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  1. Welcome!
  2. Glad you are going to continue and hope to see the thread soon. One of the things I have to continually remind myself of is here on MSW strict amateurs (like me) are rubbing shoulders with the greats. MSW has some of the best modelers on the planet participating here. It is like being on a basketball forum and having daily interactions with Jordan, LeBron, Abdul'Jabar etc. It's like talking to Phelps, Lochte, Thorpe, or Hosszu every day on a swim forum. It's like being on a music forum with Dion, Rihanna, McCartney etc. I have to reign in my expectations for myself while appreciating the (for lack of a better word) awesomeness of our fellow members here. Each day is more inspiration to learn more and get better. One day (maybe 20-30 years from now) someone may look at my work like I see this, this, this, and especially this (if you are interested in the Constitution) just to point out a few. There are so many more. MSW is such a great place to ask questions and learn new skills. Have fun!!!
  3. I also put my vote in for continuing with this current build. There are so many great suppliers now that rope and wood stock to complete the build should be fairly easy and not too expensive. As Bill says Syren is great for rope and blocks and there are a few excellent would sources around these days.
  4. What I did at a much bigger scale was to print out the image/words onto rice/calligraphy paper then wet it out with dilute glue and you get a pretty good image. Used a few different types of rice paper, tissue paper, calligraphy paper until I found the correct weight of paper. Then I taped it to a regular piece of white paper and stuck it in my inkjet printer. I found that printing the image "reversed" worked better. I used a scalpel to cut it out as close to the ink as I could. Having the reversed image allows the ink to be on the wood and underneath the paper. After wetting it out with the dilute glue the rice paper disappears and is barely visible. Depending on how close you cut it the edges are not really that noticeable. You can still see the edges if looking very closely so I am not sure how it would come out at such a small scale. Will definitely bookmark the letter site for future reference.
  5. I cannot believe the unbelievable price of this book on Amazon, Abe books, or eBay.
  6. Welcome again!
  7. Welcome! For a great idea of what a Lumberyard kit entails you can check out the build log of the Schooner Halifax by Rafine. There are a few other lumberyard wood package logs around here as well.
  8. Welcome Don. Please start a build log in the kit section and ask away. There are many here who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I'm sure someone around here has built this in the past.
  9. Wonderful model in a great case.
  10. I have this kit and am also thinking of replacing the supplied carriages with some type of wood. Not sure why they would be cast (using term loosely) metal.