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Sponge diving boat trechandiri (tirhandil) by mhmtyrl - Finished

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hello every body

I have started my new model, sponge diving boat. this one is the type which has been used as a sponge diving boat for many years in mediterian coast in Greece and Turkey.

I have build the hull and the deck, ant the engine- I am planning to make the engine compartment visible.










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dear all, thank you very much for nice replies :-) so motivated now.


Lets make your dreams come true Bob, here is the tech I used;

after deck planking is finished I applied hair sprey (a single coat, not thick)

when it is dried, applied white acrylic, gets dried

then I  put water drops randomly, wait a little bit till it dissolved the hair spray then I applied hard strokes with the tip of a hard brush randomly again. This removes the white color and the hair spray, brown color of the deck is visible now.

If the brown color is seen so much, I applied a second coat of white (but very dissolved), this gives the appearence of re-painted deck or smthing like that.

search the you tube for "hair spray technique weathering" there are amazing works from plastic modellers, that helps.

if any questions, I would like to help


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thank yo all :-)

by the way, i have a question; do you  think that the boat looks too worn out to be further used? I have received some critiques about this, some say that this looks more like an abondened boat, what do u think?


Only because you asked.

In spite of what I follow this with, your model shows skill and a well developed knowleged about how to use paint to obtain the effect you are going for.

Does not look sea worthy with all the openings from breakage and poor fitting. A boat can be aged, with the finish well worn or even gone and still be sea worthy. If the old vessel is still in service, it will show that someone is using her. Your efforts show consistency in your application of the finish, but maybe you overdid it.  To me this model appears to be a vessel sadly just draged above the tide mark and abandended to collect guano.

Just as she is, she could be the focus piece of an old fishing beach dorma.


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Hi Mehmet,


It does look well used and on the verge of being sent to the scrapyard.  I've not seen any pictures of the hull below the waterline so I can't say if she' not seaworthy.  Maybe pull some planks off here and there and replace them with newer looking planks to give the appearance that the owner is trying to keep her in use? 


I'm not sure what your vision of this boat is so it's really hard to offer a judgment on if it's overdone.

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thank you all for nice comments, I will definitely keep them in mind.


I guess next step is to renew some parts of the boat, maybe a new paint on the hull and removal of the excessive rust on metal parts;  as I want this model to be still in use (I will add hard head diving suit and manually operated air pump from 1950's, some collected sponges , maybe cooking stuff like pots etc.)

note : this over weathering is inevitable in my models unfortunately, I can't keep my self once I start :-)





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Mehmet,  several years ago I was able to attend a seminar and talk by Shep Paine R.I.P.  And he offered some good advice on weathering.  It this "What is the effect or scene you are trying to achieve.  Is it a tug or a trawler that just got back or something that has been abandoned.  I was able to go to the Mariner's Contest years ago and saw a diorama that blew me away.  It was of a coast guard ice breaker in the North Atlantic in Dec.  The weathering was subtle but the longer you looked the more you could see.  The vessel was seaworthy but ice and frost made you shiver in sympathy.

David B

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