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  1. The level of detail this scale affords in pretty mind blowing. Those two shots, 5 and 7 in post 290. Beautifully executed.
  2. You have a style of building that is recognizable between your builds. I really like your build style. Very realistic to look at.
  3. What is the purpose of the moused up stays? I see that it keeps the eye formed from closing tight on the mast as slack is taken up but is there another purpose? I'm more knowledgeable about later ships.
  4. I built a canoe of WRC and it's kind of splintery so I doubt it would make good planking for a model. Funny, I used it for planking the canoe. It bends well, but can be brittle if that makes any sense. The grain wasn't what I would call tight.
  5. Looking at those swivels on the quarterdeck rail, I wonder how the crews managed to work them being so close together? Must have been uncomfortably hot work working them.
  6. It is. Lubbock has a lot of good sailing ship stuff. Quite prolific. And interesting. To me at least.
  7. I think Lee Valley is my favourite store. Extremely happy we have one here in Halifax. If ever I'm posted to a community without one I'll miss browsing their display room.
  8. You are lucky to have this kit. Congratulations on your good fortune. It will sure be an interesting build.
  9. 10 shot per gun sounds like a small number of rounds but I suppose one would normally use solid shot and not bar chain grape etc. My french is good but not perfect so a few of the more technical comments probably went over my head. I'll have look at my copy of Boudriot's 74 gun ship. I have all 4 at my other house and will look it up in english when I next go check on it. Your progress is stupendous Gaetan.My apologies for so much thread drift but I am genuinely curious about these little details that come to light. Cheers, Daniel.
  10. Another question of shot and shot lockers has come to mind as I read Patrick O'brian's Ionian Mission. As Worcester 74 glides into a bay to deal with a french force, Captain Aubrey orders bar and chain shot. I'm quite familiar with what it is and what it does but what arrangements were made in the ship to store bar and chain shot? I can't imagine they would mix it all in together in one locker. Or did they?
  11. I suppose the style answer might be the best we ever see. Makes sense. I was thinking that in the back of my mind by my mariner instincts told me nobody would cut extra holes in their vessel that weren't absolutely needed.
  12. I agree, there needs to be a way to get them out. I'm just wondering if the rungs were not perhaps more beefy than what a typical ladder might be? Or perhaps they are recessed into the side? The plans don't seem to show that, they show rungs as you have them but I suspect they would be subject to damage from falling shot as it were if they were not beefy enough. And maybe they are beefy enough. Would 32 lb balls dropped from that height break off the rungs? I think it might but maybe it wouldn't. On this note, were different caliber of balls stored in different shot lockers or were they d
  13. Those two outboard doors go to the quarter galleries but what spaces are through doors 2 and 3?
  14. I wonder how those ladder rungs would have been in the shot locker. One would think they simply tossed the balls in but I suspect they were placed for the first while at least. Eventually, they'd be throwing them in I suspect. Especially if they were in a hurry. They'd have to be careful not to break the ladder rungs with an ill placed ball..... Beautiful work. I love watching this build progress.
  15. Is it just me or do those guns look to be terribly inconveniently placed for the helmsman? Anybody working those guns will be in his way.
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