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Hello From David - A new member

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Hello All -

I am quite new to model ship building, having only started in mid 2016. I have already found this to be a very rewarding hobby - and in particular I am surprised at just how much thinking and planning ahead is involved! I have built one kit model (the Port Jackson Schoooner from Modellers Shipyard) and am currently building the Mary Byrne (a colonial ketch also from Modellers Shipyard). Both are rated at skill level 2 - and I am finding it fascinating as to just how much work is involved.


I am picking up skills I never knew I had (such as planking and furnture construction) - and I have quickly come to realise that in building one ship that I am really picking up skills for my next build.


I look forward to uploading some photos of my build( once I figure out how to...) - and to reading all the advise and tips that experienced modellers can give me.


All the best,


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Hi David.


I'm another newcomer to the hobby and I'm feeling quite the same about the learning of new skills and the problem solving.  Captivating isn't it?




Current BuildsBluenose II - AKrabbenkutter / Prince de Neufchatel / Essex Cross-section / Syren / Barque Stefano / Winchelsea / Half Hull / Maria HF31 - Dusek / Bandirma - Turkmodel

On the Shelf: Santisima Trinidad and Cross Section / HMS Cutter Alert / Tender AVOS / Confederacy

Suspended Build: Bluenose II - Billing Boats Nr 600 

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Hi David, welcome. You're in the best place for learning and building. Can't wait to see your build.


If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea  

Antoine de Saint Exupery


Current Builds

Bluenose - Model Shipways - 1:64 Scale

Fair American - Model Shipways - 1:48 Scale

HMS Winchelsea 1764 - Group Build

On Deck

Guns of History Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun - 1:24 Scale

Finished Builds

Mare Nostrum - Artesania Latina - 1:35 Scale

Guns of History Carronade - Model Shipways - 1:24 Scale


Member of the Nautical Research Guild


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Hi David your photos won't upload unless you shrink them down many youse windows paint I struckled with this I downloaded a program called faststone photo resizer and it works great if you are concerned about viruses etc u can check it out on utube so for it has caused me no concern.



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:sign:       :pirate41:

Phoenix, AZ

Current builds;

Previous builds, in rough order of execution;
Shipjack, Peterbrough Canoe, Flying Fish, Half Moon, Britannia racing sloop, Whale boat, Bluenose, Picket boat, Viking longboat, Atlantic, Fair American, Mary Taylor, half hull Enterprise, Hacchoro, HMS Fly, Khufu Solar Boat.

On the shelf; Royal Barge, Jefferson Davis.

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Welcome, David. Have you been to the Ship Modelling Society of Victoria? There is a member who lives in Berwick. I've been to visit him :)

Regards, Keith


gallery_1526_572_501.jpg 2007 (completed): HMS Bounty - Artesania Latina  gallery_1526_579_484.jpg 2013 (completed): Viking Ship Drakkar - Amati  post-1526-0-02110200-1403452426.jpg 2014 (completed): HMS Bounty Launch - Model Shipways

post-1526-0-63099100-1404175751.jpg Current: HMS Royal William - Euromodel

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Welcome aboard David,


Enjoy your stay here.

This is a great place to learn and share tips and techniques.

Feel free to start a buildlog. If needed, you'll find plenty of help, advise and encouragement from everyone.


Steve already gave you some advise about resizing photos. This topic explains how to add pictures in your posts: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/540-how-to-add-pictures-in-your-posts-and-pms/


I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.




Those we loved but lost are no longer where they were, but are always where we are.

In the gallery: Albatros 1840 - Constructo

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From the Pacific North West I send you a warm :sign: .

No matter the questions you might have, put them out here, and a rescue party will be assembled. :piratetongueor4: 


Please, visit our Facebook page!




Per aka Dr. Per@Therapy for Shipaholics 

Finished: T37, BB Marie Jeanne - located on a shelf in Sweden, 18th Century Longboat, Winchelsea Capstan

Current: America by Constructo, Solö Ruff, USS Syren by MS, Bluenose by MS

Viking funeral: Harley almost a Harvey

Nautical Research Guild Member - 'Taint a hobby if you gotta hurry

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Welcome to MSW David! Glad to have you with us. Indeed there is a lot more involved in ship building than one would think and I am glad to see that you are still interested and motivated after finding that out! :D


Good luck to you as your builds continue and I look forward to seeing your work.

