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  1. New Member from Sunny Southern California.

    Hi, Reuben. You should try to make it over to one of the meetings of the Ship Modelers Association in Fullerton. You'll find them very welcoming and helpful. Tell them Chris sent you!
  2. Wow! We have had some ambitious card projects started around here recently. I wish you well on this one and look forward to seeing it come together. Cheers!
  3. Prospectus

    I think the term you mean is "practicum", possibly this one here.
  4. Yep, Bob, I know. That's exactly why I checked the folder to make sure there was a completed model there. Posting in-progress photos in the galleries is generally not something we want to encourage. That's what build logs are for. Don't be surprised if those in-progress photos magically vanish at some point.
  5. If you check the gallery folder, you'll see that the model is actually finished.
  6. Some of you are missing the point of this trial. Please take note of the following: 1) As has been previously stated, this new thumb up/thumb down feature is ONLY being tested in the Questions/Instructions forum. You cannot vote up/down on someone's content in a build log or other topic. 2) A question posted to the Questions/Instructions forum often elicits several suggested answers. The whole purpose of the up/down vote function is to allow users to identify the best proposed solution and, by voting, to have that answer be moved to the front of the queue, where others with the same question need to find it, instead of it being buried somewhere down the list of responses. Simply 'liking' a post doesn't do that. 3) To illustrate, I voted down some of the responses in this thread, not because I'm part of the vengeful hoi polloi, but because it demonstrates how helpful, on-topic responses can be moved up the list, while less helpful and/or irrelevant responses can be moved down the list. 4) Remember - the up/down vote is NOT intended as a 'like' feature! If you like a response, then use the like button. Voting up/down is intended to identify the response(s) that best answer the original question. Use it accordingly! Cheers!
  7. Amati vs Caldercraft Granado

    I would respectfully disagree with Ron. I can't speak for Amati's regular lineup of kits, but the Victory Models line is very good. I have also seen some comments made on MSW to the effect that Caldercraft's quality control has in recent years been kind of hit-or-miss. Even so, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a kit from either company. I can also say with regards to Victory Models that even though the kits are very good, there's still some compromises made in the name of making the product profitable, same as for all kits. Thinking mostly of a few off-the-shelf fittings, kit-grade rigging blocks, etc.
  8. Pets

    Dave, I never noticed your bird in your avatar pic until now.
  9. I hadn't seen either of these before. The History Buffs clip is particularly worth watching. As far as the deleted scenes go, I can see why they were relegated to the cutting room floor -- none of them really advanced the story line to any degree.
  10. Um, nope. Not sure what you're seeing, David, but the site is not totally new again -- just upgraded.
  11. Nautical adventures

    Great story, John. Enforcing fish & game laws is probably a thankless task, I'm sure, but I for one have a low opinion of scofflaws & ne'er-do-wells and am glad you did your part to reel those guys in (pun intended). Cheers!
  12. Glad to be aboard

    Welcome, Lawrence. Very nice work -- I applaud your choice of subjects. Regards,
  13. Bob, that is unfortunately one of the drawbacks with the Polish kits. Even some of the English instructions occasionally provided are somewhat garbled. Get a few simpler kits under your belt and you'll not only learn a few of the Polish words, you'll also get a feel for how a card model goes together in general plus how to work from the diagrams. Even so, some diagrams are going to be better and more thorough than others. Also, there's plenty of photos of the actual ship online, so that should help with figuring out what some of the bits are. Good luck, should you ever decide to have a go at this one!
  14. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    El Cid, we're aware that we're not the #1 source for info on plastic models, but we do enjoy seeing them built. So I hope Scott will share his build log here in addition to any other sites he chooses.
  15. New to all that is

    Congratulations! As far as the issue with solvents and vapors, I would check with your health care provider. That's definitely something you don't want to gamble on. Regards,