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Misplaced Yankee

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Good day to all. My name is Scott and I live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Originally from Coastal Massachusetts and later from Rhode Island. Retired Army with 22 years before getting hurt in Iraq in 2008-09. Recently took interest in Ships in a bottle which is funny because I grew up and lived on the water all of my life and have been around boats and ships all my life, now being land-locked, I take interest. Started a cheap ship model kit, which can be seen in the Builders log section, to gauge my interest before building a SIB and also a more detailed ship kit. I look forward to reading and gaining knowledge from this site and look forward to your comments and help as I further my experience in this wonderful hobby. 

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Welcome aboard Scott,


Feel free to look around and enjoy all the possibilities this forum has to offer.

Hope to see a SIB project in the future.  I think putting a ship in a bottle is a real challenge.


Good luck with your Bluenose build and have fun.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.




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Welcome aboard, Scoot. I know what you mean by a Misplaced Yankee. I live in Oregone, as we say it in New England. I also grew up in Mass, South Shore / The Cape. By my name you may know where I grew up. I've taken on a project that I have not done before, restore a whaling ship, Charles W Morgan. Its definitely gong to be a challenge.




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Hi Scott,


As the father of a son who is about to retire from the US Army after 21 years in Army Aviation and who did five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan I really appreciate what you have done and cannot thank you enough for your service.  I hope that I can be one of this great group of ours to thank you in some small way by helping you along in your new found venture in ship modeling.  Welcome to the fray!!



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Welcome, Scott, from another misplaced Yankee! I grew up along Lake Ontario but am now thoroughly landlocked in rural Missouri. How do you like the Shenandoah Valley? One upon a time I worked for Shenandoah National Park doing backcountry survey work; even found two historic plane crashes that had been forgotten and left undocumented. Like you, I miss being around open water and enjoy this hobby as a way to maintain that connection. Hope you enjoy your modelling work; this community is a great place to learn and share.

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