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  1. Hi J .. Little late to the game here but I've often felt we as builders do tend to slightly 'over scale' items .. but in this case the larger does indeed look like a better fit .. Boat looks superb too Mate ... Eamonn
  2. egkb

    Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Hi Dirk .. Here's a couple more if you need them.. Vessel Name is Ballahoo.. Please feel free to post to our Facebook Page with the necessary Watermark etc. All The Best Eamonn
  3. News Flash ...... Oooh the excitement I hear you say .. 😃 I recently did some research re anchor scale for vessels of the Ballahoo size with respect to the kit provided one (I always felt there was something off about it) .. the Shank and Arms are pretty near perfect but the Stock (Provided) is indeed over scale and will need to be sanded back fairly heavily or re-fashioned.. All The Best Folks From Speedy Shipyards Eamonn
  4. Ballahoo as she currently stands ... Full build log link is in the Signature 'Doodah' below Cheers Folks Eamonn
  5. All Righty Then .. Photo Time ... This is Ballahoo as she currently stands... Everything in the photo is secured in its final position, masts are removed as they were only dry fitted . Thanks For Stopping By Folks .. All The Very Best from 'The Speedy Boatyard' formally known as 'Snails Pace Yard' Eamonn
  6. Hi Again Folks .. Well The Ballier is back in the house along with my tools and I have the rigging plans pretty much drawn up .. all I need now is the actual space to do something .. (there is a nice big kitchen table with Balliers name on it lol I will take a photo shortly and post it.. All The Very Best The 'Speedy' Boat Yard Eamonn
  7. Just caught back up Nigel .. work is as wonderful as ever and I love the 'ageing' process .. always did like this build of yours Eamonn
  8. Mate ... Not sure what happened but I seemed to have lost the 'Follow' on your build (I re-hit it).. was browsing msw when I spotted it again .. Will have to go see where I left off tomorrow (there seems to be a lot lol) All The Best Nigel Eamonn
  9. Hey There D .. How did I miss this one ! .. Love following your small craft builds, and this one is lining up to be another beauty .. Oh and am digging all the 'Charts n' Graphs' All The Very Best Eamonn BTW Can't wait to see what you do with the Emma C. that you have on your shelf ..
  10. Hi All .. Sorry about the delay in getting back to 'The Ballier' ..Alas she is still in storage as I don't have anywhere to set up as yet , I plan to take her out of storage shortly and see if I cant find some solution that won't get tooo much in the way (I really don't want to have to totally clear the work area up every time I finish, then set it all back up again shortly after, would much rather set up and be able to leave it 'as is' till next time if you follow) Have to say though .. I have the 'Buzz' back and can't wait to kick off again .. All The Very Best Folks Eamonn @ Unfeasibly Slow Ship Yards Inc. Edited later for Grammar lol
  11. Nice update Mate .. Keep 'em coming Eamonn
  12. Typical ... Would it hurt to have 2 ? E

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