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1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II by Jack12477 - 1:24 - Italeri

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For my next non-ship build I am going to build this 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II 1:24 scale kit by Italeri.  All the parts came in pre-colored sprues to match the box art.  I plan to paint some parts and Clear Gloss coat others rather than try to match the colors.  The bright yellow sides I will Clear Coat with a Gloss. The fenders, hood and some other parts will be painted with a Gloss Aluminum (Tamyia).  The engine and other parts will be painted black.  The roof, boot, seats, and interior door panels are molded in a strange orange/brown color. I will probably re-paint them, haven't decided tho.


Here's the box and contents photos.






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Very nice subject. Are these a re-edition of the old Monogram Kits? I built quite a few of the old 1/24 Monogram kits but cannot recall this one in particular.


Once you have done this kit as an appetizer, you can try tackling the Pocher kit at 1/8th scale..... Very expensive though....



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Jack, I think that orange-brown is supposed to be a leather color. I know there are better paint choices for the leather seats and dashboard.


Maybe you can turn the inside doors into something looking like a wood grain, using a contrasting dark brown oil wash. Here's a site, check the wood graining ideas at the bottom of this page:  http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/hintsandtips


The ragtop could use a flat agent; I guess it's a canvas top?

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Nice kit Jack. I just do not understand why they give the sprues colours. The colours hardly ever approch the real ones.


Interior used to be wood and leather, but foor the floors. I would go for Ken's sugestion on the door paneling.

Top could be leather too Ken. Treated with oil probably. I honestly can't imagine RR using canvas ...

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Nice model !


Years ago there was an automotive junk yard I drove past on my way to work. One day I went by and there was a mint Phantom and Silver Cloud parked in front of his garages.  Weeks later I stopped in to purchase a pair of wheel rims so I could permanently mount snow tires, instead of mounting/dismounting them from the rims every winter/spring. Iasked him about the cars and he took me around to the side garage to view them.  Mint condition and driveable, impressive cars.   

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Are you going to build my favorite RR Jack?


"Because of the boat errands, I had Miss Agnes parked nearby, my electric blue Rolls pickup truck, an amateur conversion accomplished by some desperate idiot during her checkered past. She is not yet old enough to vote. But almost. She started with a touch, and I went along the beach to where…"


In case you don't recognize the quote, it is from one of the Travis McGee books and is describing his iconic Rolls Royce pickup. Miss Agnes and his houseboat, The Busted Flush" were main parts of all of his books. I loved reading them when I was young. He and Mike Hammer were my heroes.

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likely came out at the time that lots of kits came out in multiple color plastic,  as an attraction to modelers who don't do a lot of painting.   the only drawback was flow lines in the plastics.  if you look at the silver parts,  you can see it.   I'm sure your going to paint it Jack......I agree with Ken on the canvas color.  if you do a search on the color choices for the vehicle,  you'll find one that'll tickle your fancy  ;) 


dust'in off my seat :) 

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1 hour ago, Seems ok to me said:

but this looks like a Tamiya from the pictures

Oh it is definitely not a Tamiya kit.


Completed the assembly of the engine and chassis




After struggling to interpret the picture instruction on assembling the front steering and rear wheel assembly - more the sequence than what goes where. I got the undercarriage completed.


The picture book instructions - be nice if they showed what sequence things are attached


Front steering assembly


Rear axle assembly


Completed assembly


Attached the body to chassis



Fire wall and steering



Painting the floor mat



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On 2/12/2020 at 6:03 PM, Jack12477 said:

Not familiar with that book or author

Great books! You should pick one up and try it Ken I read them when I was young but I still think the story line would hold up. Hollywood approached John D. McDonald more than once to make movies based on the books but somehow he felt the books would be compromised and not sell if he allowed movies! :huh: He should have lived long enough to see what happened to JK Rowland or Tom Clancy!


Oh well OOB is good too. They are a very handsome vehicle.


It certainly looks like you are moving right along, (You not the car:D) I find it interesting that the front suspension is leaf spring, like a buggy or horse drawn wagon. That six cylinder engine also looks huge.  Great looking work

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