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USS Syren by Hipexec - Model Shipways - 1:64 - building as USS Argus

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I'm starting to build the fwd and main lower masts. I had months ago prepared the deck to take each mast. Instead of carving the mounting peg that goes into the deck, I drilled and inserted a dowel at the base of each mast. The main mast on the Argus has a large aft rake. The forward is almost vertical.

lower masts 001.JPG

lower masts 002.JPG

lower masts 003.JPG

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My water softener sprung a leak and flooded my shipyard along with everything else. The idiot who installed it didn't put a safety pan under it. Plumber just finished installing a new one and I'm cleaning up my:10_1_10: shipyard. It needed it anyway.

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Not too bad, but it's forcing me to clean the whole shipyard. It really needed it. I had a habit of just throwing scraps on the floor while I was focusing on building my ship like a surgeon. From now on I shall drop the scrap into a new waste bucket I brought in. Now I'm cleaning the floor. Ugh!~ glue and paint droppings all over. Two more days work and I will have a pristine shop again.  :piratebo5: 

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I was completely stumped trying to make the rod components for the ship's pump. I butchered dozens of pieces of metal and finally gave up. Then my savior came to the rescue and made the pair for me. He is Frank McMahon, the ad hoc chair of The Arizona Shipwrights and you must visit his latest build. On this website, go to "Skipjack Kathryn" " based on HAER Drawings. Frank is a master of details and can make anything of wood or metal. His shop is heaven for modelers. Thank you Frank.





pump 001.JPG

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