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  1. Hi from Queensland Australia

    Good, another Queenslander . Welcome Richard. I had this model, but lost bits and pieces in a move, so I kept what parts and timber I had left and threw out the rest. I still have the plans so let me know if I can help. If I remember correctly, this one is in a relatively small scale, so there's going to be some fiddly work. I've also noticed another Thermopylae build on this site you should be able to get help from. Have fun with your build. Matt. (also a Queenslander).
  2. Good to see you back Dan. Nice work. I'm not sure working brakes are period accurate, because every movie I've seen they never do. They somehow always break with a young damsel aboard on a runaway stagecoach. Funny that. May be I watch too many westerns. Bullet holes in the sides could work. Maybe a few arrows. Have fun with her. Matt.
  3. I was looking at my Thermopylae plans today and thinking exactly what Popeye posted, ie blowing up the plans 100% and making one that's over a meter long. It might make a nice build with the extra room for finer details.
  4. When is the best time to attach sails?

    I'm far from expert level, but I just finished a set of sails,(my first), and I added as much as possible to the attached sail before securing to the masts. Basically, I put the reefs, bunt-lines, and clew-lines etc on to save fiddling on the model, and I did that after the standing rigging. I found the blocks easier to thread off the model than they were attached. All the best, Matt.
  5. flyfishing anyone

    I'm hoping some New Zealanders post here. They've got some monster fish there. I heard that they use live chooks for flies.
  6. I was born in 68, so I was around for black and white TV. When we got a color TV, and I started watching the cartoons, especially Looney Tunes, I just loved it. There are some things about the 70's that weren't so good, like some of the clothing. How anyone could go out in public dressed like that is beyond me. Most of you have seen the pictures from then.
  7. Things the next generations doesn't need to know

    That I used to play with dirt, not playstation 3, and I was happy. Truly lost on this generation. On Second thought maybe something that could benefit them.
  8. Aussie V8 Supercar Series

    The Clipsal 500 is not far away now, and a new V8 season. Bring it on.
  9. I've never been in the snow in my life, and i'm 45. I've been watching the news about the snow over there. Wow, There's been a lot of it. How do you all keep warm in that sort of weather.
  10. The Wyoming had 6 Masts?

    Thanks for the links Wayne. Wow,those people look tiny next to her.This Ship must be built. I think I will Schedule her for next year.
  11. The Wyoming had 6 Masts?

    Thanks for your input everyone. I still definitely want to build this one.
  12. I think I'm addicted...

    This hobby is addictive, but in a good way. They should give this hobby to recovering addicts of various kinds, it's great therapy.
  13. I spoke to my kit supplier recently, and he was of the opinion that the Amati kit was the best. He's been selling kits for a long time.
  14. Since May, no response as to any organizations in Queensland. Something must,I say, must be done. This is an outrage. Don't we even have any Maritime history up here. I demand an investigation. i"m probably the only one who's going to do it. Oh well. I'll get back to you.