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SMS Seydlitz by Canute, Cog and RGL (anyone can join) - Hobbyboss - 1/350

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Thanks for the offer Greg but not at this time.  I don't even have time to puts around with I have on the bench and on my bucket list.  And then there is the cost.  I'll watch though and being impressed with the magic you make - -  as well as the others.



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Now, the three sisters of grunge, grey black and green. Using very filter light grey to overspray, then diluted black to draw in the ribs, a light grey overspray again to tone it down. 


There will be a large dark grey bootstrap which I intend to almost rub off (all the references show it rubs off easily) then I can add a salt and green alge coat. 





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3 minutes ago, RGL said:

How long would it take to get this kind of build up?

I would think that it would depend on where the ship was most of the year and how active it was. Sitting in a harbor for long periods in warm water would promote the rapid growth of algae. Colder weather/water and a more active status I think would tend to limit parasitic growth.


But having said that one must remember that the Russian fleet needed to stop in route on their trip half way around the world to clean their hulls so that they would be able to maintain a good speed when they met the Japanese fleet. Much of their voyage was in warm waters though.

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It seems your xmas pressy was building time without reserves ... looks already impressive, whilst I am waiting for the detailup set - I ordered it in Germany as postage and price were a better deal than from RGL's corner or for that matter even the UK -  you are at full spead ahead ... ah well, I could always squeeze in another minor build if the brass fittings take to long ...

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Can someone explain why the two anchors on the port side? I spent 12 years in the modern navy and never ran across this configuration that I can remember.


Of course being pretty old now and pretty drunk then probably doesn't help much either.



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Hull colour. First, 2 layers of chipping fluid. 5FFF144F-88C9-4420-B83F-9719BACD81E3.thumb.jpeg.7ac55f4d1cd639236b24eac7684567b9.jpeg 

Next a blue grey undercoat8EF1CCB0-1B56-4F3C-B005-1DAF38DE1ABF.thumb.jpeg.84d54f00f1e32cb1ce12e088f9998ba6.jpeg

next a lighter grey highlighter for the panel lines0D2242FA-D59D-4AE2-A21C-73221FC3097A.thumb.jpeg.2e4ab4237c219b6faddd19938b359d9b.jpeg

finally light grey overspray. 


Ill give a a couple of hours then do some chipping

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But wait! There’s more! 


The large grey bootstrap. The waterline is midway but apparently they rubbed off really easily due to the lack of enamel during the war. 


So, a quick mask, some chipping fluid, some grey, rub it off a bit. I’m really happy with where I’m at with this. I can now airbrush a waterline with green grunge and white for salt. I’m interstate for a week so nothing will get done. Then my plan is to put the deck on perhaps then do weathering. 







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Beautiful weathering work, Greg. She really looks like she's been at sea for a good while.


Looking at your post #173 I couldn't figure out why a WWI battleship would have a WWII funnel. Then looking further on I realised it was the funnel of the model behind her . . . Yamato?



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