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  1. I for one would sure appreciate that Eric
  2. hello from Reynella south aust

    Welcome aboard Richard, hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Welcome to a great place that is full of fine people with lots of help and knowledge to offer
  4. New member intro

    Welcome to MSW Ger
  5. I was wondering why in the drop down list for donations USD, GBD, EUR and AUD are listed as choices but the Canadian dollar is not? I realise our dollar is not the best but is it really that bad?
  6. MSW Sick Bay.

    Heal soon mate
  7. Sherline model 4400DRO Lathe

    Had my mill and lathe for two years before I bought the DRO this year, would not be without it. I would highly suggest to buying it.
  8. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Will be missed. Rest in Peace Buddy
  9. Great idea, Thanks for this
  10. Sorry about Chuck, Thanks. I don't see where you liked a post.
  11. Hard to read the top line of posting where it says when it was posted, bottom half of the sentence is missing