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  1. Could anyone identify what the object with the rusty metal “T" shape is on the deck next to the Tryworks  and what it was used for? 


    Thank you


  2. Nice job on the build. Coppering looks good. Here is a pic of a section of coppered planking from Mystic Seaport. Not sure if it is from a real vessel or made as a display. Scoot
  3. Had the paint decision on my Whaleboat also. Decided to leave one side natural and paint the other. that way it could be displayed two ways. Fun model to build. Yours is coming along nicely. Enjoy. Scoot
  4. What a beautiful piece of work Ed. Must be fantastic to see in person. Hats off to you. Scoot
  5. Very nice job on the pump and handle refab. The Model Shipways Morgan plans do seem to require a lot of attention to confirm all of the dimensions. Build is coming along nicely.
  6. Great job on those whale boats Bruce. May seem like a pain in the butt, but when you get to the tiny details it makes all the difference. Scoot
  7. Looking good Bruce. Love the comment "my next full ship-likely Granado". Goes to show you, the rigging of this ship ain't got you down. Love it. Scoot
  8. Bruce. I think your work looks great. Hard to see several steps ahead sometimes. No doubt that your patience and perseveration will get you to the end. Plod on. Scoot
  9. Hi Homer. Sorry for the delay in answering your question regarding cutting angles in the angle brass. I used a scribe to mark the angles at the corners and a hand held Dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut the angles and for any fine tuning. 1/8” plexiglass was used with 3/8” angle brass. A thin bead of clear silicon was laid on the inside corner of the angle brass and pressed into place. Holding the brass in place with tape. Angle brass was purchased from Specialty Shapes for not much over a hundred bucks. Plexiglass was purchased from a local glass shop. Gave the glass shop the final dimensio
  10. Homer. The link from the previous post has what you need. Special Shapes. I bought angle brass from them, for my display case, for my Model Shipways New Bedford Whaleboat. Bought eight, 36" pieces for just over a hundred bucks. I used 1/8" plexiglass. 1/4" angle brass was too small. 3/8" Angle brass covered the edges just right. One pic attached showing size difference between 1/4" and 3/8". Also couple of hasty pics taken tonight showing scale of brass trim to display case size. 3/8" seemed to work well. Have been watching your build. Just started my "Morgan". Enjoy. Scoot
  11. All of my previous posts on this build log are from work that was done four years ago. I was eager to start the “Morgan” build after finishing Model Shipways “New Bedford Whaleboat”. Other things arose and the “Morgan” ended up sitting on the shelf for four years. Time flies. So now I have a vision for the completion of the build and will pick up where I left off. I can see some mistakes that were made in haste and will have to be corrected before I proceed. My plan for this model is to show the “Morgan” on her way home from a multi year voyage. A moment in time. A hold full of whale oil(
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