern to wood to cut out - a frame onto wood in our hobby - and showed the transfer by using lacquer thinner. Probably any of the solvents similar to lacquer thinner or xylene will work for the transfer. A light sanding or scraping should remove the bit of image left later. Kurt
  13. Eric: I am following. As to the Bates book, the Howard Steamboat Museum still has copies for a very reasonable cost of it as well as the Engine Room Cyclopedium. This is a great subject. I visited the museum about a year after it opened and had a private after hours tour by Jack Hawley - most impressive what they were able to accomplish on a shoestring and under the time constraint the farmer put them under - have the field back to condition for the spring planting. What impressed me a lot was that some of the preserved food was still thought to be edible - the pickles were mentioned. Kurt
  14. No, the pigment size is determined when the pigment is ground up. Thinning only affects the liquid part of the paint - regardless of being latex or oil based. Kurt
  15. The acrylic model paints usually have a pigment size of one micron vs the latex house paint having an average pigment size of 37 microns. No way do you get a scale appearing coat of paint from latex house paint. The same goes for the pigments in hardware store paints - much bigger than model paints. Note that all the house paints tend to advertise "one coat coverage even over...." Only a model paint with finely ground pigments can give you a scale thickness of paint on the model (or at least a lot closer to scale than with house paint). Kurt