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  1. Thank you Chris. It definitely feels fast. Carves a great turn as well. The water is still too cold to see how she rolls but I am looking forward to getting some upside down time #Qajaq
  2. I am stepping up my tool game big time
  3. You should always watch Amazon as well. I was able to pick up a used copy of volume one of the 74 gun ship for only $16 a little bit ago .
  4. Thanks for the tips. I finally got back home and was able to find some of the tools I have. One set is a small <palm> carvers which someone gave me years ago. They are definitely lowest quality though. I am going to try to see if I can sharpen them up a bit though. I can feel the pits in the blades. The little metal collars are also loose on half of them. Much different than the surgical instruments I am used to using. I also have these that I bough many years ago but never opened.
  5. I don't think it was cancelled but I think it came to the inevitable conclusion. Here in the states they just wrapped it up and the story for all intents and purposes is done. The last season had some issues but overall I really enjoyed it.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I am going to learn how to sharpen the regular tools although the cost of the surgical scalpel blades I use I am just going to recycle/trash them.
  7. One thing is for certain, I need to work on the small tight curves. Once again the camera takes what appears nice with the naked eye and exposes all the flaws.
  8. While visiting my father in Baltimore to see my uncle who lives in Sydney, Australia I found out the uncle wanted to go see the Naval Academy. Of course it's one of my favorite places. I have been there many times but it was really nice to see it with someone who has never been. He has been asking my what I do and was a great opportunity to show him the museum there. We all live in this world and although constantly amazed by the works of our members here on MSW, it's nice to see through the eyes of someone with no experience/expectations.
  9. Browsing MSW😁 Also, thinking about current build, thinking about future builds, thinking about other people builds, reading modeling books....etc etc etc
  10. I also got a chance to see some real carvings today as my uncle from Sydney was in town visitng and wanted to drive down and see the Naval Academy. Of course I had to show him Preble Hall. As always very impressive. Maybe future projects....... Galley Washington and a Swan class
  11. I have both the xacto blades as well as scalpel and much prefer a regular scalpel handle. I can never seem to get the blades tightened down in the xacto handle. I do also have some "micro chisels" I bought a few years ago and will try them out when I get home. My concern would be learning how to sharpen them.
  12. Thanks, I am going to try that on the next one. I was going to attempt the small one with a flower next. This is my first try at such a small scale and even seeing the grain is a bit tough. Maybe it's time to finally accept my fate as an aging middle aged man who needs to explore the wonders of bifocals/magnifying glasses...
  13. Sorry about the iPhone pictures but I figure this is a better use of time than watching bad television here. I see where the cuts look a bit blocky and am going to try to clean em up.
  14. I have been traveling a bit recently and just realized I could take this in my checked bags so I brought it on my current trip. To the unaided eye it looks pretty good. The magnified photo shows all the warts... I didn't bring any sandpaper or files with me but I plan to try to smooth it out when I get home.
  15. How about one of the original authors in this genre Frederick Marryat. Who actually served during the war in the British Royal Navy. Mr Midshipman Easy was written in 1836 and is pretty funny to read. Can be found here at Project Gutenberg. Because this was written in the early 1800s the writing style is...different to say the least. Many other books of his are also available for free as well.