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Where to find 28 gauge black wire?

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I've been reading Chuck's article on Techniques For Modeling Yard Details.  He uses 28 gauge black wire for foot ropes.

I haven't been able to find anyone who carries this wire.  I checked Model Expo.  I also checked Amazon who carries something called "Artistic Wire" but the black is glossy which probably wouldn't look to good.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

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For an alternative to wire, I used black thread and CA to stiffen it. For the stirrups I knotted the end of the thread around a headless small finishing nail. Then I hit the knot with CA. After snipping the end of the thread off this gave m a great stirrup with an eye to thread the foot ropes through. Then I took the black thread stiffened it with a small amount of CA and threaded it through. Once wrapped in place another small amount of CA and it was complete. You could use alternative glues for stiffening and attaching, but for the eye, I would stick to CA. 


I copied this technique from another modeler on the web - so I can't take credit for it, but it worked well for me.


Anyway, this worked for me.

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Here is a photo of my rigged spars for the Constitution. This is the Mamoli kit 1:93 scale. These were taken on the paper I painted them on so there is a lot of back splatter but this is the only one I have of them together. These were done with the black thread method.


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like I previously mentioned I used wire stripped from a redundant phone extension cable, it's free & you can experiment as much as you like,not only that but I am "Tight Fisted" as well ! Geoff

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Thanks, everyone for the great sources, I really appreciate it!  And Robnbill, thanks as well for the black thread method...that a good idea.  I'd like to see if diluted Titebond would work as well for the foot ropes rather than CA.



Black thread coated with diluted PVA (egvTitebond) works very well.

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