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  1. Newbie on a Mission

  2. Hello from Illinois

    That’s a good collection that you’ve got there. The only addition that I would recommend is a handle for the razor saw. It’ll make a huge difference when you have to make a large number of cuts.
  3. Hello from Illinois

    A schooner is a good starter model. The rig is relatively simple and everything is relatively easy to get to. Model Expo makes really nice kits. They are excellent to learn on.
  4. I like Delta Ceramcoat. It’s usually ready to use out of the bottle and works beautifully for larger models. It coats well and is acrylic, which makes for easy clean up. The only downside is when painting brass and some plastics, you must put some kind of sealant on your model first. For smaller scale models, the Ceramcoat works well, but Vallejo Model Color paints just can’t be beat.
  5. Just please don’t shut down the Triton project until I get a chance to build mine.
  6. I really like the Triton concept where you had both the cross section and the complete build available. That said I would be interested in building Winchelsea sometime in the future. She looks like a neat project.
  7. Good Morning, from Somerset.

    Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to learn! Phil
  8. Hello from Texas!

  9. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome! I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here!
  10. What constitutes “Fighting Sails”?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated
  11. What exactly constitutes fighting sails for the British? In nearly every old painting depicting a sea battle, the ships participating had the main sails furled with the others out. I’m asking because I want to build my HMS Victory as she would appear in battle. Thanks in advance.
  12. I also use acrylics.
  13. When I need to make plastic resin or metal models look like wood, I paint it dark brown and then drybrush in successive shades of lighter brown (less paint each shade) until I get to either a yellow ochre or ivory color depending on what I’m trying to make the part look like.
  14. British Beginner

    Speaking of the blunt bow on the Endeavour, don't do what I did on my Endeavour (Mamoli 1:100) build. I didn't use filler pieces in the bow, like most planking guides suggest. Make sure you do. It will make your life much easier. It screwed my bow up badly and caused me much filling and sanding, to make the second layer of planking go on right.

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