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  1. Pic 1

    Beautiful job, smarinid! I noticed a few improvements you made over my version. Very nice! Ron
  2. IMG 0766

    Thanks for posting these again, Clay. You're the source for historic accuracy!! I hadn't noticed the chains in this photo. Are they for the main yard support (jeers?). I can't quite tell. So many great details! Ron
  3. Thanks, Elia. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at your model. I think my current favorite shot is the stern quarter view. Just beautiful. Ron
  4. John Alden Sloop

    Circa 1930-1940 small yacht. Midwest Kit. The kit was altered with better scale blocks, rigging line, and miscellaneous details. Instead of a sloop rig with sails, the model was built as a gaff rig without sails.