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HMS PEGASUS by rdsaplala - Victory Models - 1/64 ( A bit of bashing with TFFM)

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Hi to all :piratebo5:


First of all, a big thanks to the Admin and Moderators for their efforts in upgrading this site, keep up the good work guys B)


I've been working on this kit, which I fondly named "Peggy-Sue", for more than a year now, squeezing in what little model-building time I have after work and family responsibilities.


The kit will build into an excellent ship right out of the box, but I decided that I would add some modifications to make it as historically accurate as my skills would allow. To do these, I will be using the excellent TFFM books by David Antscherl, the original NMM draught of HMS Pegasus and some pictures of contemporary models/paintings.






I also read up on a couple of Ship Modelling books to improve my knowledge on these magnificent vessels:







Going back to Pegasus, the kit has been a fun project so far, materials are of very nice quality and fit of the parts is top-notch.


I'm a bit lazy to re-write my whole log so will just summarize all that I have done.

I started with the usual set of bulkheads fitted to the keel as seen below:





This was followed by the following events, occurred more or less in chronological order:


-applied gunport patterns and pricked myself with the nails followed by a lot of foul words :rolleyes:


-applied first planking basically violating every planking rule known to men ;) 


-reduced the briddle port size to TFFM dimensions and moved it further forward.


-applied second planking, which looked like it had been done by my 2 year-old kid :blush: 


-removed the bulkhead extensions, made some false frames using some scrap wood attached inside the bulwarks to thicken it (I hope to later plank over these false frames, attach some FC and QD deck beams and hanging knees to replace the kit provided parts)


-my original second planking was simply unacceptable so I decided to remove the stem and keel for re-planking, resulting to irreparable damage to these parts.... THIS WAS FOLLOWED BY EVEN MORE FOUL WORDS! :angry:  


-bought the HMS Fly and donated her keel to Pegasus to allow re-planking... resulting to foul words from the Admiral for the added expense :wacko:






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Thanks for the kind words, Robert, Sjors, Augie and B.E., I appreciate it  :)


To continue my synopsis, HMS Fly has finally arrived and so I took her keel, stem and stern post and transplanted them to Pegasus, the operation was a success and Peggy Sue is in the pink of health again ;)








While re-planking Pegasus, I thought I'd squeeze in another modification by redoing her quarterbadge...


The kit's quarterbadge, while beautifully done, seems a bit flat when compared to the TFFM plans and the quarterbadge of the contemporary model of HMS Atalanta, a sister-ship of Pegasus:


Kit Quarterbadge



HMS Atalanta Quarterbadge



Thus, using the TFFM plans, I decided to make a new quarterbadge to which, I will add the kit provided windows and pillasters:



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Hello Aldo,


You're back with Peggy …….. Great!

Take your time uploading.  I have a great seat on the front row.  And my coffee is being served right now.


Looking forward to your updates.


Take care,



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Thanks for the good word Anja, Eric, Ben and Frank  :)


For my final update.... right now, I'm almost done re-planking the outer hull and these last pictures finally bring my build-log to her current status:




Here is the inside portion showing the mutilation, I mean modification, I've done... it's still quite messy now with all those scrap wood to make up the false frame, but hopefully will look cleaner once planked. The dowels on the bow area serve as temporary supports while the proper deck beams and hanging knees are not yet in place.



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Wow Aldo!

Neat planking!

Redoing all that was worth it in the end.

I would never have the patience to do the planking a second (third) time... 



Hello there, Bummer, my friend, thanks for the good word, I wouldn't have needed to do a "third" planking if I weren't such a hard headed gruff and used PVA from the start, as advised by other builders, this is something I plan to do for my MKII (HMS Fly). You made a good choice of planing to use PVA on Amphion, you won't regret it, mate ;)

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Hi Aldo,


Glad you've got your log back up and running.  Your planking work came out great...foul words and patience pay off in the end!  Thanks for your comment on my build.  Keep up the good work.



Thanks Patrick, I just hope the foul words don't become a habit :D Thanks for dropping by as well as your kind comments, I appreciate it :)

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Glad to see you back, that is some great planking job.


I have one question, during the second planking, from below the gun ports, you used five planks which were in the front untapered, right? Would you do that again, or would you start tapering them sooner?

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