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USS Spruance DDG 111 by RGL - Trumpeter - Finished

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9 hours ago, Koppalakki said:

Wow, this is actually funny, I just got commisioned to do the Spruance aswell! I'll be starting before the summer though so some time to plan it but really looking forward to seeing you completing this one most likely before I start on mine! :D

Ok, thanks. Yours is a very hard act to follow K, I think there’s a bit of work to go aligning the bow yet before I touch the metal bits. Always happy to go with your advice!



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The hull is joined up. I found with my last build being Trumpeter, they give you the two options of waterline and full hull. Not a fan of this as it means the join at the waterline  has to be perfect which i find very hard to achieve. 


So, lots of pity and sanding later, all the bits and pieces shaved off the hull and deck and were’re Ready for a dry fit of the first bits of PE. 


Im not going to weather her anywhere near as much as Mr K, but I will need to re drill all the hull features and panel lines plus there are a few armour belts which have to be added prior to the oil canning process. 


I will paint the lower hull first thought. There is a LOT of PE for this kit. Not daunting, the instructions are well presented, I just have to figure what I can paint off kit and what needs to go on first. 



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Trumpeter is not as exact as Tamiya. I managed to generate a lot of gaps, but the two superstructures that are the bridge and the hangar should be flush with the hull. They were’nt thus the prodigious use of bog. 


I’m hoping it’s somewhat strait forward from here, first two bits of PE on. I intend to have one door closed so why put the hangar in? 


Basically a whole day shaving off every feature on every piece (that will be replaced with PE) and trying to align each piece. 






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Ok, the bridge is on, and a lot of tiny details to go, but, I’m going to stop there. The structures are now aligned. The lower hull now needs to be done. I can get that tidied up and painted then everything can be done right side up. 


The first primer coat coat shoes a LOT of sins, but that’s what by we do it. Lots of tiny gaps to fix up, then I can gentry scribe in my weld lines and measure up the armour panels and add the numerous scuppers before moving on to pre shading. 






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So, I’m telling Banyan yesterday how I hate Vajello paints. My AK grey primer has gone off (clogs the airbrush immediately) so I use Vajello primer. Let it sit for over 12 hours. Do some very light masking to get ready for pre shading and the stuff comes off like sim after a bad sunburn. 


Re strip, Re sand and Re order some more AK primer. I’ll probably just use Tamiya rattle can for the lower hull but I’ll never ever use any Vajello again. I have never used their grey primer before and never will again. 


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After I'd finished painstakingly planking my Syren deck, I was extremely excited to apply a Mastic as a final finish.  Unfortunately, I'd used Sharpie "permanent" markers to color the edges of the planks, and the Mastic reacted with the ink; my pristine deck looked like someone had slathered mud all over.   The next day, a light sanding was able to restore the deck, and now I can look back on that experience and just chuckle.   The beauty of our hobby is that we can usually recover our projects when bad things happen. :D


P.S.  The mug.... Children are Maggots...    lmao..  I must have one.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So work and sports commitments have had me away for awhile. It took Australia Post 2 weeks to deliver a parcel containing a new bottle of AK primer from Victoria to Canberra which closed down the painting booth anyways. 


Yesterday and and today I completed the second smokestack. 


A few few things about tools, the little set of pliers is probably the Best Buy I’ve done in years, it stops PE getting flung around the room. It holds pieces steady whilst glueing. I wish I bought one years ago. Secondly the $20 light from Ikea is the best light source I’ve found. 






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The real deal has weld lines all down the hull and visible panels. I’ve scribed in the weld lines and will pre shade for oil canning . There are a plethora of bilge holes which I have drilled in based on photos of the ship. I can now paint below the waterline and see if the primer stays on this time. 



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Oil canning started on the lower hull. The instructions say that the lower hull should be Coca Brown but I think I’ll just use that as the base undercoat. As you can see from the real think it is a lot brighter.  About a day’s work to do up the black lines then filling in the spaces. 



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