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  1. Hey There Kester .. Look after yourself Mate .. We will all still be here waiting patiently for Sherbourne to resume I too know the feeling of walking past a near complete model and saying to it ... 'Soon' All The Best Eamonn
  2. HI Folks.. Current State of My Ballahoo .. All the Very best Eamonn
  3. Hi Sean .. I'm only up the road a wee bit from ya .. Looking forward to your Build ! All The Best Eamonn
  4. I've had mixed results due to the brass used being of different (poor ?) quality compared with previously successfully blackened brass. Eamonn
  5. Hey There Chris.. if you like this kinda stuff (I do) give this one a lash for comparison sake.. Hope the Link Works ! There seems to be a lot more detail in it and if you click onto an empty space you will minimise the Side Bar on the left.. giving you a bigger screen ! There are a few out there so search around for one you like All The Best Eamonn
  6. Nice one Andy.. or should I say Super !! I always thought it was a fascinating job, though with my last shipping company (yup all those years ago) the Super's hours were as rough as heck, but the up side was always that they got to go home after the visit was over All The Very Best Eamonn
  7. Hey There Fred, re the Black Paper, I think some people use it to simulate various 'metal' fittings on the ships such as Mast Bands etc.. at least I think that is why it is supplied. my Sherbourne came with it but oddly Ballahoo didn't, I bought a sheet of black paper for Ballahoo though Enjoy MSW, I know I do Cheers Eamonn
  8. Thanks for the Heads-Up Michael .. Lead boat set to break the record I notice.. if conditions remain of course ! Eamonn
  9. Some sad news crossed my path a short time ago, alas Mick L (known to his friends here on MSW as Micklen32) has passed away. Mick has two build logs and all those following along would have been aware that Mick was undergoing treatment as a result of an illness and shown absolutely amazing strength of character in continuing to post updates and to support others even in the face of such adversity. So please if you can spare a moment take a look at his work on here and join me in saying Farewell to a Wonderful Fellow Builder and Friend. Safe Travels Mick. Your Friend. Eamonn
  10. Hi Antony, is it the Articles & Downloads you are referring to ? if so click on the 'The Nautical Research Guild Home Page' on the blue banner (where Forums - Members - Gallery - etc are) there are more resources in there .. Hope that helps All The Best Eamonn Love your Victory Cross Section by the way !
  11. I'd be happy enough with 'Comforter', just check that the term existed back when the letter was written.. It seems to have been used around the period, as when I did a little digging, as one source I checked said (quote) '....the word comforter, sounds dated to me..' referring to his Grandmother (who was in her 80's at the time of writing) Well Done Folks Eamonn
  12. Can make out some of the letters, but not enough to make a sensible work.. at least not a sensible word in todays language.. Though I'd guess it is an item of clothing, as it is in that list.. ie 1 Tar Hat, 1 Thin Hat, 1 Pair Gallousies (Braces for trousers ?) & alas probably a word not in use today, or spelt differently. Is the first letter 'b' (even though the following 'b's ' are all capitals ie Beadcloths) He probably stopped after our unknown word and commenced again later, hence the Capitals immediately after, then back to lower case for the Journald Book, I originally thought the first letter was 'f' but it is slightly different to the other 'f's '. Sorry to be little or no help ! Eamonn Hope you can follow my reasoning I have a couple of 200 year old (Nautical related) letters framed in the house and I spent a while deciphering the language/lettering used in the late 1700's early 1800's E
  13. F15

    The William Ashburner sailed out of my home town in or around the last years of her life.. bit before my time it has to be said Great build ! Eamonn
  14. Europe back on line.. Was just thinking that she looks a lot like the first vessels with Irish Shipping, for instance the Irish Pine.. but the Wheelhouse is slightly different, so I suspect her pedigree is very similar ! the first Irish Shipping vessels were all 'previously owned'.. Stay Well Eamonn
  15. I always did wonder what that Brass Long 9 was doing getting in the way on the Bridge.. Eamonn Jeez Andy Loran is a blast from the past .. was there such a thing as Loran C, seems to be lodged in the hind brain there someplace? Never used it but was trained in it.. We used Decca around Europe, I remember the little Decca Rulers ! Wow major flash-backs! Eamonn