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I learned a lesson a few years ago that it is very dangerous to lean in too close to the work bench.  There are too many things standing up from the surface that you might not notice because your focus is concentrated on the model.  I used to keep my small files standing up in a holder until I leaned in to check a fit.  Two of the pointy ones penetrated my cheek.  I wear glasses but the incident made a strong impression.  My model spends a lot of time in my lap or held to my chest, for sanding, for fitting, for scraping.  Often using a sharp tool for trimming or scraping.  I can't think of a better way to get a good sight line or spot the shadows when fairing the curves.  I am sure that things will change when I get to the rigging.

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Loving your model means MUCH more than only pampering it on ones lap ...



Even though it can be difficult to be on holidays with the small ones.
- Are we already there?
- I have to do pipi!
- I am Hungry!
- I am bored!
But this has not to be like this! The trick is to get the small ones interested into the trip and get them enthusiastic about it. With a little bit of commitment it is not that tricky ...
... so I showed my small one the landcape ...
...explained where I was the day before ...
... and promised to take her there the day she will be big enough.
Also zoos are a winner ...
... she especially liked the two rheas.
Or just doing a bit of sport together ...
... ping-pong was the favorite ...
... but the most important ...
... was  ...
... just to spend time together ...
... telling stories ...
... about god the universe and everything ...
... and both of us already found a good and relaxing sleep together :-)
It is a tough and responsible job to be a good ship-dad, but I hope that I am on the right way, are you too?
Cheers, Daniel
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