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  1. Just ordered a set. I never seem to have enough tweezers.
  2. Wonder what this is?

    It's different.
  3. A lathe for masts and spars

    You can get a Sherline with a long bed.
  4. Musicians and Modelers

    Here's my home built (from scratch) Dreadnought guitar. It's my first and only guitar build. Now I'm learning to play it which is more difficult than building the thing. For more info see my build log below.
  5. Welcome aboard. There are some true artists on this forum. I'm not one of them however. It's a blast learning and improving though with the help of some really great people.
  6. Latest pieces off my drawing board

    Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.
  7. Hawaiian Wood

    I love Hawaiian Koa. I used it for the binding on my acoustic guitar build. (See thread in my signature)
  8. Thank you. No, it's scratch built. The only things I didn't make from scratch were the bridge and tuners. Everything else is from wood stock that had to be thickness sanded and cut to shape.
  9. You'll get it. We have all wasted a couple of hulls, at least I know I have.
  10. What have you received today?

    We had one of those large format HP plotters at work for plotting maps and such. It worked great and plotted with good accuracy. The older ones are better. The new one's cartridge's have an expiration date and once it's past they won't work even if they are full of ink. The old ones will keep working until the ink is gone.
  11. Filler is your friend in this case but you will need to learn to spile planks for future builds. The best lesson I had was to build the hull of the Glad Tidings Pinky by Model Shipways. It has pre-spiled planks and really shows you how the planks are shaped to lay on the hull correctly. They are far from straight. Once you see how they need to be shaped you can carry it on to other models. Also, tick strips are really helpful so your planks don't get too thin at the bow. You'll get it once you see how the planks are shaped.
  12. I think this fits in the Naval History section. One of my other hobbies is coin collecting and thought you all might find this interesting. They are a bit scarce but not rare. Does anybody else have any ship or Navy related coins or medals to share? I have a few others I can post if anybody has an interest.
  13. I think the ship kit area would be appropriate. I'm looking forward to your log.
  14. Cool Tool Box

    I got my 2 yesterday and they are really nice for the price. I got them for $11.95. I like the idea of the felt lining. I might use a couple of the compartments but the partitions are in the way for most stuff. I'll use some drawers for tools and some for fittings and parts.
  15. Terrified

    Welcome aboard. Just have fun with your build. You will get all the help you need here, especially if you start a build log. That way we all learn from it.

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