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  1. She's the only clipper to have had four masts. Was she one of the first four masted vessels? By the time of the iron ships of the next generation, there were 4 and even a 5 masted ship but not in this generation. I wonder when that started. Nice work Rob. She's looking great.
  2. There's a shop down the street, 3 blocks away, with a copy of her plans. I remember seeing them and deciding they were over my price range. Can't remember what they were asking.
  3. I use split topsails to tell me if she was built in the 1860s and later or before that. She looks to have single topsails and topgallants in all those images. It's just the addition of the skysails over the royals that are in question. Could easily have been added at any time. A new Royal/Skysail pole and she'd easily be retrofitted with it at a later date. I wonder if that happened or was she launched that way?
  4. Cool. Thanks. I didn't know that. Thought topmasts abaft were exclusively in the realm of big ocean carriers later in the 1800s in the age of the split tops, the brace winches, patented topsail reefing systems, and Bentink courses.
  5. I have moulds for a full sized version of that boat. I also build a different canoe (Redbird) in 1:1 scale, my biggest building accomplishment to date. Looks pretty sweet with all those little ribs in there. Cheers, Daniel
  6. Nope, not foreign at all. Just hadn't thought that far ahead yet. Thanks for enlightening me though.
  7. What are the steps for in that stem part? I presume they must slope downwards so water cannot collect?
  8. Why is the upper yard abaft the mast? And on that note, why is the topmast abaft the lower mast? I know that was done in some ships but I thought it wasn't until much later that it happened. Beautiful work on her so far B.E., you're truly a master at your craft. Cheers, Daniel
  9. What are the ringbolts below each gun port for? Those are some heavy ringbolts so I can't imagine it has to do with the port lids and they'd be above the gun for slinging the guns in and out. Fastening camels maybe?
  10. Each mast will be differently raked. If they are parallel (with the same rake) they don't look right. Mast rake normally increases as you move aft in a ship for both aesthetic reasons but also because if you splay them by increasing the rake from forward to aft as is normally done, you allow more space between the masts at the top which means you can carry more sail without overlapping them too much. I'm not sure what the variation is on Red Jacket but I seem to recall Cutty Sark's masts were raked 1 degree more from fore mast to main and another degree for the main to the mizzen. I can't reca
  11. How heavy do you think she will be once completed? There's a lot of timber in that build.
  12. Those chain pipes to the lockers are called either spurling pipes or naval pipes. I agree with some sawdust glue and then re carve them. I think those doors were more square than elongated rectangle. Maybe that's the design of that particular one, I'm not sure. Most I've seen in old images have been more square and a bit further aft from the stem.
  13. I can't tell, are the yards "braced" to one side or the other or are they square to the centreline?
  14. Could be, I think she was rearmed a few times throughout the books. I think at one point she carried her long gns as internal ballast and could rearm herself if required.
  15. That sounds about right to me. From the reading I've done on her, the original had the 36 gun ship's mast. And 32lb carronades as her main armament with a few chase guns. Pretty much what Jack sailed. She really was a special ship in real life, not just in the books.
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