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  1. To me the grey makes it look like it has been photo shopped, I would not go with black but maybe try a midnight blue like in the bird statue on top of the bar or even a forest green. Either of these colours will still frame your panels but would be much warmer and subtle. Maybe try photo shop to change the colour and see what pleases you.
  2. I just checked them out and they are surprisingly cheap. One has to be careful as most of them don't work with i phones. The ones that do work, that I found, are wi-fi and are around $50.00 but they also come with a semi rigid cable which is also a good option
  3. Here is a picture of my plans showing the bow. The hole marked 38 is showing the location of the incoming hole in the deck from the hawse hole(joined with a pipe), the other two holes are on the backside of the windlass(not shown) for the ropes to be fed into storage space below. Port side of plan is showing other details that hide the hole location in this overhead view. Your plan does not show these two extra holes but it may have just been an oversight. I have edited and added a second photo of my plans. The hawse hole(42.4) is located below the wale which is at deck level, in my case I moved the decoration over and drilled the hole above the wale. How the plan shows it is correct and would be correct in real life but in scale feeding the anchor rope from the outside then through the deck would be very difficult, I took the easy route. Just a thought.
  4. I am not saying this is the case for your schooner, but on my Trabaccolo the hawse hole is also situated below deck level according to the plans. I moved mine higher to be above deck level, however, after some research I found that the hole was located properly on the plans but drilled at an extreme angle to go though the deck then (in real life) lined with a lead pipe to help drain any water. Raising the position will be much easier and also save putting another hole in the deck
  5. Thanks for sharing, the pictures are awesome
  6. Has anyone tried one of those clip on macro lenses for a smart phone?
  7. Good to have you on board, enjoy yourself and hopefully you will be building soon
  8. Enjoy your time here
  9. Hey Eddie, they retail at $399 here( our dollar is about the same) but there are none available anywhere, Amazon prices start at $549 I didn't look up price of the game.
  10. Looks like fun Eddie, what's one of those worth?
  11. Thanks for clearing that up Wefalck, also good to know that you are "qualified"
  12. Those look like they are a good quality product. Where did you find them?
  13. The difference? collectors still have aisles to walk in.(quote) I like that Bill, and from what I see here and listening to what you have said I WILL not feel guilty buying more kits!!!