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Medway Longboat 1742 - 1:24 - by CaptMorgan - FINISHED!

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Well, having just finished up my Confederacy I will be looking forward to joining this group build.  It will also be my first build log so it will be a learning experience in many ways.  I plan on building mine planked and rigged.

I see a lot of familiar names below and a LOT of very experienced builders.  I'm going to be learning a lot of tricks along the way.  This should be a nice kit to build while waiting for the Winnie down the road. 

Like Gunther I will be out of the country for a couple of weeks or so before I can get started.  Hopefully work won't keep me away to much and I will be able to keep up with everyone. 

Looking forward to the party.

CaptMorgan (Steve)

P.S.  --  Many thanks to Chuck for all the thought, work, and high quality he puts into all of his kits.  His products and directions are second to none......


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OK folks, here we go.  I received my kit a few days ago but have not had the chance to dive into it till today.  I wont bother everyone with pictures of the contents as that has been done many times before.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the quality of Chucks work.  While this is only my third kit it is by far the best I have seen.

So below are where things stand as the end of today.  Everything has fit together really well.  





So hopefully tomorrow I will add the transom, start assembling the frames and start fitting them to the building board.  

See you all soon......😃



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Hello everyone.  Time for a quick update.  

The way I checked the transom to make sure it was square was use a string from the nose and then check the distance on each side of the transom to make sure it was the same.  Not sure if this is the easiest way but it worked out pretty good for me.  Hopefully the pictures will explain it better. 


String clamped to the nose.





Making sure both sides were the same distance....



It seemed to work out pretty good. 



Checking the fit for everything so far.  My braces were a little loose fitting into the grooves in the baseboard.  I used a little blue tape to tighten them up.  


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Just a little update. 


Michigan weather sucks this time of year so I was able to get some more work done.  

Yesterday and this morning I was able to complete all of the ribs.  



Above is one of the many test fittings to check and double check everything....



Another test fitting before the glue comes out....



And one last picture of the completed assembly.  


I should start the fairing process tomorrow.  I will have to constantly remind myself to take extra time and go SLOW !!!!

Those frames are still very fragile.

Did I mention how much Michigan weather sucks in the winter????   Just sayin.....  🙂


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Just a quick update as to show where things are at the moment.  I got the faring of the frames done with no problems.

Then came the beginning of the planking. I managed to break 3 of the planks during the bending/twisting process to get the fits correct. Thanks to Rusty's thread it was pretty easy to make a replacement. 

The pictures below are BS (before sanding) and the addition of the wales. It's looking pretty rough now but should clean up pretty good.






Unfortunately that will have to wait for a while. Heading to Florida for a couple of weeks R & R and then back to work in Daytona for January.  Time to get ready for the 24 Hour race.

It will be good to get out of Michigan.....   

Thanks for looking in and all the likes and comments.  It provides some good motivation.

You all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.....

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Hello everyone.  I finally made it back from Daytona and got some quality shop time in.  There has been quite a bit of progress since the last update but nothing unusual to report.  Just trying to be patient and not rush things to much.  

Below are a few pictures of where we stand now.



I got the cap rail installed with the inboard sheer strip.  And also the frieze trim.



I used a brass scraper that I had from my Connie build for the shear strip.  It seemed to work out pretty good and I like the result.



A rear view of the frieze and the shear strip. 

The pic below are after one coat of Wipe-On Poly.  It really brings out the color of the wood and the seams.




Almost time to turn my attention to the inside.  I'm working up the courage to get started on the nails.  I can never get those things to look as clean as I would like them to.  Then a little cleaning up on the inside and moving on to Chapter 4.....


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Hey guys -- I spent the weekend putting in all of the nails.   I finished them up this morning and got the finish sanding done,



















I used my phone with the flashlight turned on and put under the boat to show where the ribs were. That made it real easy to see exactly where the ribs were.  Then used blue tape to mark the locations for the nails.  Still managed to miss a quite a few.










After cleaning them up I put on another two coats of Wipe On Poly.  All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the results.  
































Time to move on to Chapter 4 tomorrow.    😃

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Hello everyone -- Just a quick post to let you all know about the progress that has been made up to today.   Below are a couple of pictures of the floor boards installed.   I used  CA on the floorboards. Even with pre-bending them they were still tough to get correct and there was no good way to clamp them.   I used templates for the front and rear to get them close to the correct shape then used sandpaper and files for the final fits. I was surprised how much material had to come off to get them low enough.








After that came the thwarts and rear seats.  They were pretty straight forward.  It was just slow going to get the right angles and fits on the seats...






Time to move on to the windlass and its braces.  Something to look forward to tomorrow....   🙂




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Thanks for the likes and comments, they continue to provide motivation.  A little more progress has been made and I have a few pics to share to bring us up to date. 

All of the thwarts and braces have been glued in place with the exception of the one with the 'ironwork', I left that one loose in case I needed to tweak it a little when I get ready to place the mast.  I have completed the windlass and have the also have anchors made up and ready to go.







I also purchased the base stand from Chuck.  I really like it and it adds some 'personality' to the kit.  A couple of quick thoughts - the burl is thin and VERY brittle.  When cutting it to size be very careful or you will end up with a lot of chips.  I used a steel ruler and #11 blade but be very gentle. I made 7 or 8 passes with very light pressure.  Also, try and not get any glue on it. I did and thought I had it all cleaned off but it came back to haunt me when I applied some Wipe On.....  I also set the floor about an 1/8" below the frame. A personal thing I guess but I liked it better that making it flush.  Anyway, the result is below.

All in all it turned out pretty good and will dress up the model quite a bit.....   






Time to move on to the rudder, tiller, windlass bars, and the remaining little details that will help bring this to life.  Hopefully I can catch one of the next rigging kits when they come available.  


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Really looking great.  You are doing a masterful job with this kit.  I should have some more rigging kits in a few days.....it all depends on my daughter who comes home for spring break sometime soon.   



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Hello everyone.  Just a quick update.  I got the rudder assembly finished and installed (temporary for now).  Also got the thole pins, windlass bars, and fixed block made & installed. 








Below is the first oar -- 4 or 5 more to go.  This is where she stands for the time being....



Time for a break from the ship yard for a couple of weeks and go back to work.  Bummer having to leave Michigan to go to Sebring....  Not!!

It gets a little crazy with all of the spring breakers though.

I'll be checking in and watching all the other builds.   




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8 hours ago, Chuck said:

that looks absolutely wonderful.  You have done a masterful job with the kit....I must thank you for terrific work,   i just couldnt buy a better testimonial for the kit!!!  Amazing work.

Thanks everyone --- and Chuck - that means a lot.  Suffice to say, it is a much bigger testament to your sweet kits and the thought & quality you put in them.  I sure could not do it with out you and your expertise.....  :D

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Well, the Medway is about finished 👍   About the only thing left to do are the flag (have to find the recommended spray) and the oars. 

It has been a fun and entertaining journey.  I learned a lot - and also figured out I have a lot more to learn. Especially when it comes to rigging and knots, etc, etc.

I would like to thank Chuck for this kit and everyone that has done the Medway before me - I learned a lot from your logs.

Below are a few pics of the finished product.  I might post some more later after I get the flag flying.

Hope everyone enjoys the summer months (finally!!!)


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