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Le Fleuron by Gaetan Bordeleau- 1:24 - Finished

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I have a copy of what appeared on MSW. I do
not think that putting it back page by page, image by image is the fastest
solution. If there would be a section where parts of the ex-forum could be
include, I would be more than happy to put a copy.

For the moment, I tried to make a big picture of previous work, but I should try with
another program.

The next update will be for the actual build: Le Fleuron built completely in cherry.


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Gaetan, I really enjoy your collage of photos. I wish you could publish a book of these photos. Spectacular!





For the 74 guns, there is a copy of the log in Microsoft Word about 540 pages.

For the 74 guns, there is about 1000 pictures, the most significatives ones,  around 130 pictures were extracted for the last Collage.

For the last picture, the background can be whatever color you wish, I have tried many colors, but black is the one!



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Here are some blades under the microscope.


First 2 are exacto blade and a number 11 blade. A comparison does not explain well why one
is sharper than the other. The only significant difference I saw is that exacto
blade has a second relief angle of sharpening.


Other are sharp chisels to the eye but when looking closer we see that it is very easy to
burn some steel while sharpening or why we need not to hit the blade on hard








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Hi Druxey, you are right about extensions.


 Actually the set up is to take 1 by 3 inch, 8 feet long and cut it in 2 feet lenghts, make 2 adjecent sides perpendicular, and make the remaining 2 opposites sides parallel, obtaining a 2 feet long piece perfectly straight. Many blanks are prepared this way.


When I need a specific thickness , I use a blank of 1 inch thick, and cut to the desired thickness plus few millimeters extra.To get the the desired thickness at few millimeters close, the piece is pass at the thickness sander.


I used microphotograph to see why a knife did not perform well even after a fresh sharpening. If we look the front of the end of the blade, we should see one line, but in few cases one side was thicker and was not coming at 0. This side was not cutting. After correction, it is a joy to use these tools!

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Gluing partitions walls.

To be able to work with the portable close to the desk, the last picture shows a support for it. Already built with angle adjustment for the keyboard, another angle adjustment is added to make sure that the keyboard is perfectly horizontal which was not before because of the weight of the portable.






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