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HMS Victory by foxy - Heller - 1/100 - with Dafi's etch & resin set. - PLASTIC

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New here. I see that any medium of ship can be shown here as a build.
Mine will be from the Heller Kit, but with Dafi's etch sets.
Will also scratch build most of the deck detail from the lower deck to the poop deck.
Materials used will be the plastic, PE and resin.


Some of the etch I will be using.


Will be altering the hull steps to the later part of Victory's career.


Also using evergreen and syrin rope, blocks and other items.

Hope you find this Interesting.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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Books I am using are:-
Anatomy of HMS Victory= by John McKay.
Seaforth Historical Ships, HMS Victory= by Jonathan Eastland & Iain Ballantyne.
Owners workshop manual of HMS Victory=by Haynes(Royal Navy).
The Anatomy of Nelsons ships=by C Nepean Longridge.
Rigging period ships = by Lennarth Petersson.

Started by removing the single style steps.

Having studded the plans I found the lug support for the bower anchor was in the wrong place, so had to make another.

Using evergreen plastic for this item.

Cleared all detail:- three feathers(later for a crown), removed the Victory name plate from the rear
Will replace with the Dafi fret of this sign.

More soon Foxy :piratebo5:

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Thanks Daniel .
Hi Keith.
 Well if it was not for Daniels etch and resin set, plus his very extensive posting of his lower deck detail, I to would have gone the wood ship direction.
I like working in plastic, so this has proved a challenge for me to also get as much detail on the gun decks.
Moving on with my build, I started on the hull and stern area first, most it seems go for the building of the guns, I to am going down that road, first to keep me grey cells ticking over plus to not lose interest in the build, working on one area of the ship will soon make it hard work, an interest fade..
Right enuff rattling, on with the show.

After cleaning up the stern I sprayed a plastic/brass primer overall, 'will explain later why later'.
First the stern etch fitted, less the eye bolts which I will fit when all is finished with the windows etc.
Filled in pot holes to the inside, later sand down.
Then added the Dafi's victory sign , it comes with a template so you cannot go wrong on the spacing of the letters.


Next it was the crown, 'now this might seem strange', when the ship comes with the three feathers of the Prince of Wales.
I am sure most know about this, but for those that do not, the plumes came from Nelsons last battle and were retrieved for the second rate HMS Prince, that unfortunately sank at this battle, the plume was rescued and placed on the Victory later.
But my build is before the battle, so there is a picture of the crown in the wardroom of victory's upper deck.
That's the reason for replacing the plume for a crown.

I had Dafis etch one made up but it pinged off into the wilderness, so had to scratch build this, But still had the etch small parts on the fret, so saved me making them.

Next I added the Dafi's etch rigols to the hull.
Also added Dafi's resin steps, using CA, this job you have to be very care full with as some need sanding down to fit flush against the hull side.


Doing all this before adding first primer of paint.

More soon.

Foxy :piratebo5:


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Hi Tim.


Thanks for the interest, much appreciated.


Good to know that others like the idea of mixing plastic with PE/resin .


Tis a good combination, will also be using wood for the decks and Syren blocks for the guns and rigging.

Plus some of the boats from the 1/96 Revel USS Constitution.

So will be a mix and match. 

Lots of scratch building for the lower decks, there sparse for the 32 and 24 Pdr decks.


Cheers for now.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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Well time for a change, and seems most go for the guns, so gun's it is.
I will be working on these throughout the build.
First the barrels come in two parts and the trucks in five parts, then there's Dafi's King George crest and eyebolts, plus trunnion caps .
Made up the barrels.
The trucks.
'Hey presto'.
Added trigger caps to the 32 pounders out of plastic.
Added eyebolts and KG Crest.

60 done for the lower and middle decks.
Lower gun has the flintlock trigger from Dafi's etch, plus the KG motif on the barrel.

More soon.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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Well time to show the inners of the hull to get the right thickness.
I used evergreen plastic and maple wood for the inside planking.

At the same time worked on the lower deck planking
This deck come's in two parts, glued both together.
The planking is wrong as the joins should be three to four planks apart.
My first mistake, till I took advice, but as its a deck you will not see I will put it down to learning about planking.

