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  1. Thanks for the info on what happened Michael. Looks like you are making lemonade though, as the new decking is looking fantastic!
  2. I must have missed it in another thread maybe, but what happened last September that caused the damage?
  3. I'm always amazed at how detailed some of the model ships (plastic) in 1/700 scale are. I just shake my head, no way can I work with stuff that tiny.
  4. I've been able to reliably post 1600x1600, so you should be able to get fairly good detailed photo's posted. Please don't resize your beautiful build log photo's to a tiny size like 640x480. Go with the largest that will reliably post, like 1600x1200 etc. I haven't experimented in the new software to see if I can go larger, but 1600x worked well prior to the update and is well under the file size limits of 2mb.
  5. What you want is for the Cup to become just like every other sailboat racing class in the world, but there are thousands of them already if that is your thing. What is unique about the cup is that it has always been a 'build a boat that can beat us' sort of a challenge. The sailing skills are of course necessary, but it's almost always been won by the latest innovative design built to beat the other guys, so the transformation from monohull to catamaran to foil has just been an ongoing (although perhaps the most jarring) development in a long line of sailing evolution. The entire reason the cup is not run annually or on some other regular basis is that it is only held when someone comes up with a boat that they feel can win, and issues a challenge to the cup-holder. In 162 years it's been challenged 35 times, and a couple of times there were 20 years between challenges. I love that the cup is strange and unique like this, and if it was turned into just another spec-race, of which there are already thousands held around the world every year, it would lose all of it's uniqueness and just become another one of many, albeit with a different prize, and a great history which would be burned on the alter of 'rules' by stopping progress and innovation.
  6. Not sure what URL for Syren you are using, but this is the one I use and it's working fine:
  7. Browser? Operating system? Have you tried dragging and dropping? I am using Windows 10 with Chrome, and the choose files works fine for me, just as a reference point.
  8. Little more information please? What are you doing to try to add them, and what response are you seeing? There are multiple ways to add photo's now. 1) Click on the words "choose files..." to open a file selection window, select your files that way. 2) Open file explorer and find the photo's you want, and drag them to the gray area beneath the editor where is shows the paperclip image with 'Drag files here to attach'. After you do one of the above, position your cursor in your text where you want the image to appear in your post, and then when you mouse over the image below, click on the round area that has a "+" sign in it to put the image at that location in your post.
  9. If you are on the forum, you are an MSW member. If you haven't sent money to the NRG for dues, you aren't an NRG member.
  10. That trace route makes it pretty clear that it is how your request to MSW is being routed that is the issue. With multiple hops timing out along the way, it's no wonder you are having problems. Edit: I guess a lot of internet hubs are no longer responding to tracert requests, so it's not completely definitive, but the last hop to MSW shouldn't show a timeout, it should show something like: 12 40 ms 38 ms 38 ms [] Number of hops would likely be different of course.
  11. I'm not sure why some people think the Cup should be immune to what is 'normal' in racing, which is that people will absolutely push the envelope of technology and the rules in order to win. It is no different than Formula 1 in this regard, where the teams will spend metric truckloads of money to come up with ways around, between, or under the rules, in order to win. I certainly get the downside as the cars (or boats) move away from what we are familiar with, but that is why different racing classes exist, so that the old cars (boats) can race amongst each other while the modern boats continue to move ahead in both technology and speed. I find it quite amazing how fast the modern cup boats go, and while I love the older mono-hull boats for their appearance and grace, as long as there are no rules disallowing them, the cats and new technology will be developed and used to win the race.
  12. The guy is an artist in metalworking. I don't do any of the stuff he does yet I still watch every one of his videos.
  13. Depends on where in Mexico. Mexicali & Tijuana are going to be completely different than Mexico City!
  14. My parents taught me to "Never say Never". Two things. 1) I am building the model for myself, not for some historical nit-picker somewhere, and I like how they look aligned and straight. 2) I just finished looking through all my photo's from two different Festival of Sail events in San Diego, and every ship that had deadeyes has them nicely aligned and straight. This even includes the HMS Surprise whose rigging is in terrible shape currently. I did a Google image search on the USS Constitution, and HMS Victory, as well as Pride of Baltimore II. All of them have neatly aligned and straight deadeyes, although the Victory does have some with a bit of a twist, the photo's also indicate that she's in a partially down rigged state in those photo's, no idea if that is status quo or not for her. Here is a photo of the San Salvador, a replica of the Spanish Galleon that the Spanish sailed into San Diego Harbor on while exploring the West coast. So, like everything else with our hobby, this isn't something that can be generalized and stated that 'they were all like this', as it no doubt varied from ship to ship, just like our photo's show two very different ships (but from the same era) as far as how the rigging and deadeyes are maintained.