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popeye the sailor

Revell "Revellution" funny car - 1:16 scale by Popeye the Sailor

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Hi Denis


I’m just catching up and wow, there’ve been some ups and downs from what I can see, but, boy, you pulled it off beautifully.


Impressive, to say the least!





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I know J...........I finally got done with the work week.  I should be able to put the finishing touches on her  :) 


thanks Patrick.......far cry from what I did with the English Leather,  I can tell ya that! ;)    I did a lot more painting on this car.   I was also able to figure out things that my feeble mind couldn't back then.  with luck,  I should have it finished tomorrow

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sorry to say........snow was the word of the day over here.   I didn't do much on the car,  although I'm beginning to wish I hadn't decided to .......well,  you'll see it soon enough ;)    last night the sidewalk plow went by and practically closed off the driveway.......so this morning I was out there again,  doing hard labor.   the boulders were so big,  I felt like I was working on a chain gang!   ...making small rocks from large boulders.


once I got back in the house and caught my breath,  I began to tinker....threading a very stubby piece of black hose onto a piece of wire.   shaping it,  it gave me the makings of the pull handle for the chute :) 


the support bars for the body have already been painted aluminum.   I had decided to run the cable from the roof.    getting a good idea of how long the cable needs to be,  it was cut to length,  a hole was drilled through the cockpit shroud,  and the cable was fed through it.  it was then fastened in place with some brass brackets that I had made for another of my projects........worked well here.


the main part of the pull handle was painted silver......the grab handle part was left black.   it was a bit of a pain to thread the pull handle into the tubing.......but once that was done,  the brackets and around them was touched up in the flat gray.   putting the body on the car,  I tried to get a picture her........it's not very good :( 


all it shows me,  is that I need to touch up around the window again {'cuz I keep pick'in up the body by the roof}.   here is another unflattering picture.


here's a better one.........I'll try and get a better one once the car is finished ;) 


next up.........the brake lever / master cylinder....and plumbing.   I need to do some various touch ups too.

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the master cylinder it is  ;) .........the first order of business though is the tubing.   it's kinda bundled up behind the seat.......I need to get it so it will straighten out.   stuffing wire in as far as it would go,  it was trimmed off,  and then pushed in further with a pick.   bending it now was very easy to do.


the master cylinder assembly was cemented in place........of course,  the lever had to break in the middle.   I fixed it though....touch it up later.   when dry,  the hose was bent to fit.......it was fashioned to meet the pin on the master cylinder.


it was attached with a touch of super glue.


the next area to finish up is the oil filter....I think there is one other hose too......when these are done, the model will be done  :) 


note the hoses coming from the fuel tank......they were the ones that were causing the body to not want to sit fully on the chassis.......they are squashed down now ;) .......the few days with the body in place paid off!.   around the seat needed to be touched up as well.   the flat black paint has too much thinner in it........the common solution.......remove some.   what I do.........by now,  it has set and separated from sitting around these past few days........I just stuck a rolled up piece of paper towel in the bottle and let some of the thinner soak into the towel.  after a few times,  the level has gone down enough where I can mix the paint.   it's still a dead pan sheen,  but the coverage is much better.


there are no more plastic parts for the model.......do the last connections and the car is finished.  I will try and do this today......

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