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Lennox by Omega1234 - 17th Century Warship SMALL 1/192 or 29 cms long - Finished

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Hello everyone. Although my model of the 17th Century 70 gun Restoration Warship, Lennox, was completed in mid 2013, I've decided to do this build log for two reasons, one for instructive purposes (to show how NOT to do things) and secondly, as a means to offer the plans to anyone who's interested (first come, first serve). If you are interested in the plans, then pls let me know.


About the model: The model is built in Admiralty style, with large parts of the hull cutaway and deck exposed so that the interior work can be viewed. The hull is approximately 29 cms long, or 36 cm including the bowsprit. For the sake of clarity, I'll include photos starting from the bare framed hull, through to the finished model over a series of build logs.


Hope you enjoy. Comments and feedback welcomed as always.


The first photos start with the framed hull and further progress on the internal structures will appear in the following build logs.










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Hi Jan. Thanks and phew! I felt a bit silly after making that error in the title. The original plans were 1/48. I then had to have them professionally reduced to 1/192, which was the size that I eventually built it to.


Thanks and all the best. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the photos tomorrow.

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Hi all. Thanks to all for the Likes so far! Here are some more photos. These are mainly of the decks and bulkheads, etc. Future build logs will show the masts, bowsprit, figurehead, gold decorative work and the rigging (which I must admit, is the thing I enjoy the least and regularly stuff up the most!!). Anyhow, pls enjoy these photos first.











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This is a wonderful little model Omega1234 B) Having built the Airfix Prince many,many moons ago,I can appreciate how small,small actually is :D When it comes to wood,I think 1/72 is about as small as I dare go :huh: I do have Richard Ensor's fabulous book and recommend it to anyone who wants to add another to their library.


Kind Regards



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Hi Druxey, Hexnut, Mark, Elmer and Nigel for visiting and for your likes and comments. Nigel, I have been following your work and your current build is fantastic. I love the idea of using ebony, which is seldom used in models. I also have Richard's book and was able to correspond with him a few times. His plans are really masterfully done and of course, the book has so much information in it; that surely makes building the model all the more pleasurable.


Bob - thanks for stopping by. I'll measure the frame width and let you know.


Jan - In the past, I used wire in my previous model of the Bounty and nylon twine in the Victory, but as rigging material, they both didn't look too good, nor did I find them easy to use. For Lennox, my wife found some bead thread in the local jewellery/sewing shop, which I used. It's much better.


Nils- many thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I'm learning to do things better with each model. As I said, I regulalrly stuff the rigging up, mainly because I have no idea what I'm doing! It's a bit like organised confusion, to me, really!!


All the best everyone and thanks for following. I'll post more photos later, as well as getting back to you, Bob, with the measurement of the frames.

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Hi everyone. As promised, here's some more photos of Lennox. Please don't laugh at my attempt at making the figurehead which was supposed to be a regal looking lion. Kinda turned out like Kermit the Frog!!! Oh well...at least it's original! I did say that I've still got a long way to go in catching up to some of you guys out there, especially in terms of carving and moulding, etc, etc, etc!


Hope you enjoy the photos.














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Hi Jan. Thanks. The "carvings' are actually an artist' modelling paste which is used by oil-painters to get 3D type effects on canvas, eg, waves, flower petals, etc. once applied and left to dry, it dries rock hard and can be painted and sanded. There's probably much better options out there, but, it works for me.


The 'gold' is Humbrol gloss enamel paint.


Glad you like it.


All the best!


Hi Mark. Thanks for the compliment, but it's just an average sized watch.


All the best!

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Hi Druxey and Michael.  Thanks, once again.  


Michael, your comments and feedback are always appreciated.  Seeing what you're doing with your Cutter is truly inspirational and, need I say, spurs me onto learn and try new things. 


Druxey-You raised a good point about Kermit.  There is a master modeller by the name of Brian King out there (I've seen a few of his books, e.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Ship-Modelling-Bryan-King/dp/1854861972 ), who builds incredibly detailed warship models.  


In one of his books, he says that it is not as important to replicate everything at tiny scales.  In fact, it is more important to make it in such a way that, to the naked untrained eye, 'it resembles the real thing' closely enough to fool them into thinking that it was far more difficult and intricate than it really is. So, taking his comments and advice on board, Kermit sort of looks like a regal lion with a crown on his head!!!!!!


Thanks for your comments.


All the best!

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Hi all. One of my original purposes for doing this build-log was to freely offer the plans for Lennox to anyone who wants them. First come, first served. I no longer need the plans and they only take up rooom in my house. The 1/48 scale plans were ordered from Richard Endsor, author of the beautifully detailed book, Lennox, 17 th Century Restoration warship.


So, if you're interested in obtaining my set of plans, pls say so and I will post them to you!!

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Thanks Nigel. I totally understand what you're saying. Models as complex as these are labours of love, so I know that your hands are full at the moment. Mine took 3 years, even at such a small scale.


I'm sure that someone will stick their hands up.



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Hi everyone


As promised, here are the photos of Lennox's rigging. I'm pretty confident that I made more than just a few mistakes in the rigging. Nevertheless, at least I tried to make the rigging look as realistic as possible. In fact, if you were to look at it from far away, (let's say, a few metres away(!)) LOL, it actually looks passable. It's only when you look close up, that the purists would shudder....oh well, I did warn you!


The next build log will be the final log, featuring the ship on its display stand.


All the best!














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