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  1. Yes. And I will be glad to help. In fact Russian is close to my native language.
  2. Happy New Year to you too!!! All the best to you and all your familly and friends!!! Somewhere in your post you mantioned that you`ll be glad if you make somebody start in this wonderfull hobby, well I`ll let you know that you and this beautiful model you`re making(I`m definatlly going to find it and make it my first wooden ship), and all the great modellers on this great site made me take out my old plastic Tirpitz and start working on her again. Thank You!
  3. The arrows are very helpful, espacially for the non-english speaking ones. Thank you for posting!!!
  4. Just by looking at the pictures (and I am no specialist at all), it seems to me that the painted roof separates the quartergallery from the friese, while the natural one makes it part of it. I think that the most distinguishing feature of this ship is the friese, so I vote for the natural one.
  5. do you have any distributers in Bulgaria

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