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  1. Sad to see any print pub go under. I am looking forward to the expanded Journal though.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I put my life in the hands of my 15yo and his learners permit. He drove around a parking lot a bunch practicing starting stopping turning parking etc. We finished off by having him drive home about 3 miles or so..... Definitely a few more grey hairs...
  3. Sorry been traveling last couple days and was just able to check my hardback copy and it has the same problem. Table only has 2 of the second page and not the first part.
  4. Looking forward to this. I learned so much during the last one (on the headworks) and it was great to meet fellow modelers.
  5. Excellent thoughts! Thanks. Would like to hear/see more of these.
  6. Not sure about how many pages but the shop notes number two is about an inch thick. Shop notes number one is a little bit thinner.
  7. When I visited the NMM back in '07 I saw the display of his uniform and could not believe how small it was. I probably could of worn it when I was 11 or 12 but 1.69m about 5foot 5inches is now considered pretty small. It is amazing how big people have gotten since then.
  8. Hello from Central Ohio

    Another warm welcome from Ohio. It’s good to know the Columbus group is active and (reasonably) close. 😁
  9. Hello from Ohio

    Welcome Keith!
  10. Sprung yards

    Just a guess but that looks like it twisted apart. As a guess maybe the piece was spinning too fast and or whatever you were using to shape it either the tool or sandpaper was putting to much pressure on the wood. Slowing down the speed and or going with a much lighter touch may help.
  11. Wonder what this is?

    I think these are two different models. The first one up top looks like it has three decks going all the way down the length of the hull and this one looks like the front half of the ship is a lot smaller. Certainly creative.
  12. If you used regular PVA type (titebond/weld bond/Elmer’s glue) it should come apart quite easily with soaking the joint in isopropyl alcohol. If you used superglue/CA then I have no idea.

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