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So I found a King George V on a local buy and sell site, came with a wooden deck and metal barrels at a good price.


I know it's been done, Mr Rabbit and Kpnuts, and there are basically three iterations of HMS King George's Career, when she fought the Bismarck in '41, the '43 fit out then the '44 fit out.


I want to do the '43 fit out as it hardly ever been done, the references are very obscure and I get to do camouflage and not strait grey.IMG_6949.thumb.JPG.c084d55047ea0c4dd25cef6383c8bdfc.JPGIMG_6956.thumb.JPG.5a8c053c9be0d2de3bee1887c980886e.JPG


The Tamiya Kit is set for the 1945 fit out, having removed the aircraft and placed the ships boats amidships, but the Aftermarket Pontos is retrofitted for 1941.


The thing is, the Pontos set gives you  the ability to have an aircraft deck but the kit gives you no aircraft. Thus one has to buy a Walrus.


The Tamiya kit has the stern square hatches omitted which need to be after - after market as Pontos ignored this gem.


I got the new Infini Models RN Doors (he bloke who is Infini models designed this set when he worked for Pontos) as they are just magnificent.


I also got some individual RN stanchions as I'm over one piece railings are I like to torture myself.


I've ordered new Carley Floats (i'll have to scratch build the Flota nets) and an extra set of 20mm guns as there should be 38 of them all up.


The Chap I bought the kit from had a Artwox deck which is suitable but the Pontos one is fairly clean which means I can add whatever configuration I want.


I've spent a few weeks researching tis and the internet is just full of people who just do not check their references, as  about 70% of the photos pro porting to be KGV are usually a sister ship.

The Imperial War Museum has lovely photos which are correctly labeled and allow me to feel comfortable in my 1943 configuration.


Welcome to build number 10 in 1/350.KGVatALgeriaSummer43_80G53002.jpg.731198d1e643578d490a518dbe3eb1a9.jpg

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The hull is smooth as a baby's bum BUT does etch in a boot strap.


Your can see from the photos of when KGV was in drydock in 1941 after a parking incident there is a considerable amount of hull detail missing.



The Degausing cable was removed in later '41. It appears from the 1943 photo it was only the bow section.


The stern also has these pesky square hatches (photo is from '45 when some portholes were covered over). IMG_7025.JPG.f9fe9d683612ed8411ffbe60f9a3e94c.JPG


The deck will need to be completely wiped clean and flush. As such by the time get this one done, Cog will be out of excuses to do the next joint build.


Roger Chesneau's book on the KGV class includes the fit out history. IMG_6951.thumb.PNG.5f5364015d022e68cfce3dfbc98c3057.PNG


As such the hull needs a LOT of work before any PE comes out of the box.

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Well it's back to the belfry for me Greg with my stash of popcorn.


I am not all that clear on one thing from your description though. I know I could just wait until you build that part of the hull and see, but will the welded up portholes be opened? Or are thy already welded over by the time of your build?


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I’m awaiting the Top Down reference book, but as far as my research goes, it appears to have happened after the ‘44 refit. As I said before, there is so much poor information out there one needs to be careful. The IWM photos are all referenced by the photographer so I trust them more more than some bloke on google. 


The kit hull is lazily done by Tamiya but it is old. I intend to overspray the who whole hull before I draw up the hull plates then layer them to give depth. 

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4 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

quite a project you have going Greg.......I'll definitely be following along  :)     I looked up degaussing....never heard of it before.....very interesting reading!

since it's plastic RGL doesn't need to worry ...

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9 hours ago, RGL said:

it appears to have happened after the ‘44 refit

The reason I asked was that closing portholes located in the hull became pretty common early in the war as almost all of the ships with portholes in the hull that took battle damage sank much quicker because of water coming in through the broken portholes. Sometimes, especially in battleships the concussion from their own guns caused the damage.

4 hours ago, Old Collingwood said:

pinching lou popcorn.

Better watch it OC I borrowed Mark's stick and you may get your knuckles whacked. 

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off and running I see......... ;)   I used my battery operated drill for the Vendetta.......does well at a slow speed.   now,  if I was to do anything major for a modification,  I wouldn't use a scroll saw...already seen where that gets you {now THAT'S a mess}.   have you a method thought up to cover over the potholes aft?   I would think really thin brass.......use a paper punch or something to make the circles....would do well.  better yet though....I've seen items in the local craft store,  like confetti,  or look in the clothes enhancement dept......I've seen stuff there too that can do well in covering them up.

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I don’t think they were covered until the 1944 refit and when she was sent to the South Pacific given the insanity of the Japanese pilots. 


In 1943 she still had them uncovered and had an extra 18 twenty mil guns. If I did the 1945 version I would probably get the set I used to cover the Yamato portholes. 


It also appears the rear section of her degaussing cable were still present but the front section removed. 


I just recieved this, which covers her entire career but for some reason ignores the removal of the degaussing cable completely. 


So, the photos don’t lie. 


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