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  2. Hi All

    Welcome Pavel, I also am a newbie that luckily landed in the right place. I have been a member of many forums for other hobbies (of which the admiral says I have too many). But I have never been among a more helpful talented group of people. Good luck and be sure to post your builds so we can all learn together.
  3. HMS Surprise

    Thank all of you for the help. Vic
  4. As a moderator, I have to go through the same motions to delete a topic that members do. I can vouch that there is in fact a warning advisory before you hit the final delete key. And I do, in fact, double check to make sure that I am deleting something I actually intend to delete. We all have to work within the limits of our software, members and staff alike. So as Sgt. Esterhaus used to say at the beginning of every Hill Street Blues episode: "Let's be careful out there."
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I got a check from my former mortgage company. Apparently I was ahead on my escrow. How much you ask? $0.01 I kid you not! Void after 90 days.
  6. finished06.jpg

    Wow! Very impressive.
  7. I just got a new listing of towboat and riverboat plans available from John Fryant of Paddlewheels & Props. He now has the Alan Bates plans available - I was worried that these plans were lost to us when Alan died. I thought I would share them with the other riverboat fans. Kurt PADDLE WHEEL - PROPS - FRYANTS- PRICE LIST 11-17.pdf
  8. Hi Allan; Thanks for the info. I will see if I can get a look at this once the plans archive is accessible again (it's shut at the moment while the storage area is re-built) Concerning beam arms, nothing I have been able to find is any earlier than your draught. Everything from the Restoration era neither mentions nor shows beam arms. All the best, Mark P
  9. Yesterday
  10. What have you received today?

    Good advice Ken. I had a quick look this evening and all looks well. One thing about Model Shipways is that they always make good on their product.
  11. Hi All

    Hello Pavel, and a warm welcome to the forum from 'Down Under'. John
  12. I have also had this happen to me. The first time,it was completely my error by hitting the delete button. I assumed when I did this that I was just deleting the post I was writing and not the whole log. Luckily for me, Chuck and Dirk were able to retrieve it for me. The second time this happened, while I was on the forum reading and adding to other member posts, I had not been to my build site. I had been fairing the Confederacy and had nothing to add to my log during this process. When I eventually went to do some updates to my log, it was gone......I had no interaction with the log in anyway when this happened. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it was missing it was too late to be retrieved. So my concern is that the problem is a little deeper than careless operation. I haven't decided to reconstruct my log yet because of this issue.
  13. Hi All, I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this into, but it seems to be the most appropriate of all the options I'm given. I am fairly new to it, about halfway through my third build (AL HMS Endeavour's Longoat - AL Virginia - OccRe Dos Amigos) - and since I've been terribly nice, I am hoping Santa will give me a bigger kit. The question is, which one. I always wanted to do a Cutty Sark - predominantly because of its history - so I wonder if anyone has had any experience with Billing Boats' one? I found AL kits generally great, were it not for instructions. OccRe's instructions are much better, but the wood, especially the ply, is waaaay inferior (well, terrible, in fact). The good thing is that I am learning from the experience, and from my own mistakes, and it's going well, and I am loving it. But I am quite cautious about paying 300 pounds for a kit from a make I don't know much about; the reviews of other ships seem to be mixed. So, what do you think? What about the instructions, the quality of the wood an other bits, and the completeness of the kit? Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards, RPaul
  14. Hi All

