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  1. USS Indianapolis

    Can't imagine too many people with the resources to do salvage in 16,000+ feet of water would find anything to salvage that would even remotely offset the cost of an operation that deep. No harm in keeping the location secret though.
  2. Thanks for posting this, quite interesting to see. She looks kind of weird with all those empty gun ports!
  3. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Rest in Peace Bob. Hope you have a wonderful shipyard to work in now.
  4. There are also a number of build logs you can read for their products in the kits build log section.
  5. It's "Snapshot" As you scroll down a long page (like this one), it fades from the tan background with the ship plans to a very dark blue. Here you can see how the scroll down starts the fade and ends up dark blue. And at the very bottom it leaves you with this, where the theme stuff is still there, you can just barely see it! It's possible that this is an artifact due to my screen resolution (3440 x 1440). If I just go to the settings page, the screen is short enough that I never get down to the fade out and it's easy to see. Switched to the new "Uniform" theme with the ship backgrounds and it's not an issue at all, as the background doesn't scroll with the forum frame.
  6. And.. I figured it out myself. As you scroll down the background changes to a very dark blue, but the text for selecting the theme doesn't change, so it simply becomes invisible.
  7. So possibly a stupid question, but did the location of the "Themes" selection change? When I selected my current theme (the only other one available after the upgrade) it was selected from a 'themes' menu at the lower left corner of the page. Today I have nothing at the bottom when I scroll down on the main Forums topic listing, and I don't see it in my profile settings either. Browser issue or is it moved? I use Chrome on Windows 10.
  8. Armed Virginia Sloop of 1768 by Model Shipways. 1:48 scale, my 2nd wooden ship model.