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Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section by Rustyj - 1:24 - Finished

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Hi All,

Well I’ve come across some interesting plans for a scratch built Bomb Vessel Granado Cross
Section over on Model Ship Builders site. Now I’ve never been known to be
impulsive, carry on more then one build at a time or unable to resist the urge
to start another scratch build.


Talk about going to the darkside! It’s so dark on this side I’m not sure I’ll ever see light again! :o 


The Bomb Vessel Cross Section has some interesting details both on and below the deck
(i.e. mortar pit and shell room) The plans are based on "Anatomy of the
Ship - Bomb Vessel Granado" by Peter Goodwin and original drawings by
Thomas Slade. All plans were drawn by Jeff Staudt. In total there are 63 pages
of drawings in the set and are very well done.

The scale for this build is a whopping 1:24 (½” to 1’) so it will be interesting building
something at this scale. The single frame pieces are ½” wide and a completed
frame is approximately 13 ½’ wide by 9” high. The keel is ½” wide by 14 ½” long
and over 1 ¼” high at its highest point. There are some frames that are doubled
so they will be 1” wide!


I have some Cherry cut offs from a furniture factory and I will be cutting them down to ½”
billets for the frames. I’ll decide the other woods as I go. The main problem I
see is turning the mortar and cannon as I do not have a lathe or mill. Oh well
I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


So here is a look at a couple of sheets of plans to give you an idea of what it will look
like. You also can go to
www.modelshipbuilder.com   to see more information.



Here is a sample of some of the rough cut Cherry I have.




You can see that the sides are rough cut so to start I shaved the sides on the
saw to clean them and then ripped them. The below pictures show I ended up with
two pieces of 1/2" x 3" x 14" and one piece at about 1/8" thick.





I will have to run them through the thickness sander to get them to their finished size.
This should be interesting and will take a good while to complete.

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Another interesting one to follow Rusty!  Like you, I couldn't resist this one and ordered the plans a couple of weeks ago.  Not sure when I'll get around to it, or whether I'll stick with the 1:24 or go to 1:48, but it sure looks like a nice build.  Can't wait to see your progress on this.

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Like you I also can't wait to get started on that one. If there was just more time in the day.


Wish you the best of luck with the cherry.


Looking forward to seeing the rest of this. Hope I get to start mine before you are done.


Later Tim

Edited by Tim C
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Hi Ben, I wouldn’t really say I’ve started, let’s call it
just some preparation work. :P


Jeff, this scale will really be different. I’ll post some
pictures of the plans next to the Triton for some reference. B)


Hey Grant welcome to the club. I too thought about 1:48 and
even printed a set at 1:48 but the lure of building large got me. :)


42rocker, you will definitely start before I finish. With 3
at once the pace will be sloooowwwwww. :huh:


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Hi Mark, Yeah I know but I couldn't resist at least starting some of the set up work.


Christian, Seeing it on MSB was what really pushed me over the edge.


Here is another reference to the size of this cross section.


One plan is of a full frame with one of my Echo frames sitting inside of it.




This picture has the scale plan of the Triton cross section sitting side. I couldn't

use the actual Triton as it was drying then.




Here are some of the billets of cherry cut down to size.




And the first batch that have been through the thickness sander.




Well that's it for now so I'm back to the work shop to work on the Triton/Echo/Bomb Cross Section. :blink: 

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Wow - that is gonna be a Whopper!


Are you going to build entirely from that cherry or has an order been put into our friend Jeff? BTW I just ordered some 1/16 boxwood to make the Confeds double beaded moldings - couldn't get a decent result with the basswood.



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Hi Jeff, When I was giving the dimensions I just didn't have the feel for how big it is. So as they

say a picture is worth 1,000 words.


Hi Bob, Thanks for stopping by.


Mark, Maybe your idea of set-up and mine differ just a bit? Na not really. :D


Ben, So far everything is from bits and pieces I have on hand. That doesn’t mean Jeff isn’t shipping

stuff to me once he’s back! As far as wood goes, frames cherry, keel pear and ebony and deck clamps

are maple. No other choices have been made. Yet.


Now I’ve gotta get beck to my set-up! :rolleyes: 




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Ok this is all Ben’s fault. Ben are you out there? It’s your entire fault. Not mine. Nope no way.

I’m just and innocent bystander. ;) You asked about wood choices and I was thinking of

using some maple I have on hand but I wasn’t really sure.


So all because Ben asked I just "had" to see what the maple would look like. Out came the saw

and thickness sander and I cut up the maple into the correct sizes for the mortar pit deck clamp

lower and upper strakes and the upper deck clamp upper and lower strakes.


Here it is with no finish on it. I think I will like the lighter color against the darker cherry. I’m thinking

the deck beams might come from maple too. They are just way too thick to use boxwood not to

mention it would take half my pension check!




Thanks for asking Ben! :D 

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Ok now since the saw and thickness sander were out I figured what the heck


I'll just cut up the pieces needed for the keel. I mean after all I am just doing


"set up " work here! ;)



So here is some swiss pear cut to the proper thickness all "set up" for when


I'm ready to start actually doing some work on the cross section. :P






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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Ben, Already way down that rabbit hole my friend! Rice n beans again for dinner. :rolleyes:


Thanks Pete it may take awhile but should be fun.


I’ve continued on with the now infamous “Set Up” work. Quiet Mark! :D


Here I’ve constructed the jig that will hold the set up keel and frames in the correct position.

The bottom board is some ¾” ash that I had left over and the top piece is ½’ beech plywood

that is eight ply and very solid.  I glued the plans to the plywood and then cut it out using

the scroll saw. After it was done I placed it evenly on top of the bottom piece, clamped it

and drilled 6 holes for the bolts. This way I was pretty sure the top and bottom would stay

square to each other.




Once the bolts were installed it was a simple matter of adjusting the nuts until the correct

height was archived.




Here’s the Triton Cross Section placed in side for another size reference.





As I complete more “Set Up” work I’ll let you know. ;)

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Thanks Grant. As you know “set up” can be endless.


Ben, I just wish my brother hadn’t retired as a machinist.

He once made a working cannon. :blink:


Pete, I hope you plan on it taking a while! You know

“set up” takes forever.


Mark, As long as you haven’t applied a sealer or Poly

it could be considered “set up”. :rolleyes:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well the now infamous “set up” has continued. While I was doing some

cutting with the table saw I could hear the keel calling me and it was just

excited to hear the saw running. Well I just couldn’t disappoint it sooooo……

I figured a little "advanced" set up was in order. :P


I cut out the side and top profile plans and glued them to the pear and

started working on the hog. All pieces were left a little long and will be

trimmed to the correct length later.





I set the saw blade height to remove just enough wood to get to the plans line.




I then just started working my way down the hog adjusting as I went.




And here is the hog with all of the cuts made.




Time will tell if the "advanced" set will continue! :D 


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