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QUEEN ANNE BARGE by CaptainSteve – Syren Ship Model Company – 1:24

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4 hours ago, src said:

So sorry for the distraction Captain. I will defer to you judgement on the quantity of seeds.


Forty-five billion, 300 gazillion, two 'unerd and seveneth ... forty-five billion, 300 gazillion, two 'unerd and eighteth .... forty-five billion, 300 gazillion, two 'unerd and nineth ...


I be a-getting there, Samson.


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Well I must concede.   Captain Steve is an honest man.   For he said there be more redness  to come for a royal barge it be.   At truest he was..  for not only more a redness hue there be, but the Capt Steves barge is looking most regal indeed!


And while the barge may not have the contrast of blackish  and whitish the old gal Connie will someday haveth...  

The redish hue does grow on one and the bardge be most hansometh


Congrats to Capt Steve!

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With but merely an few details that doth remain-eth to completeth his Barge, CaptainSteve must apologize-eth. “I be-eth most rueful, Charles,” he didst commence-eth, most regretfully, “but I be a-doin’ it, yet again.”


‘Twouldst seem-eth that Our Hero hath found-eth one further kit-bash that he can inflict-eth upon Chuck’s fine kit. A-first, he didst follow the instructions to make-eth his rudder and tiller arrangement most particularly ...


 Taper-ething the blade …

Rudder3.JPG.4fa8e7f2fd4464a7a82645856b1a4ac2.JPG        Rudder4.JPG.d8f286c7bbec67ca793d510677484ec8.JPG

… drill-ething an tiny hole for the tiller …


… a-fore turn-ething an toothpick to become-eth the tiller piece, and then colourating ...


Thereupon, he were to be create-ething the lower pin and affix-ething it unto the slot which he didst saw-eth unto the lower tabulation …


“But then I be a-noticin’,” CaptainSteve didst try-eth to justify-eth his actionings, “that the Word doth state-eth ‘ ... and the rudder will not move.’”


At this point, Our Hero be ask-ething his ownself, “But why-eth ?? Surely, rivers and waterways be-eth not inherently straight !! How wouldst they ever get-eth home again ?!?!”


And, so, he didst set-eth about devise-ething an cunning plan; creating, a-first, an pin for the upper pintle …


“The lower gudgeon,” CaptainSteve explain-ethed, “were to be easy. But-eth, the upper gudgeon didst prove-eth to be an bear !!”


To fitteth it, Our Hero didst needeth to concoct an former, to shape-eth it around the keel-post …


“Get-ething it unto its’ final positioning,” he moaned, “didst take-eth me many an try !!”


But, in the end, all were to be-eth most goodly, as Our Hero doth explain-eth …

“I be most satisfied,” CaptainSteve didst gloat-eth. “For me rudder doth, as these lithographs do-est show, have-eth most full lateral movement, indeed-eth !!”

Rudder12.JPG.51e6aa3d6a88414e23e357ecd15553ef.JPG  Rudder13.JPG.c55f973a16ba4dc61b3f3e574e50aace.JPGRudder14.JPG.dc014bcfc228c87a9ab413f1880793ac.JPG

Regrettably, it may be-eth some time a-fore Our Hero can post-eth an further update, for he now must tackle-eth the scrollwork carvings to be adorn-ething his Barge …

“Me father,” he didst sigh-eth most sadly, “be return-ething them undone.”

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Hi Chuck,

My Queen Anne barge was completed some time back. The final scrollwork was completed with gold-leaf, and actually looks quite striking. I did have final pictures, but they were lost in the Great Camera Tragedy of 2019 (the batteries went flat). The barge currently sits at a friend's house (the one known as Snoopy). I will endeavour to take some photographs the next time I visit and will post them here.


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Verily, ‘t hath been some time since me last posting … but Chuck didst prompt-eth me to do some digging and I didst manage to recover-eth some lithographs.


What wit’ me limited carving skills, it took-eth many an attempt afore I were to have a full set of decorations for me barge. Fortunately, Chuck did provide two extra sets of carving blanks … and these were all eventually required to produce a full set.


Unfortunately, as I didst mention, pictures of those appear to be lost to the annals of time (and NiCad battery life-spans).

Fortunately, however, some later pictures DID survive …




(The general viewing public shouldst be aware that the above carving is approximately 1inch by 1 inch, in real life)




Next, an friend of mine (and the Barge’s eventual care-taker), helped with the gilding of my carvings, using actual gold-leaf …








Whilst I still need to take and post some final shots of me Barge, I were to be most impressed with the eventual outcome, Chuck …


 DSCN4339.JPG.f0a16ddff8a4d43a70bfbebfb57e9e7f.JPG                    DSCN4344.JPG.c53005570a459566ac5bc9b31448240a.JPG


DSCN4341.JPG.36faf44bd4bf19e52a3c219a64a3ef2c.JPG                     DSCN4336.JPG.5da19e7713ce5f172a9799db7b59a1dc.JPG


DSCN4338.JPG.6ea6c98089474457a6213c086f4964b1.JPG                     DSCN4343.JPG.f0d317c94c18dce5a947a335dd169e86.JPG


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That looks fantastic.   Nice touch on the carvings.  The gold leaf looks very good.  I hope you enjoyed it.  You did well carving those.  I think folks underestimated to ability they have when it comes to carving.  I hope this prompts more carving to be done on other models and more discarding if the castings that come with kits.  Carving done like this really elevates a model.  Yours really look great.

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