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Santa Lucia Sicillian Cargo Boat by AntonyUK - Panart - 1:30 scale

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This will be my next build.

I purchased the kit from https://www.rocrimodellismo.com/en/static-display-wooden-model-kits/1151-santa-lucia-sicilian-cargo-boat-wooden-assembly-kits-model-boats-and-sailing-vessel-mantua-model-panart-sergal.html

The reasons for this kit are the pleasing lines and simple construction.


Found some good information on the ship.

https://www.shipmodeling.ru/books/leudo  Language selection is in the top right corner.

Will post some pictures of the kit's contents tomorrow. 

At first glance the quality looks very good.


Regards Antony.

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Having opened the kit I am very pleased with my choice and the contents of the box.




The instructions are in many languages and are easy to read. English is enclosed in a Grey box. As below.



The Barrels are OK BUT  I will make my own.  Blocks look Ok as do all the other bits.




Will take more photos when I've opened the packets.


Two sheets of drawings and assembles. One being Double sided. 




Nice to have the Parts drawn full size.






The plywood is Pear faced and the laser work is Excellent. The first sheet is very thin with no cracks But with some laser burning.


Again faced Plywood..


A close up of the laser cutting... Very clean.





The wood is of good quality and I will be using this..


Also this wood is of very good quality.


A real close up of the planking strips.




Odd bits of timber.




Sail cloth. Needless to say I will replace this.





Found a few interesting links on the style of boat.


Have checked the kit contents against the Parts list in the back on the instruction booklet. All there plus a few planking strips extra.

Will start on construction very soon.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.

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  • 5 weeks later...


Started on the construction today.

Started by cutting the Parts from the Laser cut sheets. Found that the veneer on the sheets was not quite bonded as it should be.. But not a issue. Easy glued.



The Tabs for holding the parts to the sheet could be better placed and not were the bulkhead meets the keel.




The Keel I will need to cover the Edges with Veneer as I will not be painting this boat.


The dry fitting in process. Slight gaps in the bulkheads as the bulkhead sheet might be thinner than standard..


The Gap is 1mm .. But the Keel if of the correct thickness and bulkheads slot needed sanding to fit.


This part really  stiffens the structure and if of a very good fit.


Just another angle of the stiffener.


Slight warp to the keel.


Will make a stand that will hold the keel straight and provide support while building.


Added the Deck supports. Found that the 10A if to high. Will check this later on when I can put a few planks across the deck and check its height again.


Part 11a can be glued into place .. why did they cut it out to start with ?? Also Part 17 according to the drawings below show that the top is level with the notch in the keel.




Here it also shows that part 17 is level with the notch in the keel.


Again  it also shows that part 17 is level with the notch in the keel.


No way is this correct.


Much to high.


This is the position I will use to fit part 17.


Another angle.


After cutting 1mm from the bottom of part 10a the planks lie on a natural curve and look good.


Next step will Glue the bulkheads to the keel and add the stiffener at the same time.

Will post more as I progress with the build.


Regards Antony.

Santa Lucia 014.JPG

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Thanks for the update.  I've been really looking forward to this build.  I am fascinated with these little 'working boats' and know that your build will be very instructive to a newbie like me.  As soon as i tidy up about a g'zillion other (non-model) projects, I am going to build this beauty.  Again, thanks for such thorough posts.



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I believe you may want to re-think your positioning of piece 17. I looks to me it needs to be that high to support your strakes during the  planking process. The pieces on each side of the keel are to be cut off after planking is complete, this is how it looks in the plans. The part that is going to be forming the deck, which looks as though it has a rise to it,  also will need some trimming to make it flush. Doing it your way will result in excessive fairing at the bow being required and the need for extensions on either side of the keel also some shimming at deck level to make it flush. I am not sure where 10A goes but it may have been that size to help with the rise of the deck. As I mentioned before it appears by looking at the bow the deck there is going to be quite a bit higher than the rest of the deck. Just my observations, I could be wrong.

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Thanks for the likes.

Don. I found a picture of the Stern in a post.


Post 10 :- It shows the part in the lower position.

I have done the fairing on the part and it looks good.

And yes the strikes are to support the planking and then all the strikes get removed.


The parts have just been assembled and checked to ensure square and  true  frame.

