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VOLVO 65 FARR YACHT DESIGN By Pete48 Scale : 1/4" = 1' - 0" - Finished

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After a lot of contemplation, I decided that I would start work on the Most current Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 Farr Yacht Designed Volvo 65. I am building her in a 1/4" = 1' - 0" Scale . I started researching this build while building the Volvo open 70 ( completed in the Gallery ) I started Cutting out frames and building jig while I waited for the Varnish to dry on The Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 ftr. I was hoping to have started this build sooner , However here we are , I have not decided at this point whether to build her static or let her free sail. I do have plans to build a larger boat that will be RC. Here are the drawings for the boat, wich I will be using for the graphics and colors





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Today, I started by adding the Deck Clamps to the Frames, Then I faired the Frames, at that point I realized that I needed to add the Keel slot and box ( to house the Keel ) Then finished Fairing the Frames, Next will be to plank the Hull. So far so good , she is coming out right on the money. Here are the results




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Today, I started by finishing fairing the Frames. While I was fairing the Frames, I soaked the Balsa sheets in rubbing alcohol ( 3 hours )This will make the Balsa more pliable  , and easier to bend ( Alcohol also dries quicker than water , making the material ready to use faster ) . After that I started by planking the sides of the Hull, faired the sides to match the frames, then planked the bottom of the Hull. I then cut out the Keel slot and started to fair the bottom to the sides of the Hull. It is just a rough fairing at this point. Next will be to finish the Fairing , and seal up the Hull ( I will use Epifanes Varnish for this Process ) Here are the results





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Thank you Mark , I Like the lines of this one as well , as far as Racing boats goes, I think the Farr designs are some of the best ( in the modern era ) 


Hey Patrick, There is no trick to the Balsa, I sand with the grain starting with 320 grit sand paper ( very lightly ) I guess the trick is going slow


Thanks Jay, Glad to see you here, I am building her as a static model, so no need to use the West System on this one . I was thinking about it this morning and I will probably just seal up the Hull by Brush coating Titebond 3 ( wich is water proof ) that should do the trick


Best Regards,



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Today, After completing the Varnish on the Herreshoff, I turned my attention to finishing the fairing of the Hull. I started where I left off with 320 grit sandpaper and worked my way up to 600 grit. after I got her close I brushed on a coat of Titebond 3 glue to the entire outside of the Hull. and of course This Hull design would make a great canidate for a sailing version ( just bump the scale from 1/4" to 1/2" Scale) in any event , the next step will be to sand with 400 grit and fill in a few voids and repeat the process and she will be ready to be removed from the Jig. Here are the results




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Today, I started the day by fairing the hull, wich proved to be more dificult than I had originally thought. I figured that it would take "maybe" a few hours, it ended up taking all day . I got her close and sprayed a coat of flat white on the Hull . ( I figured that the lines can be seen more easily ) next will be to get a final fairing and remove the Hull from the building jig. Here are the results




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Well it worked, Painting the Hull Flat White did the trick , I was able to get the Hull faired more easily  ( it reminded me of my Racing days , I would Fair the Keel on a regular basis especially before a race ) I then removed the Hull from the building Jig. then got the Building Jig cleaned up and ready to build the next one. Next will be to lay out the Deck and get it cutout and attached to the Hull. Here are the results




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After completing the Varnishing on the Buzzards Bay ( for the day ) I started by sanding the top of the hull flush with the Deck Clamp. I then turned my attention to laying out the deck the Bass wood sheet is only 4" wide so I will have to scarf on the remainder. ( I left off the forward Bow section of the deck to allow for the proper fitting of the bowsprit)The next step will be to cut out the stations to allow the Cockpit floor to be installed, adding the Mast step and setting the deck camber . Here are the results




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