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  1. Good to hear from you Mike. It does feel good to be back on the Stefano, and hope to make better progress on him
  2. donrobinson

    Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Glad to hear this report. I am going in for my cataract operation in approximately 2 hours. Hopefully the results are as encouraging as yours are.
  3. Thanks Ian, I am kind of pondering the dragon's eye. The more I look at it something does not seem right, Too big?? Not sure but I may have to change it
  4. All is looking real good Messis. That would look incredible if you could simulate those sails.
  5. Thanks for sharing that Stephen, extremely informative!! That was a lot of research.
  6. Hi Chris, many find the planking the most difficult part of a build, you seem to have done a real good job for your first attempt. For filling gaps the glue and dust method has never worked that well for me others seemed to have mastered it. Depending on the size of the gap slivers of wood can be used, or even shavings from a plane for the smaller gaps.
  7. Nice progress Steven, the framing looks fine. Have you tried inserting an oar through the hatches yet? In the pictures they seem as though they maybe a little small for the oars to get through.
  8. That is a nice colour, is it Testors gun metal? It sure looks great, I never had luck with blackening, the reason I left mine plain☹️
  9. What a beautiful build Ian, did you make those carriages? I see they are in your mill vice and was wondering if that baby is getting utilized
  10. Hubac; Thanks for stopping in and for the gracious comment Ian: I never really left the shipyard, I put the Stefano aside to build the Liburnian Novilara but it is done now so Stefano is back in the shipyard again. Thanks for dropping by
  11. Dave: Thanks so much David: Thanks David, not going as fast as your Fly( great work by the way) but it is at least back on the bench now Bob: Thanks Bob, I am still trying to remember what I was doing, my mind is a little slow trying to grasp what the heck is going on
  12. Thanks Mark, I had a blast building it
  13. Those Barrels look real nice blackened, I may have made a mistake on mine now looking at yours. Well done!!
  14. I finally got the Stefano back on the bench this past week and made a little progress after a long break in progress on him. I took a short break to build the Liburnian Novilara as a little side diversion. A trip to North Carolina also used up some shipyard days but was well worth the time spent. It took me a little while to get back into the mindset again with Stefano, in case you are thinking not much got done in a week😉. I always feel lots of pictures helps hide the lack of work and progress, so here we go..... The goal last week was to install pieces 40, 41, 42 and 43. I failed in this as I did not get the pin rails installed but they will be up next!! The letters are showing you what colours to paint: BM=matte black, WM=matte white and WC= wood colour or varnished, poly etc. First up was to bend the side stringer(40) and the top gallant bulwark(41) into shape. the side stringers are 1.5 x 4 mm strips and the top gallant bull warks are 1.5 x 5 mm strips. I gave these a light soaking in water then used a simple iron, as shown above, to bend them, The little indents on the inside of the curve are easily sanded smooth before installing. Clamping the side stringer in place, pva glue was used to allow for positioning of the piece Side stringers are installed and sanded, ready for painting. A little note here is that I sanded mine flush with the rail when in fact there should have been a slight overlap left. Not a big deal as everything will still work, just one of those things that happens when you leave something idle this long. Here you can see the top gallant bulwark has been installed. I gave it several coats of diluted acrylic paint before gluing it into position. I used thin ca for this, I would hold it in place apply glue to a few cm`s of it hold until dry then move along applying glue until the end. There really is no other way of gluing a piece this long, pva will not work as there is no way of clamping. Shorter pieces could have been used and been easier to handle but would not have looked as good. Masking the top gallant bulwark in order to paint the main rail(37) Tape removed. Here you can also see the top gallant rail is being installed. This is laser cut on a walnut billet And here is how he sits with the top gallant rail completed. Thanks for watching

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