Finished deck, then its test fit to hull.

Note the maple fitted to lower deck.

Next was spraying a primer for plastic and brass.
Drilled- cut out the two for'd windows.

Seems the primer is good for resin too.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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very interesting build indeed.  I built this kit "one generation " ago,and there were no detailing sets available by then.  Maybe the mouldings were new and a little crisper than they are now.


There are two things that I regretted then.  The first one was the missing admiral entry port. But as plastic ship model authority Mr J.B. Tilley stated in his review: "it is not clear if there was such an entry port in Nelson's time.  But still...  I can see you cut out the entry port from the hull, but cannot see any reference to a replacement item.  Have you been able to find that quite elaborate item?


Second regret is that I definitely should have replaced the flying jib boom by a metal item, as the kit item is by far too week to carry all the lines and sails that it should have.


Looking forward to follow up your build!



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Thank you JP and Wayne.
JP yes there is a resin set of the entry port by Dafi .
Picture from Dafi's build, with his kind permission.
Showing the set, you get two sets plus the crown and wreath above the entrance.
Hope to show later in the build.


You are right on the jib boom, that will be in brass.


foxy :piratebo5:

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Next comes the detailing of the lower deck, with Dafi's excellent pictures of his work on this deck has helped me. plus he sent with the etch some seconds he built, but to him were under par for his work.
To me they were just what I was looking for, the capstans I used but made the riding bitts ,main pump from evergreen plastic.
Here shows the main and jeer capstons, these saved me a lot of work I can tell you.
Next it was making the riding bits.
Sandwiched two pieces of evergreen together to make the thickness.


Measured up and finished with the bits.

Next in turn were the main pumps all located on this deck.

Once I had these items done it was the turn of the hatch's gangway's , These again had to be scratch built using evergreen plastic.
Used dafi's etch grills at this stage for some of the hatch's.
Later I cut out the gangway's to fit ladders.


Very Important at this stage to make sure all line's up, masts/ hatchs and capstans, being that there are two capstans, one on lower and one on middle deck which could be used as single or together.


So next it will be the masts.
Foxy :piratebo5:

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So now to the masts.

Added bras rod to the centre's of fore/main and mizzen masts.
Not really ness, but for strength I went ahead and did this.

Next it was the rings around masts, they were not sharp enuff I thought, so sanded and replaced with slaters plastic strips.

These were painted black Using admiralty Paints(water based).



Will add more later for other decks as I go along.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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You have been doing this beautifully. I have the same kit and am also hoping to use wood for the decks. However you have the shift of butts only one plank apart on your decks. They shoud be three or four planks apart on Victory. I think this is clearly shown in the Anatomy of the Ship volume of the Victory and on http://shipmodeling.net/vb_forum/thread2959-Notes--False-Butts-on-a-Planking-.html


Best wishes,



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Thanks Keith and Mike.


Yes your right Mike.

First ship with a wood deck be it plastic in the main.


Did this before reading the AoV, copied the Heller plastic deck, but will sort on the upper , quarter decks plus not for getting poop deck.


Hope the detail will hide most of the wrong doing  :(  as this deck will be hidden.


As you see I have all the right books now :cheers:


foxy :piratebo5:

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Moving on from the last pictures of the mast's, now I can test fit as I go along.

Then its back to the lower deck.
Hanging knees was the next thing, using coffee sticks I acquired from my visit to California last year.
After painting white, fixed with PVA to existing wood sides and painted all white.


Both sides done, its on to decking out this deck.


More soon me thinks.

Foxy :piratebo5:


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Next it was the bumble bee effect, or chequered pattern .for this I used Life color paints for the dark and Admil paints for the yellow.





Then a coat of matt varnish to seal.


Working on the lower deck I made some false boxes for the orlop steps.




Added steps later.




foxy :piratebo5:

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While working on different items as I go along, I found some very nice steering wheels from RBmodels.
Brass they are and fit the bill for my build.

Come in kit form but fit together like a glove.


Also in the pursuit of realism moved to the upper works which have brass inserts, these were not square, so some plastic filler was ness.


