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  1.  Happy birthday.  Mine was the 18th...good times 

  2. This is really shaping up to be a wonderful project and seeing such beautiful work is inspiring. I love watching this come together.
  3. I agree many are really nicely finished, true works of art. I used WR-LPU (the water reducible linear polyurethane) as the regular spar varnish would of taken much longer as each coat has to dry for 24 hrs then you sand in between. The LPU dries in about an hour and then you can just coat it up. I have a friend who has built a few kayaks,canoes, and dingys and his solution the the "I don't want to mess up that nice finish" problem is..... "Get a glass of your favorite Scotch. Drink it it while admiring all your glorious work and contemplating how long this took and how much you learned during your journey. When finished with the drink put the glass down, take a deep breath....and push the boat off the sawhorses and let it crash to the ground.... Now it has a few scratches and you will not feel bad about using it as intended"
  4. This is really wonderful. It is a great feeling the first time you get out on the water in something you built. I was so nervous the first time I took out my Murrelet (build summary in my sig) that I almost fell in the water trying not to scratch it up. Got over that pretty quick.
  5. Dave this looks really great especially with the contrasting colours.
  6. Absolutely beautiful! It has been a true pleasure to see your progress and follow along. Le Gros Ventre is an unusual subject that we don't see too often around here so will be looking forward to that project.
  7. Exactly. Every time I see this done I think “I can do that” and every time I try to do that I think “I cannot do that” 😳
  8. I have ordered many books from them and have had a few minor issues with the electronic orders. I do not get a conformation email just after ordering. The first time this happened I ended up calling them and the order was processing correctly just not giving me a confirmation email. Since then I order and wait and it always shows up pretty quickly. It is weird not getting any confirmation but it seems to work and I always need to work on my patience. I also received a double order once and called and got it straightened out easy enough to get the extra books returned. It was easy to call them they were very nice on the phone. (Not sure how that would apply to overseas calls) I have not emailed them before so don't know how well that way works. Overall I am very appreciative that we have such a great publisher available for our hobby.
  9. I like the case. How do you like the black base? Is it too shiny? It seems to reflect quite a bit.

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