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US Brig Syren by svein erik - Model Shipways - 1:64 - 18 gun brig

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Unlike brigs and frigates in other countries,  you would not likely find any lanterns on American vessels.  Not like you know from other English ships like Bounty or Victory.  For example,  If you were to look at any contemporary info.....paintings and models,  you wont see any that show a lantern on Constitution or similar vessels.   Its just not something you will see.  

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That you are right, I did not find anyting to comare with, but I think this wil be a nice tutsh on the model

I May have to take away the stern lanterns an maby I wil replase it, make a figure to hold a lanterns etc

I have order some 1.8 mm pico led for the Job.

befor I moving on I wil set up the lights on the model an try it out before I do the task permantly 


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On 5/28/2017 at 3:46 PM, Chuck said:

How hard can it be for these guys to print those templates correctly for the kit......seems like the easy part.  Anyway.....hope these help.  Remember to set your page scaling to NONE when printing them.  And measure the scale bar for accuracy where each segment should be 3/16" wide.  If these dont match your plans then they probably printed your plans incorrectly as well.  Always measure the scale bar to find out.  That is why it is there.  These are the original files.   













Read the above (Chuck's response to another member's identical issue). 


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I'd be the last one to take issue with Chuck but I have to think the early American Navy had to have some sort of

light in and on their ships during the night. :rolleyes:

I am considering some sort of illumination for my Confederacy.

Cheers, Harley

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Hi Svien.

Nice build. Like the idea of the lights.

Did this on my victory cross section. Worked well.

Used very thin wire ( single strand) hidden in a knife cut. And flickered the led with a chip.

Rossi46 also did a excellent  tutorial. 



All the best.


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So, here are the lighting istallation 

all the wire is on board and I have montet brass tube fore montig the model later on the board, 

the wire goes true one of the tube and wil go under the finish board

this board will have a lager brass tube so the model will be sett down to.

the lights work well and next is to blokk up the hole frame, sett away the pico leds for future monting 










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Re: ship's lights.  Below is a transcribed diary entry from a midshipman in SYREN during her expedition with INTREPID to burn the frigate PHILADELPHIA.  I did my best to interpret the 12-hour clock times given to 24-hour time.  Second para mentions lights, but doesn't indicate where they were displayed.  Taken from "Naval documents related to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers" five volumes of which are available online.  Many interesting SYREN factoids within...grueling schedule for the small US force involved.


Midshipman F. Cornelius deKrafft

16 February 1804


Commences with fresh breezes, clear and pleasant weather.  The Intrepid in company.  At 0230, made the land on our lee bow.  Hauled up the mainsail, took 1 reef in the topsails, and bent the stream cable.  At 0330, backed the main topsail for the Intrepid to come up.  At 0400, lowered down the cutter and sent 9 men on board the Intrepid with cuttlasses, pistoles, musquets. etc.  At 0430, the boat returned, hoisted her up and made sail for the land.  At 0530, mountain Togura (6 or 8 miles to the E of Tripoli) bore SSW, town of Tripoli SW.   At 0600, tacked to the NW.  At 0730, boarded main tack.  At 0930, tacked to the SW, set staysails and jib.   At 1000, called all hands to quarters and run out the guns, hauled down staysails and jib, and hauled up square mainsail, brailed up after mainsail.  At 1030, spoke the Intrepid.  At 1100, backed the main topsail, sounded and got no bottom. 


Midnight moderate and clear, lost sight of the Intrepid.  Hauled up the foresail, backed main topsail, sounded in 35 fathoms and filled away.  At 0100, sounded in 14, 12, and 9 fathoms (from 0100 to 0400 standing off and on the shore).  Showing lights for the Intrepid (which were answered).   At 0100, called all hands to quarters, run in the guns and secured them, shipped the ports, wore and stood off shore.  Made sail, the Intrepid on our lee bow.  At 0800, the high land near Tripoli bore SW by W, 7 leagues.  At 1100, the Intrepid tacked to the S and E.  Noon, wore to the S and W, handed square mainsail, reefed the foresail, and set after mainsail.  Moderate breezes and pleasant.  The Intrepid bearing S ½ E, 8 miles distance.

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