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French 74-gun ship by matiz - scale 1:56 - Tiziano Mainardi

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Hi Tiziano,

I too am building the same model, but in a different scale, 1:48. I am not as experienced a modeler as you are, my workshop is also leaner,  and this is my first such a big and complexed model (all my previous models were from kits). I am struggling along as I go, using your photos you posted on the French forum, as references (and they are a great help!).


I started this build many years ago and about four years ago I returned to this project. I am somewhat behind your model, so your pictures come handy.

Thanks a lot for that blog on the Marine & Modelisme Arsenal website! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, as well as for myself!

I hope to see your pics here as well!




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Welcome Tiz !  Ive been admiring your model on the Ancre site for years - great to have you onboard here.  Along with Gaetan's build - yours is also an inspiration.  My wood has been milled and sits in wait to start this build in 1/48 after completing Confederacy.  




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Ciao Matiz


I admire your work very much.   What wood are you using for the frames, keel, &tc?


Lucky you living in Toscana!!!   It is one my favorite parts of the world, including the olive oil from Lucca, fenomenale!  



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On ‎7‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 8:45 PM, matiz said:

Hi Thomas, i used a tool made with a blade, mounted in the milling machine, a tool For the exterior profile, a tool for the interior profile😊

Thanks Tiziano for the answer. Would it be too much to ask you to post a photo, showing these milling tools made for this purpose? My milling tools are WAY too big to cut such intricate shape. Did you make yours by yourself?


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Thanks Tiziano for the picture of your milling bit. I think I understand the principle of it, but still have some doubt how it woul actually work on a piece of boxwood (I think ) in practice, and not ruin the piece of wood.

There must be also another cutter shaping the opposite side of this intricate ballusters, am I right?

(But, I don't want to force you to run too much ahead of yourself with your photo blog on this forum. I just study your pics from the French forum, where you are much further ahead with your built. I think I just photo etch in brass this particular details for my model, even though I would much prefer to do it from wood, like you did it).


In any case, I have lots of admiration for your skills with wood and such excellent understanding of ship's anatomy! Hats off!


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