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Le Gros Ventre - Gabare du Roi by Cpt Tom - 1766 - 1/48 Scale

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Hi Folks,


today I started my new Project and my first Scratch Build Log.


The "Gros Ventre"  the Kings Gabare according to plans from Gérard Delacroix. 

I want to build the ship with pear wood and I hope i can handle it  :D  :D


Here are my first steps:



threaded bars....I hope this is right








and the Woodparts






Now I´m waiting  for the plans, they are one the way to me. 


Stay tuned 

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Hello Dick,


yes I want to try it, I mean "full framed" and it is absolutely great that so many guys  have the plans and maybe you can help me with my experiment "scratch build"  :D  :D  

I'm still waiting on the plans, they are now one week on the way and France is a neighbor from Germany but it takes so much time until they are here. I know I'm impatient :)  :)

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Should be a fun project, but why"Gros Ventre" for a name. There is an indian tribe in Montana with that name and it means "Big Bellys" any way thats,what everyone calls them except for themselves. Just saying. Bill in Idaho

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This barge was used also for expeditions Bill and the Name " Gros Ventre - Big Belly" is right because this ship could take very much charge.  More than other ones and this is why they named her "Big Belly" Yes, it is a funny name........but whatever  :D  :D

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Hi Chris,


yes I wanna do this and yes it is paler than the Swiss Pear, I love this one more and if you put a wood protection on it, it looks even better


Look at this picture I put this on (I don´t know the English word for this)





Edited by cpt. Tom
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Hi Tom,


I just recently lucked out and bought the monograph and plans through MSW/Chuck Passaro. It looks like a very nice ship and I'm hoping to tackle it someday, so I'll be eagerly following your build.


I have been using pear wood myself on a current build, not swiss pear. I've really like the way it looks and I think you've made a great choice. 




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She's a transport ship - love the name ! That Pear is a very interesting in color - much paler than the Swiss Pear i see here in the US. Are you going to build exclusively in Pear ?




There's two kinds of pear wood.  The pear cut from the tree and allowed to dry and swiss pear which is the same wood but steamed which gives it the pink color.   Both Hobbymill and the Lumberyard have both.

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AHHHH! Now "Gros Ventre" makes sense.  The use of pear wood is interesting because in the wood turning world any fruit wood is avoided because its relatively unstable. Partly I think because turners use much bigger chunks than do ship modelers. About 14 years ago I got some 4" diameter branches from a local orchard and cut it into  a 4" thick billet but It still checked pretty bad. But I just checked and my 1" thick boards are pretty clear. Hmm maybe I have a project coming up.  BILL

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Hi Bill,


a friend in a German forum builds for many years his ships with pear wood  and he also makes small round rods from the wood for deck support without problems. Of course I do not know how the wood looks in 50 years :D  :D

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Hello Tom.

I wish you much fun and succes in the construction of the model.


Regards Karl      :10_1_10:



Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß und Erfolg bei dem Bau des Modelles,

und werde den Baufortschritt verfolgen.

Gruss Karl

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It is an honor for me  if you watch my build log, Karl and maybe you can give me some advices.......!!!


I'm still waiting for the plans but nothing is happen until today  :(  :(




Es ist eine Ehre für mich wenn Du meinen Baubericht verfolgst und vielleicht kannst Du mir einige Ratschläge geben, Karl. Danke

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Hi Tom, I started the construction of Les Gros Ventre about an year and a half but  I have not started my scratch build log yet.  As I live in Brazil, I have to mill my own wood, and It takes time and money (a lot!) because I had to buy the machines for the job. They are all from PROXXON. I'm using a wood called Peroba Rosa, and I'm still building the frames. I hope we can share our experiences, although I'm not a expert. First of all, be careful about the lenght of the pieces "f" and "d". In plates 1 and 4 they are longer than in plates 8, 15 and 23 (which are the proper length).





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Hi Folks,


the plans are there........my goodness, looks a little bit difficult. Now I need to copy the plans and then cut the parts of. I think this coming weekend I'm doing the first images from my results  :P  :P


Hola a Sao Paulo or Olá a São Paulo


Hi Mauricio,


a very warm welcome to my build log and thank you for the information you gave me. I´m take care about that and you are right they are longer as in 8 or 15.

Peroba Rosa is a nice wood with a red touch but too dark for me, can you make some pictures for me??

Of course we can share our experiences but it is better if you start a build log too so that I can see what you're doing........!!!

I'm not an expert too, this is my first scratch build and I have to figure out how this works  :D  :D







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