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HMS Victory by foxy - Heller - 1/100 - with Dafi's etch & resin set. - PLASTIC

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thanks I do appreciate that OC

   but I would like to see a glimpse of the 1/180 scale Victory build in the area where the second deck gets installed

    better yet I would love to see a video of the 1/180 scale victory being built from the time the box is open till she is placed on

    a display base, I know that is asking to much so instead I'll be happy to hear from 1/180 victory builders past and present

       especially from frank if he still has the photos that is if he did log on that kit


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Hi Ronald.


I to can help ,Having most of the Build for the 180 Victory pictures saved.


If you start a build log and don't mind me showing pictures of the build that's relevant to your questions on your log. 


For some of the build I used Scale Warship(UK) etched parts, most for the netting and shrouds, they do a set for the 180 Victory ship.


I would be happy to help if I can.


Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Well need a little advice on the sails.


The lower one's will be furled, the others will be billowing.


Now my question is what spray starch or hair spray should I use for the cloth sails.


I am thinking on using the Heller plastic one's and laying the cloth sails over and spray, leave to dry then add tapes and blocks etc, 'well that's the plan'.


Any advice would be most welcome and appreciated.


Frank. :piratebo5:

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Thanks OC  :) .
Well as most British warships had white sails were possible, but hob/sense  licence can be applied here .
A better picture of the tops so far.



Just to finish the ratties and then its sails/yards.

Most done on the yards, but might add sails to yards first before mounting.'we shall see'.

Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Frankie.


Have taken another look at your sail building and have some of your pictures saved to get reference from.


AS you can see I have been following it very closely.


Thanks for explaining the technic aspect of this and very usefull it has been.


I can see you have been a long time in working on this side of sailing ships.


That's what this and other forums are for, so we all, if interested, can learn from others.


Thanks again.


Frank. :piratebo5:

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Had my glass case delivered and it will now keep the dust off the ship.






Then its to the sails, I am using cloth sails for this ship with the lower main/foremast being furled.

This will entail bunting lines/blocks.

To that end I have added bunting loops in the hope that all will work and draw up the cloth sails!!!!.


First the ropes added, note there are no details to this fore course sail or the main one.




Added then to the yard shown from the rear.




From the front you can see the bunting blocks which I hope will work, 'well the ropes go through them'.




Not starched these sails, but all the unfurled will have the tapes,strengthening bars added.


Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Thanks guy's.
Still on the sails.

Fore top sail with tassels added.






Syren Blocks all work but it will be static, makes putting together easier and would need a few men to work it.

Putting the spanker sail on made me realise how to mount sails to yards, in the first picture I have sown rope to top then tied on, but with the mizzen boom I used needle and rope which looks much better, so will be doing this for all yards.


Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Thanks OC.
You might be right, not looked up that part of history.
But for the build will have ensign showing somewhere.
So I could put the White Ensign on the boom hallards, is that correct.
Remove the standard flagstaff.
'Anyone know'.
'Since posting this on another forum, Dafi  has come up with the answer.
It seems a LT as OC said has the Ensign on the Gaff were the signal flags were normally used.
So that's the plan, remove the flag staff and haul the ensign to the Gaff.

'Brilliant', thanks Daniel.
Frank  :piratebo5:

Edited by foxy
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Cheers OC.
Hi Bob nice to see you back here,' thanks mate'  :)
Well on to the folding sails.
Sowed on the sails to the mast, fitted Syren bunting blocks and folded up the cloth to near the yards.
Then sowed up near the yard and threaded rope through the bunting blocks.
Once  yard fitted to the mast, the ropes are pulled through the blocks on the lower tops and seized to the belaying pins.
This then tightens the sail to the yard.



Should do the trick.


Frank  :piratebo5:

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Thank you guy's, much appreciated.
Well have been struggling to make the parral's for the topsail yards.
So, using plastic and brass I have managed to solve this problem.
First made up the ash ribs from plastic.


Then to keep all square/strait I used two brass rods and filed to size.


In the spares box I had some brass tops that came from support railings, these had the holes already drilled.

I always save these scrap things,'you never know when they may be usfull'.

So now strung together.


Making up two pair's of parral's for main and formast topsail yards.


Some brown paint to finish and then mount.

Frank. :piratebo5:

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