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  1. Jason .. I actually went 'Oh My God' when I scrolled through the photos !! Love It Mate, Simple As That ! Eamonn
  2. Hey There Kester .. Look after yourself Mate .. We will all still be here waiting patiently for Sherbourne to resume I too know the feeling of walking past a near complete model and saying to it ... 'Soon' All The Best Eamonn
  3. Thanks Lawrence .. Will be getting back to building shortly, am on my Winter break at the mo Eamonn
  4. Hey There Jason .... A Saddle .. well I'm convinced (beats calling it a Doodah anyhoo LOL ) E
  5. Hi All .. Photo Update Time .. Woo Hoo I hear you say!! Well I have finally finished the Boom Support on the Mast doodah (my build room is pretty cold at the mo.. as I'm ducking in and out as opportunity arises and there is no point in turning the heater on as I'd be finished before it heats up the place ) Anyhoo .. re the photos .. The Mast isn't fixed in place yet, still some more to do there, not least the Mast Coat where it enters the deck, and to attach all the various Blocks etc The 2nd photo shows kinda what the Boom will look like in place resting on the Support (I still don't know what the doodah is called) Photo Time All The Best Folks and Thanks for Stopping By Eamonn (Owner Operator at Eamonn's Unfeasible Slow Ship Yard)
  6. Just a small update folks .. Got started on the Mast support for the Boom today .. I cut a disc of wood from a dowel and filed out the middle, then some sanding, bit more sanding before finally sanding I applied some 'wipe on poly' ( I eventually got some, those following along from the beginning might remember I was having difficulty getting the stuff over here) Not really worth photographing as it is just a wooden ring at present, but when I attach it to the mast with it's supporting 'knees' maybe then a photo will be judged worthy Getting very near to Masting & Rigging Time I think ! Like I said this is a just a small update to let u all know I am still working away here .. Have a great week-end folks Eamonn
  7. Hi Again David .. That's exactly what I used .. Black Auto Motive Tape (the kind of stuff used for 'Go Faster Stripes' ) Cut into thin stripes and wrapped around the bowsprit (and also as 'strengthening' on the Rudder Head area ) a small dab of CA seals the ends (even though the tape is self adhesive I don't want it to unravel later) Looking forward to the photos of Pickle All the Best Eamonn
  8. Hi David .. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind Words.. Don't forget to PM me some progress shots of Pickle E Oh And thanks for the visit Stergios and for the complement, Thanks also for all the Likes Folks it's always much appreciated !
  9. Hi Again Folks .. Well I have the Bob Stay and the Bowsprit Shrouds done and in place, they are only temp tightened at the moment .. final tightening will take place much later (along with all the rigging) The shrouds are slightly thinner 'rope' than the Bob Stay I just need to Blacken the Shroud Hooks and cover them all (the Served Ropes) in watered down PVA Glue to keep fuzzies at bay All The Very Best And Thanks For Stopping By Eamonn
  10. Hi Frank ... Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment, I've been busy over the past few days with small detail work (kinda difficult to photograph without bringing out the big guns, but time hasn't allowed for that so I'll stick with the fairly trusty Camera Phone .. and to be honest it probably does just as good a job for this kinda work .. though I could have held it steadier .. Oh Well ) The first photo is a close up of the 'Cranse Iron' on the tip of the Bowsprit.. I know the block should have an 'eye' in it but I'm happy enough with it. Photo Number 2 is of the Base of the Bowsprit where I secured it with a bar through the bits and the B'Sprit itself, I then fed a small 'Locking Pin' through a hole previously drilled in the Bar (0.3 mm hole for the Pin and the Bar itself is 0.75mm .. that was fun ) and fitted a line from the Pin to a small eye in the bitt. Photo 3 is of the Bob Stay which has just been Served with a Hook 'spliced' at the Bowsprit End and a Metal Eyelet 'spliced' into the other end .. I will be using a lanyard rove between this Eyelet and a Ring already in place on the Bow near the waterline . I need hardly say that all of the above are not per Kit Instructions... which calls for a much less satisfactory approach. The Bowsprit Shrouds will be done in a similar manner to the Bob Stay . Thanks For Stopping By Folks and Thank You for all the Comments & Likes .. Always Appreciated . Eamonn Photo Time ..
  11. Hi All ... Just a written update this time .. I have the Rudder reinforcing band in place.. not sure what it is called but it's the 'metal' band that sits at the rudder head just where the Tiller joins with the Rudder itself (you know the piece I'm talking about don't make me go look up its proper name.. Pleeease ) Also attached the 'Metal' Band at the end of the Bowsprit .. I will drill it and attach 4 eyes there later, as I wont be able to remove the Bowsprit once they are in place .. the Kit Plans call for all attachments (Bobstay, Stays & Shrouds) here to be simply tied to the end. For the 'Metal' Bands I have used self adhesive Black Tape (Automotive Tape .. Think 'Go Faster Stripe Tape etc) to which a small drop of CA has been used to keep the ends from un-doing . The Tape is approx. 0.5 cm wide and I cut long thin stripes off it to make the Bands. Not much point in photographing these updates Folks as they are pretty small and will look better once the Eyes are in place with the Blocks attached .. BTW I just Googled that Bowsprit Band .. a 'Cranse Iron' .. Well there ya go ! All The Best Folks, Oh and Thanks for stopping by ! Eamonn
  12. Looking Forward to this Bill !! Eamonn PS Thanks for posting the Link