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1955 Cobra by mtdoramike - Dumas

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Here is my latest project, a Dumas 1955 Cobra kit that was "yes" an orphaned kit that a friend sent to me. But I will not be building this to kit specs. It will be moderate to heavily modified. The original 18' Cobra as with the 21' Cobra was notorious for poor handling, especially in turns and the stern or transome sat so low in the water that there had to be a cut water edge added to the rear sides and transome to keep the boat from being swamped. The kit is no exception. Now, the first modification probably won't help with the mechanics of operation, but will mainly be cosmetic because it is my kit and I can do what I want to it, which will be stretching the front section of the boat 3" from the cockpit forward. This will give it more of a front deck and look more proportional than the original which was 27" in length. But now it will be 30" in length. 


Next, I will try and address the stern section by building it up by 1/4" to 3/8" to give it a better profile in the water and hopefully help with the swamping issues. Lastly, I will address a glaring issue from the kit to the actual Cobra boat, which is the design of the transome (see picture). Hopfully this all goes well because with every action there is a reaction, so I will have to see which problems are caused by each modification.


You can see the corrected version of frame 9. In the photo of the two Cobra's, you can see the corrected transome on the Cobra to the right. These were compliments of Gary, a friend of mine. 

Wish me luck!  



Cobra aft frames.jpg


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I should have mentioned that like all orphaned kits that I adopt usually show up with missing parts, in a total mess and this orphan didn't disappoint hahaha. I have begun the transformation by stretching her out 3", adding another number 4 frame as well as another number 5 frame. You can see the additions with the lighter colored wood. 


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