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  1. Thank you very much FMartin Not much going on this end in the way of model building,work is ballistic at the moment and looks like being that way for several months. I didn't find anything other than the museum model and kits plans so there are numerous examples of 'artistic license' in my build. Kind Regards Nigel
  2. Thank you Daniel Still sat on the fence as to the way I am going,but I will more than likely go with individual planks.Relaying the veneer would be twice as hard now I have edges to match up all the way around. I am fairly certain that my plans will involve lots of additional parts from yourself and will contact you when I am ready for them Kind regards Nigel
  3. Hi Michael It did cross my mind but I couldn't be certain as to how much of the bond had been compromised.I would always run the risk of the double layer lifting in places. The good news is I have made a start and have removed about a quarter so far in what amounts to probably about three hours work here and there.This is without damaging the bulwark planking and waterway. Kind Regards Nigel
  4. Stunning work Michael Kind Regards Nigel
  5. The overlay is a single layer of pear Mark.I had put it down to humidity variation,where we live now is much more variable than the super insulated previous house.It probably wouldn't have happened with finish applied to seal the wood,unfortunately didn't get that far,various things needed to be added before that stage Kind Regards Nigel
  6. Thank you for your support Dirk I have thought to my self that with the work involved to remove the old covering,using individual planks may compensate visually for all the extra work.I do plan on replicating the same tapered pattern but also possibly incorporate two ebony 'strings' one either side of the hatch combings.I had also contemplated something else to save so much of the gundeck being covered in,but I am keeping this one under my hat at the minute I can now do this as I couldn't if using the overlays for the upper decks,it wouldn't work,but now it will as it looks like I may be planking all the decks Kind Regards Nigel
  7. Ok,not really much of a 'good' post today.Looks like I am going two steps forward and three back .I have resumed work on Nuestra after working on other projects through the warmer summer months.Today I have discovered bubbles in the veneer deck overlay.I knew something was amiss when the grating no longer fitted in the deck recess,it was too tight width ways. I cannot believe the bond has separated,I used epoxy to avoid this very problem.To say I not happy is probably a massive understatement . I have now passed the stage of wanting to throw the thing in the trash,but I will concentrate on the planking and ponder which way to go.Complete removal of the overlay is really a necessity and I could probably do it without damaging the waterway.Pear individual planks is the current favourite,just got to get my head around several months added to the build Kind Regards Nigel
  8. Thank you very much indeed Sjors and for your many likes I have moved from West to North Yorkshire And yes the Santissma Trinnidad is on my 'must buy' list Kind Regards Nigel
  9. Tremendous start Dirk! Did Daniel save the CNC files should anyone else wish to use the Pear parts he cut for you? Kind Regards Nigel
  10. Hi Geoff With pine (provided you are not cutting through any knots) I would say cut the depth of the diameter and you will be OK i.e. 3mm deep for 3mm diameter etc.I would not go any deeper than 1mm for a 1mm cutter,you are more likely to snap the cutter rather than burn it out in this instance.I would halve this rule for harder woods Kind Regards Nigel
  11. Absolutely wonderful work Amalio May I ask how the lining planking is fastened to the mould to allow latter removal? Kind Regards Nigel
  12. Just popped in for a catch up Bob Excellent work Kind Regards Nigel
  13. Thank you very much RedDawg and Ulises I can't really praise Daniel's work enough Work will resume on Sovereign at some point,at the minute she just stares at me from a shelf in the spare bedroom Kind Regards Nigel
  14. Outstanding! Kind Regards Nigel
  15. Whilst working away on my Fairmount Alpine RC build I am currently researching what will be a massive RC build.I am planning on building the Oleg Strashnov crane vessel from scratch. After scouring the net and finding lots of info and drawings,I thought why not and emailed an enquiry to Seaway Heavy lifting,the vessels owners,via Subsea7 in Aberdeen.The result landed yesterday via PDF attachments.Some seriously detailed shipyard drawings and the offer for any further assistance if needed.Currently awaiting frame station drawings now Just goes to show,you don't know if you don't ask and all this for free,I can print everything out on AO sheets at work Kind Regards Nigel P.S.No pics,I would be into serious copyright infringement