"A Smooth Sea NEVER made a Skilled Sailor"
- John George Hermanson 



Current Builds - Royal Louis - Mamoli

                    Royal Caroline - Panart

Completed - Wood - Le Soleil Royal - Sergal - Build Log & Gallery

                                           La Couronne - Corel - Build Log & Gallery

                                           Rattlesnake - Model Shipways, HMS Bounty - Constructo

                           Plastic - USS Constitution - Revel (twice), Cutty Sark.

Unfinished - Plastic - HMS Victory - Heller, Sea Witch.

Member : Nautical Research Guild



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Hi David,


Great intro, you brought a smile to my face.   Know that we are all here to help in anyway we can.



PLEASE take 30 SECONDS and sign up for the epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series.   Click on http://trafalgar.tv   There is no cost other than the 30 seconds of your time.  THANK YOU

Current Builds - HMS Litchfield 1695 - Scratch 1:64 HMS Boston 1762 -Scratch 1:196


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Hi David,



"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

Current Build:                                                                                             
Past Builds:
 La Belle Poule 1765 - French Frigate from ANCRE plans                             Triton Cross-Section   

                                                                                                                       USS Constellaton (kit bashed to 1854 Sloop of War  _(Gallery) Build Log

                                                                                Wasa (Gallery)

                                                                                                                        HMS Sphinx 1775 - Vanguard Models - 1:64               


Non-Ship Model:                                                                                         On hold, maybe forever:           

CH-53 Sikorsky - 1:48 - Revell - Completed                                                   Licorne - 1755 from Hahn Plans (Scratch) Version 2.0 (Abandoned)         



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Thanks Medic,

I'm currently up to the rigging stage on the Mary Byrne - and although the build is not near as good as some of the photos I've seen of other peopl'e work, I'm still pretty happy overall.  I obviously have a lot to learn, but I figure that I'll forgive my errors whilst I learn the basics. I'm enjoying myself though :)


Do you have photos of your Mermaid up on the site?




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Hi Doug,

Yes, it is indeed captivating. I have never really been a 'hobby' type tof person so I've been a bit surprised as to just how much I have gotten into it all. I'm enjoying seeing some of the work from experienced modellers; it makes me realise just how much I have to learn.


The hours seem to go very quickly once I sit down in an evening and start 'fooling around'. I think though that i actually spend a lot of time just looking at the build and thinking about life in general...  What I am finding particullary satisfying is that I can change the model a bit to give it a bit of a personal touch.  Just minor tweeks- nothing too drastic!


All thebest with your builds too.

Cheers - David

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  • 5 months later...

Hi David, how is the build coming along. I'm thinking of doing this build and as a relative newbie to wood models am interested to hear any thoughts you have on your build. Any pics, pitfalls etc. 

Current Builds - Colonial Brig Perseverance 1807 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - 1:48 scale


Previous Builds - 

S Lucia by Fernando E - Panart - Scale 1:30

Sloop Norfolk 1798 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - Scale 1:36 


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Welcome David, you won't find a better forum or a place to get the best advice.






Current Build - HMS Victory, Caldercraft - scale  1:64,  started September 2021

Cutty Sark, Constructo - scale 1:115, finished August 2021

HMS Bounty, Constructo - Scale 1:50 - First wooden kit build, finished April 2019

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Hi David

Welcome. I'm new too, and I enthusiastically agree. There's a lot of imagineering that goes on. For me, that's what makes it fun. 

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want

Current build: Model Expo Glad Tidings, Pinky Schooner

First builds:

Midwest Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack

Midwest Chesapeake Bay Flattie

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Hey howya goin David mate, welcome.     :bird-vi:

I'm probably not going to live long enough to build all these but I'm BLOODY going to try HAHAHA.


Future Builds: The Schooner Bluenose, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (Gene Bodnar practicum - Plans from modelshipbuilder.com)

                       HMS Victory, scale 1:64 or 1:48, POF Scratch Build (John McKay's plans)


Current Builds: 42ft Longboat Armed for War 1834, scale 1:36 POF Scratch Build (Plans from A.N.C.R.E.) 

                        Galley Washington 1776, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (NRG's Plans)

                        Ragusian Carrack, scale 1:59, POB kit (MarisStella)

                        King of the Mississippi, scale 1:80, POB Kit (Artesania Latina)

                        HMS Snake 1797, 18 Gun Sloop of War, scale 1:64, POB Kit (Jotika/CalderCraft)


Current Build: Stage Coach 1848, scale 1:10, Kit (Artesania Latina) Shhh don't tell the Admins I'm building this I'll hide it here ^under this line^ so they don't see it HAHAHA.



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