Will post pictures later on tonight.


Regards Antony.

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pictures of completed assembly.


view from the Bow.


View of the stern area. Part 17 was fixed in the lower position as you can see. I hope that Don is incorrect :)



Top/Plan view.


That will be it for now as will have no time to sit at my work table.

Maybe do a little more on Friday... fairing the frames for the planking.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.

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The frames are now faired and checked with planks for correct angles.

The rebate has been cut into the keel. There is no mention of doing this on any of the plans or drawings.. This will be trimmed when adding planks.

The garboard strake is in place on one side at the moment and the other is cut but not yet in place.


fairing done on both sides with planks fitting well.


Rebate cut and will need adjusting as I fit the garboard strake.


The stern area.


Found the plywood to be very soft and care was needed when fairing the frames.


I will be removing the 2 layers each side from the keel and fitting a cap as in the photo above. This is just a test to see if it works.

The rebate is 2 layers deep so the removal will be easy.


garboard strake in place. Strange shape But it fits well.


Garboard in place.. close up.

The assembly up to now has been easy. With the use of clothes pegs to hold the parts while the glue sets.

 Will post as the planking continues.


Regards Antony.

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  • 2 weeks later...


A little update.

Its been a while since my last post here.

With lots of Good reasons.. First i'me a granddad now :) A baby boy called Maverick. Mum and maverick are very well .

Lots of time spent in that direction at the moment..

Have done bits like a plank a side a day.  Its slow but it getting there.

This is the easy bit..




Much more done here. if I was single planking this model I could not do it without spilling the planks.


The little small black clamps are something I knocked up to hold the planking in place.


Close up of the clamps in action.




They are made from Acetal/Delrin that I have in my workshop. they work very well without slipping. The pin that holds the plank can be made off anything.

I used a 3mm bolt with a piece of nylon tube to protect the Planks. The little square of plywood in the bulkhead thickness.


Will make a drawing if wanted.

Thanks for looking in.


Regards Antony (Gramps)



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Hi Tom.

Nice to have you aboard.

You might be interested in the next build.. same ship but Much larger. She will be a scratch built from these  panart plans using the hull shape and outlines. Keel is already cut front Cherry. Drawing will be done as I progress with the build.


Regards Antony.

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  • 4 months later...


Its been a while since my last post here... Sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Progress has been slow but I've done a little bit here and there. and its time to post a few pictures.

The hull with first layer of planking done ...Not yet sanded.




Not that easy to plank as the shape of the hull and at this point I decided to plank the second layer with smaller width wood. Just makes it easer to bend and get into the correct shape.


The Hull second layer completed. Note that I have NOT planked down to the keel as this will be cut off as it will be mounted in a seascape. (Waves and surface texture)








Have yet to finish the outside of the hull.


The Deck planking underway using wood supplied with kit.







Will finish the deck planking then tidy up the hull and deck next.

Will not be painting this model as normal.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.




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  • 1 month later...


This is a long overdue update.. No Excuses...

.The Deck was planked with ease .. the only thing I would have done of to put reinforcing blocks under the deck where the cleats are.

The deck hatches and cabin went together with ease. I planked the hatches and cabin in various wood.

The BBQ ... well I think it is was covered with copper tape. and semi blackened.  I did NOT want to put any paint on the boat.


First picture is stern view. 



View from Starboard side.



View from Bow/Starboard side.



View of Port side.  More planking on this side.



View from Stern/Port side.



Stern with 50% of rudder cut off.



View of main yard and very large blocks.



The next view says it all. Base of boat cut off to allow a shallower display base.



This is my first sea scene. made from plaster of Paris with blue paint and water to mix. 



Looks better with boat in place.



And one more of the stern area.



When the boat is complete it will be screwed to the base. Then clear silicon will be placed on the water area and be given a ripple texture finish.

Never tried this before so fingers crossed and luck on my side.

The batten around the base will be removed and some nice timber used to smarten it up a bit.

Quite a lot of work on the metal work still to be done and blackened before fitting.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.

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Congrats to this kit Antony,


looks a nice neat kit and the boat itself is beautiful. Must have been a very brave-hearted moment to saw off the underwater hull, but I bet it will look great when completed the way you`re doing it...



