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HDMS Perlen 1804 by minimini - scale 1:30 - 46 gun danish frigate

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hi all
I am almost finished with the building plan for the HMDS Perlen , so I decidert to start a buid log for her.
all i need to do is the last few frames and the bow filler pieces , and then I be ready to make wood dust.The drawing is made in autocad
My plan is to start cutting wood when my 3 week vacation start on april 5 







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Hi minimini, 

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It will be very interesting to see the work of a Danish ship, it is not very common here. good luck
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Hi All

Now after 6 weeks of high sunshine, where time has been spent outdoors, it now  time for a little update.The first picture shows my work table without any mess, it will probably be the last time it will happen.
2 and 3 show The three section bulkhead shapes and 13 out of the 32 bulkheads and last but not least some of  the wood I received from Jason from Crown Timberyard last week.



It's only when you stand with the part between your hands you get an idea how big this model will be , the ruler is 100 cm long and the 2 bulkheads in the middle are 41 cm wide.




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Hi All

just a little update , before i start the model i have decided to make a build table it is made of 18mm beech ply  700mm wide 2000mm long (sorry for the bad picture)



All the bulkheads ( 32 ) and the 9 pieces that make up the stem I post some picture in a few days. out of the 32 bulkheads I only mess up one



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A master, no just lucky

no but I have access to one where I only pay for the materials I cut , plus 10 $ per hour


My building board is finished and the same are the 8 angle braces



next one on the list is to cut some wood on my new table saw




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Hi Michael.

That's one super sized ship.

I love the shape of the bulkhead you got wrong. But you got it geometrically similar.


Nice building board. But with a model that size you need a table like Gaetan uses See link below.


Will save your back. with all that twisting and trying to get into difficult places.


This is a must follow for me.

Regards Antony.

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