  15. Hi All

    Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I'm Pavel, I am from Lancaster, England. New to the hobby - been sailing for a while and all that, plus messing around with Airfix, but about three months ago I got into wooden models, and got hooked. I always knew I'd love it. You can take a boy out of a boat, but you can't take a boat out of a boy. Not without serious surgery. So far, I've done AL's HMS Endeavour's Longboat and Virginia Schooner, and about halfway through OCCRE's Dos Amigos. Hoping to finish the latter by Xmas, and to get on with a proper long build. Just as an aside, I have to say I'm really glad to see such a community - I've trawled though the forum, and it's amazing how supportive and helpful the members are. Hope I'll fit in Looking forward to being part of it, Pavel
  16. Mark, It is the Hampton Court, 1709 Allan
  17. Ron I looked for a Norske Love to get a better idea on the year, but cannot find a Norske love from the 17th Century. I found two from the 18th century including the Norske Love 1765 kit by Billings. If this is your model, any information from 17th century ships I gave may be inappropriate for such an 18th century ship. The information I have is for a British ship not a Scandinavian ship so may be off anyway. Regardless, here goes if anyone is interested in an English ship from the late 17th century...... I cannot find if the following are based on contempary drawings, scantlings, documents or the wreck, but looking at the deck plans for Lenox in The Restoration Warship, the planks for the gundeck are 14" wide at midships. The upper deck about 11.5" at midships. The lengths vary but are about 30 feet long. The shift shown is a 3 butt pattern for the most part. The Orlop deck planks do not shift as they are laid on the recess cut into the top edges of the beams and all appear to be about 12" wide. Quarter deck and poop deck planks appear to be 9" wide at their respective forward ends and taper to about 6" at the aft end. The taper will depend on the athwartships dimension differences at each end. The forecastle planks are 9" wide at their aft end and taper appropriately. There is no joggling of planks on these three decks. There is no appearance of anchor stock planking on the outboard planks of the gun decks as found in later periods. The Norske Love could very well have had anchor stock planking on the outboard 3 or 4 strakes. Allan
  18. Just giving this a bump as a few folks have been deleting their topics in error recently. Note that the screen shots are older and we have actually just added some extra text to them to give the delete button more emphasis. For example....it now says "DELETE-Be Careful" and then you presented with a warning question. " Are you really really sure....this will delete your entire topic......please check what you are doing". Or something like that.
  19. It was a Russian spammer.....spammers have started doing this rather than post a normal topic or reply. whenever this happens please let us know immediately as there is no way for us to really see when some posts to your profile feed. Only you can see that. I have however deleted the link and permanently banned the Russian spammer. Chuck
  20. I sometimes agree....BUT we are limited to what we can switch on and switch off. If we turn off the ability for members to delete their own topics, then they will also not be able to delete their posts. So any posts made in error which you may want to delete would have to be done by a moderator. On the flip side...there are countless other members who want to have the ability to delete their own content. There are plenty of fail safes involved as well. When you delete a post or a topic it goes to a temp trash bin and remains there for I believe one month maybe more before it is ultimately deleted for good. That should give each member plenty of time to realize that it is gone and ask us to restore it. There only seem to be a small handful of members who accidently delete their stuff. Maybe a half dozen and unfortunately they seem to do this over and over again despite being made aware of the dangers and how the site works. I would think it unfair to the 99.9% of other members who want this feature to remove it because a small handful of others cant seem to get accustomed to it. Just my opinion. And I dont mean to pick on GL because I understand this does happen. I understand that some folks are just not as computer savvy as others. Its nothing to be embarrassed about. And we dont and wont treat folks with different levels of computer skills differently or hold it against them. But I believe this is the third or maybe even the fourth time GL has deleted this very same topic. Unfortunately I can not turn off this feature on a member by member basis. That would of course be the best functionality to have. But it is not available I am afraid. My advice for now is to be very careful with the button that says "DELETE" and right next to it, it also says "BE VERY CAREFUL".
  21. HMS Surprise

    Tower is a very reliable vendor. Had a problem with paint once and they replaced defective item. I have also ordered from HobbyLinc and they seem good also.
  22. Perhaps deletion of a log should not be an option available to us. Might be best done by a moderator.
  23. Didnt you delete this log a few months ago as well by accident. You must have done so again....but it looks like it was so long ago that it is no longer there to be restored. Please note folks that you must let us know ASAP when a topic cant be found. There is a time period that these are kept in purgatory before going to the other side forever. I dont think this one is going to be restored....sorry. Chuck
  24. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    If it helps, if you go to the Navy Board Models facebook page and do a search for the Duc De Duras (The merchant ship that the BR was converted into) there is a very nice model shared showing 120 pictures of a 1/36 scale Duc De Duras. This incidentally also shows a Lion Figurehead
  25. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    I scrounged through my containers of miscellaneous ship fittings and parts and found a pair of cast metal quarter galleries that, after some modification, fit in the area at the stern of the monogram kit. They are nowhere near correct as far as the Bonhomme Richard is concerned but they present a better appearance than the kit decals would have. To make the stern more accurate would require removing the stern aft of the rearmost gunports and above the waterline and then scratch building the stern with new quarter galleries and transom. That would lead to having to correct the other gross errors, mainly the med deck area and adding at least part of the gun deck below. I don't have the talent to do such a project, and if I did, I would probably just build the whole model from scratch. So, I will have to settle for having a hopefully nice model of an 18th century armed merchantman. I think instead, for now, I will concentrate on other projects and maybe build the Aurora Wanderer Whaler. It may not be accurate either but, at least, it looks like a whaler. Included are two images, before and after of the replaced stern quarter galleries.
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