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HMS Triton (1/64) by Aldo - POB

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Hi to all,


Newbie here, respectfully requesting permission to join this elite group of HMS Triton builders, Sir!  B)

This is my first attempt at doing a scratchbuild so I hope you guys would bare with my insufficient knowledge on nautical stuff  :blush: Having very limited experience in wooden ships, I will opt for a POB build and will probably simplify most of the details as much as possible. For now, I will settle for a 1/96 scale project, using lime as my timber to minimize expense and wood wastage ;)


Starting with the stem pieces, I will follow the path taken by most kit manufacturers, representing this as a single piece (well perhaps I could make the gripe and bobstay piece as separate parts if my tools and skills will allow). 







I will use these two strips of lime to represent the single lengths of the keel and false keel. I know this approach may make some cringe, but, like I said, it's a simplified build  ^_^




I plan to cut the stem and stern post at the level of the rabet (pencilled area), then add a "rabbet strip" later to allow easier planking:




All is set and it's time to start cutting:




That's it for now, comments and advice are very much welcome. This is my first scratchbuild attempt and I will need all the help I can get :)



EDIT: I now realize after seeing the complete set of plans that 1/96 scale would result to about 1mm thickness of the frames/bulkhead extensions :blink:  :wacko:  :unsure:  Due to this, I've decided to enlarge my scale to 1/64 ;)

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   Welcome to the Triton build. You will get a lot of great help here. As far as a simplified approach....it is your ship....build it the way you want....there is no wrong or right way

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Hi Aldo,


Looks like a good start.  Just a quick tip:  you can cut the drawing down almost to the cut lines and then position your wood.  You might be able to better "pack" the parts on the slab and save some scrap.

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Welcome aboard Aldo!


I thing you are rigtht, working to 1/96 I would the stem and stern post as single pieces. Then using tracing paper or some transparent paper you can glue it to the whole piece and mark with a sharp blade or a chisel the different parts. Then you can use a pencil to emphatize the joint between and simule the caulking.


Best wishes!



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Thanks for the kind words, Pete, Mark, Daniel, Grant, Christian and Guy, I appreciate it :)


Mark, thanks for the tips on how to minimize wood wastage, I'll give them a try

Daniel, thanks for those tips on marking the different keel parts with a knife and pencil, it'll come in really handy


Just a bit of update guys, I'm finally done cutting the keel pieces. It's a very simplified version with only a few pieces (5 to be exact)... a testament to my laziness ^_^

I made the keel slightly longer than recommended so as to allow some room for tweaking, if needed later on







I was pretty surprised to see just how big this ship really is.... at 1/96 scale, she's almost as long as my 1/64 Swan Class Sloop so I could imagine just how big she would be if I made her in 1/64 scale :blink:



Well, that's it for now, time to drop a line at the "access request page" so I can start cracking on those bulkheads :D


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Hi my Friend,


I see that you take the step to the dark side...

I will looking over your shoulder!

I know that you make a Grand Lady from it!

I will follow you( only to read, not to build )



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Hi Aldo..... I was wondering where you disappeared to.... I just saw on someones's log where you said you were starting to scratch build the

Triton, so I thought I'd better get over here and see how you're doing.......looks like your off to a great start.. with all the talent you have, she's sure to be an outstanding build ... 


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Thank your very much for the kind words, Pete, Sinan, Grant, Christian, Daniel, Ben, Guy, Sjors and Frank, they are much appreciated  :)


Pete, I used lime for my 1/96 keel, but I'm switching to 1/64 scale and plan to use either boxwood or swiss pear for my new keel


Sinan, I'm afraid I have revised my scale to 1/64, the frames were just too thin (almost 1mm) at 1/96 and this was just too scary for me, especially since I'm a bit heavy handed. As such, you still hold the record for having the smallest Triton ;)


Daniel, yes I tapered my original 1/96 keel, though I'm afraid I will have to replace it since I've switched to a new scale :(


Grant, Ben, Sjors and Frank, thanks for the support my friends, I'll need all the help I can get with this challenging build :)

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Hi guys,


Just a wee bit of update on what I've accomplished with my Triton.


First, I thought I'd share the modifications that I planned to do to my ship's center board, in the hope of decreasing the amount of detailing that I have to do and also to provide slots that will allow me to easily secure the masts/bowsprit with their proper rake (see picture below):










The modified centerboard proved fairly easy to do, however, I came upon some problems when I made the bulkheads as some of them, particularly the aft-most ones gave some odd looking shape to the hull when test planks were temporarily attached. A detailed discussion on this can be seen in the link below:




I decided to compare the provided plans with the original draughts rescaled to 1/64. The original inboard profile proved to be pretty much spot on with the provided plans (save for the height of the bowsprit):











The bulkheads on the other hand, posed some challenges as some of them were not very close to the originals. I finally decided to make some new bulkheads using some of the stations in the original draughts.





Well, that's it for now, just need to make about 3 more bulkheads for the stern section then I can move on to adding the stern timbers ;)
















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Hi Aldo,


Your old Badger pal here mate, just found you and you are a braver man than me my friend.


I'm going to follow you for sure so good luck although you wont need it I'm sure.



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Thanks for the kind words, Mobbsie, Mark, Larry, Grant, and Guy, I appreciate it :)


I think I read somewhere that there is a thin line between bravery and stupidity, I'll know which of these two applies to me once I

plank this crazy attempt at modifying my hull  :D

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Good Morning 'Mr. Scratch Builder',


I'm wondering if you'll still accept kudos from the "lite side" of the forum? ;)  


But seriously Aldo, your Triton is looking great!  There's no doubt you were ready for a full scratch, and I look forward to watching her take shape.




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Hi Aldo,


That looks like ..scratch building stuff.

Great job till now!

Anja is asking why I'm not doing such a thing.

I'll wait till you are finished and see how it goes  :)

Watch out what you are doing because I'm sitting at the left side of you to see what you are doing.

Any change that I can get a cup of coffee over here?



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Hello Aldo,I want to thank you for the link to Amazon.I did order the TFFM vol 1 at a great used price of $42 including shipping.Please let me know if you come across vol 2.Thank you again   Larry

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Hi guys,


@Larry: no problem, mate, glad to be of help :)


@Sjors: Sure my friend, I've reserved some front seats for you, would you prefer brewed coffee or instant ;)

              I have no doubt you can do this kind of stuff my friend, with your excellent modelling skills and neat set of tools, I know you

              can cross over to the dark side without any problem :)

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