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Hi Antony,


           both a kit with beautiful lines on the hull & deck.

           simply a beautiful little boat.

           Keep it going Antony, great build.



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Nils... Yes I wanted till the house was empty and no one could hear my torment. I checked and tripple checked before cutting.


Zappto. I am building this for a family member as a display piece. And the planking if of mixed timbers.


Kier. Yes the shape of the boat is rather nice and the camber in the deck is what makes this boat special.


All the metal work is now made and (painted) The brass rod in the kit would not blacken and yes I cleaned it as I have always done. But this would not take. The copper was no problems at all.

Need to seal the sea with a sealer so the silicon will adhere to it. One more coat of Danish oil to the hull and I will place the boat into its final position.

Then the rigging will be added. This is already made but not yet added as it's easer to add it later on.

Will take a few photos later on today. Weather has been very dark here due to stormed weather.


Regards Antony.


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3 hours ago, AntonyUK said:



Kier. ...."Yes the shape of the boat is rather nice and the camber in the deck is what makes this boat special..."


Hi Antony,

I agree, remember visiting a Spanish Costa Brava furniture shop some years ago and they had one of these wonderful model hand made model boats as decoration. One of them had a deck like yours, it lookes so real so I felt I must have it. After persuading the shop assistant to sell it to me, I was pleased to be the new owner.


3 hours ago, AntonyUK said:





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  • 1 month later...

Hi Antony, my brother gave me a partly completed Santa Lucia which he started some 25 to 30 years ago and asked me to see if it can be salvaged:(. I've already had to pull off all 6 layers of the first layer of planking as the frames  had not been fared and, as you can imagine, nothing was even on the build!! In his defence this has been his first and only build to date and I suspect he gave up after realising that wooden boat builds do take a little bit of effort....hence why I now have it!


As this is my first build of this type of boat I was wondering if you had any further updates on your build. Reading the plans has been a bit of a nightmare even though they have an English translation of the Italian instructions.....(I suspect that the translator was still in his first year of the English language course:))! Any more photos, particularly of the hull would be appreciated.


Many thanks...........Fernando

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Hi Fernando. 

I will post some updates later on today.

I read the so called instructions and did not reference them once. Bad instructions even in Italian.

Made some changes to the deck fittings and the rigging.. other than that it's the kit build.

You will find the planking a nightmare due to the shape of the hull. But saying that I did not want to paint my ship.

Filler will hide 100% of errors while planking.

A few intresting links for you..







Regards Antony.

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Hi Antony and many thanks for letting me know about those additional links and I look forward to some more photos.


I have been looking at the instructions all day (on and off....very frustrating) and unfortunately I have to agree with your comment that they are not particularly helpful. Even the diagrams are somewhat confusing. I'll just plod along and see how the build pans out^_^


I have started on fairing the frames and the plywood is pretty dodgy...either a function of age or the manufacturer supplied stuff....not a great start!


I will have a build log in the not too distant future once I'm brave enough to start on the project.




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Almost done now with a little rigging and then tidying up.

Base is now complete. with silicon as water with poster paints mixed and spread around with a finger.

Will not be adding any crew as I cannot make figures and cant find any that matches the model.

Sails were stitched by a friend of my wife.. And I must say she made a excellent job of them for me.

Will post a few more pictures when she is finished.

Regards Antony.












Thanks for looking by.




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The model is now complete. 

Now for my kit review.

At first glance to kit looked to be real good. but as I started to build the quality of the plywood became clear that the plywood quality is not that good and I found a few areas that were missing the centre layers of ply. 

The instructions were very poor. Almost generic and not to this model at all. Beginners would struggle without good instructions.

Plans were good and a lot of information is there and needs to be self interpreted. 

The Keel and frames were a good fit and was very easy to do.

The Planking on the other hand was not so easy if you do not want to paint the kit.(My choice) Easy just to plank and fill and then paint.

Sail cloth ....Did not use. I used Egyptian cotton 400mesh.

The fittings were OK but not to the plan.  Rope was like string . This was binned and replaced with my own.

Worth the cash... Only just YES.


The photos below are the finished kit.























Well that's it for this one... Gonna finish the Korean Turtle ship next. then ??


Regards Antony.

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