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  1. I think you made a typo or a mistake with your calculations here Dave, as it doesn't seem possible for the footprint to have smaller dimensions than the beam. Also based on the above picture, if that frame is only 14-1/2" across then you are a twig of a man with only an 11" or so wide torso! Great fun watching this progress, it's going to be a really big cross section.
  2. My parents taught me to "Never say Never". Two things. 1) I am building the model for myself, not for some historical nit-picker somewhere, and I like how they look aligned and straight. 2) I just finished looking through all my photo's from two different Festival of Sail events in San Diego, and every ship that had deadeyes has them nicely aligned and straight. This even includes the HMS Surprise whose rigging is in terrible shape currently. I did a Google image search on the USS Constitution, and HMS Victory, as well as Pride of Baltimore II. All of them have neatly aligned and straight deadeyes, although the Victory does have some with a bit of a twist, the photo's also indicate that she's in a partially down rigged state in those photo's, no idea if that is status quo or not for her. Here is a photo of the San Salvador, a replica of the Spanish Galleon that the Spanish sailed into San Diego Harbor on while exploring the West coast. So, like everything else with our hobby, this isn't something that can be generalized and stated that 'they were all like this', as it no doubt varied from ship to ship, just like our photo's show two very different ships (but from the same era) as far as how the rigging and deadeyes are maintained.
  3. Glued the masts on my first model, on the AVS the rigging holds it perfectly securely and there is no glue.
  4. Interesting idea to do the complete assembly off the ship. I put the shrouds on completely and did as much of the standing rigging as I could before I did the ratlines on the ship. I'm afraid I'd finish the entire assembly, go to put it on the ship and discover that it didn't fit right. How are you going to alternate the shroud pairs over the mast head left/right/left/right (or whichever way they alternate, I forget now)?
  5. Catching up after a week away from the forum (trip out of town). Great progress Frank, and superb work as always. Sort of surprised you needed to use those reinforcements, I figured your wooden dowel placed through the joint would have been sufficient.
  6. Don't hold your breath for that! For how I was going to finish it, look for the build logs on those Chris Craft kits, that is what I was going for with multiple coats of resin sanded down to a mirror finish with progressively finer material. That is the correct thread Vann. The video is on edge bending, but the same principle works perfectly for hand-holding twists and bends and curves. If you need a bend real close to the end of a plank, hold that end with a pair of flat-nose pliers with smooth jaws.
  7. Vann, I pre-shape all my planks using heat. For very difficult bends I will add some water and heat. There is a video in the planking subforum by Chuck that shows how heat bending works. I would link it but I am on my phone right now. Basically you use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat the wood while holding the bend or twist, then keep the wood bent or twisted until it cools. There will be some spring back depending on the wood and severety of the bend. Good luck.
  8. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture, with colored arrows!
  9. Thanks Kurt. I'll look and see if I still have any of the Secretaries News Letters. Edit: I do, thanks again.
  10. I'll enter the number if I remember to look for it the next time I get a journal, but (and maybe I'm strange for this) I certainly don't keep the plastic wrap that the journal comes in, and which the label is on, so I have no idea what my number is! I even checked the email from when I renewed, but that doesn't have it either. I also can't find any way on the NRG home site to find a membership number. Perhaps I got something when I first joined a couple years ago and didn't keep it. In the mean time, other than the label that gets thrown away with the wrapper when I get my journal, I don't see any way to find my number.
  11. Precise work as always Frank. I don't see anywhere mentioned - what wood are you using?
  12. Having seen the drawings that you are creating to make this build, I am really looking forward to seeing you execute it in wood. Going to be good!