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  1. F15

    The William Ashburner sailed out of my home town in or around the last years of her life.. bit before my time it has to be said Great build ! Eamonn
  2. pdn07

    Love it Joe.. What a beauty ! E
  3. Jolle Maj 08 009

    Brilliant Stuff! E
  4. IMG 0271

    I really do love these types of build, and you have a prime example here.. Wonderful stuff ! Eamonn
  5. G Persephone Waterline 6

    Pure Class.. well done I actually picked up some LEGO cogs to make a Rope Serving Machine, would never have thought to take LEGO to this level. I say it again Pure Class Eamonn
  6. P1000139

    Hi Paul, I am about to do the masting on the same model (Looks like the same anyhoo, did yours come in 'Bit-Parts' over two years?) if so then I think your model has confirmed something I have long suspected (and mentioned here on MSW) that the model used in the instruction photos is at least two if not three different models, as yours is slightly different to mine in places. I have only just come downstairs from doing the Ships-Bell where I ignored the instruction photos completely and made a sort of 'Gallows' affair, and here you have done the same thing totally independently By The Way, I have been at mine on and off for almost 13 years (admittedly with a huge gap in the middle due to family issues) but have gotten my head down this last few weeks and hope to have it finished in a month or so. Well done for posting your photos and sorry for being a bit long winded here. Eamonn
  7. Interior 2

    Hi There, Wonderful model, my dad had a 20 foot replica built on the lines of the Bounty launch in Cork, Ireland back in the early 80's, she was rigged very similar to your model but with a much shorter jib-boom, your boat is a wonderful reminder of that 20 footer. Great work.. Eamonn