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  1. Thanks Tony. Family issues have kept me out of the shop for quite a while now but I'm getting close to getting back to it.
  2. Tony, Outstanding work. You are helping me to get back to the shop and start working again.
  3. I have a good friend who builds acoustic guitars. He was almost finished with an acoustic arch top with a hand carved top and bottom. It was so thin you could see light through it. He wasn't happy with the tone when he tapped on it so he threw the whole thing in the fireplace and burned it. It was a sad end to a true work of art but I guess if it's not right it's not right.
  4. Bruce, thanks for the great information. I have been storing my wood in the house for the most part but leaving the model in the garage. It would be easy enough to move it into the house when I'm not working on it. It's a small one right now. When I move to a bigger model I can move it inside for masting, rigging and fitting out. That tends to be cleaner work anyway.
  5. Does temperature fluxuation also cause problems? I have moved my building to the garage and depending on the time of the year it can be quite cold or quite warm. I would liked to have keeper the work in the house but the dust got to be too much.
  6. I picked up a hard rubber adapter in the shop vac section of Lowes. It is stepped so you can cut it to fit the proper size. It works well.
  7. Welcome to MSW. I can't speak from direct experience with the Siren kit but have seen several wonderful Sirens built buy people of all levels of skill. I have the kit in my closet but have chosen to get a couple under my belt before I build itbthough. I don't have any background with wooden model building and use of tools so you have that advantage. Good luck and please start a build log when you get to building. We all learn from them.
  8. Welcome to MSW. It's a great place to make friends and learn from the best. Everyone is so willing to share what they know.
  9. Wow, you are just cruising along and doing a fine job of it at that. I'm making little bits of progress but I don't think I will catch up. I'm glad it's not a race.
  10. Micheal, that is looking fantastic. I'm catching up with you with only 3 frames left to build. I will update my log with pictures very soon. I am looking forward to seeing your build progress.
  11. Progress may be slow but it's progress.
  12. Thank you Christian. I hope to show more progress soon. I am really enjoying working with better wood than the kits provide. What a difference it makes.
  13. Thanks for looking in Mick. I just have 3 sets of frame timbers to cut out and then they will start to go together. I was planning on stopping at a glass shop to order a couple of pieces of tempered glass. It really does sound like a great way to keep everything flat and even pressure for the glue joints.
  14. Mark, I have been doing that and maybe I am just over thinking it. I tend to do that. In the past it would keep me from doing things but I'm getting over that and just doing it more often. Thanks again for your help.