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kancabas cargo boat by mhmtyrl - Finished

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hi Patrick

the vessel is mainly driven by sail, I will add 1 mast and attached spars and sails (most of them will be furled as I plan), also some cargo will be added on to the deck (sacks, boxes etc.)

so it seems to be at the half of the way, a lot more work to do :-)



Hi Mehmet


Many thanks for explaining that. I'll definitely be following along!





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Hi MehabaI, I'd like to hear more about the rig, like the sprit.  It  seems to be fixed.  Once un brailed and the vangs eased,Is there enough slack in the lashings to permit the sprit and the sail to be eased out when sailing down wind ? Also can you tell me about the furled sails near the deck ? A curious sprit sail fan would like to know. Thanks 



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