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  1. Good Day I am busy building the Bluenose by Amati. I'm new to ship modelling and are gettting all the tools ect as the need arises. So, here is the thing; Im looking ahead at the painting on the bluenose and all the accents. Now I know the hull to be black, white and red, however, Im not sure on what type (Acrylic or Enamel), what shades of the colors to use and should I use Matt or Gloss? Does the wood need to be primed before it can be painted? If anyone has built this model before (as many has) could you please advise on what paints was used ect. I want this model to look as close to the original as possible. Thanking everybody in advance for their help and advice.
  2. Friends, I have come to a stage where one of my ships are at a stand still, due to missing parts. Meanwhile I do have a pleasant problem, of which kit to go next. All the presented has been built by others with amazing outcome. After the build the of the Longboat, I feel confident to take on any of the presented kits. One of them is really calling me as I have extra material. But that shouldn't be part of the equation. As usual, input is very welcome. Thank you all
  3. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice from the experts at Model Ship World regarding a Billings Bluenose kit #452 that I started about 40 years ago, but never got beyond the hull planking (you know how it is...marriage, work, kids...), and after reading some of your posts I realize how inaccurate the model is. It is supposed to be a 1:75 scale, but the hull measures 27” and the beam is 5 1/4”, which makes it, as far as I can figure, closer to 1:65. My questions are: 1. Is it worthwhile completing this or should I look for a more accurate kit? 2. If I continue, do I build it to 1:75 or 1:65? 3. If I do continue, can I replank the hull and deck without destroying the proportions? I’d like to try this to make it more attractive and accurate, especially the deck, which is 1 piece at present. 4. If I do replank the deck, can I redo the railings and stanchions in order to widen the railings for the belaying pins, and do a better job of the stanchions than I did first time around? Would I just cut away the old, except for the framing, and build anew on it? Here are some photos of my efforts so far. Many thanks for any advice. Paul
  4. Hello! It's been years since I built any models and my account here has mainly been to keep track of some other members' builds. Now, cleaning out my father's garage, I found a ship I built in my teens. It's been knocked about a bit, but it's in surprisingly good condition. I'm thinking of renovating it and maybe upgrade it, since my skills and economy has improved since I was a kid. It's made from a Bluenose kit. The kit was very basic and I had to make all the little extra details myself. Is it possible to start a "renovation" log for the project on this site? It's not a new build, but it would be fun to have a log for it and I would welcome any tips and advice from other members. Comments? Cheers, Grey seal
  5. It looks like the saying "so many ships, so little time" is going to apply to me soon. I have the following kits for sale: Model Shipways MS 2130 Bluenose - $130 Model Shipways MS 2010 Fair American $170 Model Shipways MS 2240 Niagara $240 All prices include FEDEX Ground shipping Check my eBay feedback under ca.shipwright for integrity. Paypal or Cashier's check accepted in payment. Next day shipping. PM with any questions or call 818.468.2637
  6. Hey

    Hey , few of ye might remember I was here about a year back asking around a kit for my dad ( which he is making slow progress with ) .. anyways since then I have been thinking about getting my own one . which I did and picked up a model ship ways bluenose model .. so will be starting that this weekend and expect it to take a long time as 1 im a complete novice and with two very young children I don't exactly have much spare time .. so this is a weekend night effort only ... Anyways if anyone know the location of a decent complete beginner build log for the bluenose (1 not 2) let me know . one questions around painting .. should I assemble then paint or paint and then assemble ? Any help gratefully received
  7. Question: Does anybody have a picture of of their model with the hull painted with Model Shipways "Hull Bottom Copper Red"? Reason I ask is that I just purchased the paint set to go with my Bluenose kit. However, after looking at the sample on the page for that specific paint, and the color of the paint on the actual Bluenose hull, the color seems way off. However, Model Shipways also has it listed as Venetian Red, which going by generic samples on the internet look like it might work? Also, why does Model Shipways claim that their acrylic paints are ideal for airbrush use, but then put a disclaimer immediately below the description claiming that their paints are not compatible with airbrush use? Here is a copy + paste of the paint description: "High quality acrylic based paints can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol. They clean up easily with water, making them ideal for airbrush use. Brushed or sprayed, paints dry flat with good grain structure and a smooth finish. 1 oz. bottles. Note: color swatch you see will vary due to computer monitor/calibration differences and the fact that the computer screen is RGB. Color description at top will give you the best idea of the exact color. Model Shipways paints are not compatible with airbrushes." Just slightly confused here! LOL!
  8. Hi. Found this today. Its a very nice bit of instruction on Laying out and lofting. as well as some excellent information. Regards Antony.
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