After removing struts and sanding/replacing struts the shape was better after some coats of paint .

At the same time started on the partitions that I felt the detail was not enuff.
Added Dafi's etch window frames at this time.

Paint used to complete these.
Sorry about the clutter in the last picture.
More soon me thinks.

foxy :piratebo5:

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I understand you are trying to make the ship look sexier than what the kit offers.  May I make a suggestion then?  Your hull coppering.  If I remember well, I used a mix of antique bronze as a base colour, diluted dark brown as a wash, and light touches of bronze dry brushed.  The result comes pretty close to the coppering seen on Cutty Sark (before the fire) (and surely not like the ugly paint that has now been applied to the underside of  Victory)


Happy modelling



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Thanks JP. yes that is very usefull and will have a go. just painted and sealed while I get on with other things handling the ship. Will come back to that later.


Lots of little items on the go.

Making the bilge pumps, used dafi's etch and some scratch items.






Note double blocks also being made,' got to keep busy you know'.


Painted main pumps and placed.

Found the heads were to small in scale ,so rebuilt them.




Next it was the channels these from Daniels experience need widening at the bow end by at least 3mm.


I added for all of them, but was put right by Daniel on this.

Here's my mistake, but put right now,'Phew'.


Next was to build the tiller.


Using evergreen plastic, Dafi's eye bolts and Syren blocks.





They work too.

The blocks that is, but will not once fitted.


More soon.


foxy :piratebo5:

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Hi Keith.
Not sure yet, if I do it will be on the middle deck, the lower gun ports will be closed after lots of debating on this part of the build.
Having pictures of the progress and enjoying all of the aspects so far, also to stop any damage as the bulge at this point of the ship makes it easy to course a mishap.
The base was next to sit the ship safely.
A friend of mine who makes things out of wood( bowls etc) has come up with a very nice piece of wood,''at a very good price too'.
The supports are from the kit and just sprayed.

Next I worked on the bow end with manger and messenger posts in place, will be using Syren ropes for this part from the main capstan through the bits to the hawser exit point.
Also roping the guns at this stage for the 32 pdrs.
Fitted one end dafi's etch parts.
To line the ropes up I made a jig.
Out of odd plastic bits and clamped to the table to work on.
The 32 pounders ready to place on board.

Made more support posts to make up the pillers holding the next level, this simply with a vice and dremel.

 Some of the other items  for the decks.

You will also note that I am using brass and plastic for the cross supports, the one's that come with the kit are more than useless with this type of build.
More soon.

foxy :piratebo5:

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Love what you are doing and to be honest - you are beyond just using some etch parts, you developed your own style :-)


Nicely to be seen on the parts that I did not touch myself! 


Just one thing - do think twice about using the thinner plastic spars, especially on the bows. Here is a comparison in between the Heller spar and a wooden one of the same diameter.






Cheers, Daniel

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I would have to agree with Dafi.  Try to replace all the thin plastic spars you can.  They will be very flimsy and if it gets warm watch out.  Many years ago I saw a model of the Revell Cutty that was done extremely well.  Unfortunately the case was left near a window.  We went out for the day and when we got back half the spars had been rendered useless.

David B

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Thanks Daniel and David.
That is very timely, I have for the bowsprit kept the plastic bottom half and used brass for the main spars here.
No picture as I have already sprayed them.
As for the main upper and royals, that is something I will be changing from plastic to wood, was going for brass, but now I have my lathe it will be a lot easier in wood.
Will be doing the upper spars in wood.



Thanks again for the timely words, will strip this part down and put wood/brass for this section.

Brass at top and plastic bottom, will strip out the plastic bottom half and substitute for wood.

Ordered some from Cornwall Model Boats, just up the road from me.

foxy :piratebo5:

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Right added most of the centre items and guns on the lower deck.

Bow end.
Then test fitted the middle deck to line up with the lower deck.
This with a bit of weight to make sure all seated well.
Also lined up loose the next deck gratings and capstans, plus the masts,(very Important).
Loose fitted the poop deck to check fit.
Also added the siren messenger and bowser ropes.


Very pleased with it so far.

Foxy :piratebo5:

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