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  1. I have found quilting thread to be a good choice. It's pretty heavy-duty and has a lot less fuzz than regular sewing thread.
  2. Slow progress ... a couple of planks here, a couple of planks there as time and interest allow. Twelve strakes on, six more to go. Did a little preliminary sanding and temporarily fitted the display cradle together, just for this shot.
  3. I'm pretty sure they're interested in ships of any nation, and your smack project sounds like just the type of vessel that fits the bill. The only restriction is that grants are reserved for NRG members.
  4. That's a good question. I don't actually know the answer. 😕 After we have exhausted this topic, I will split off the relevant posts and move them into the "how to" section.
  5. If you are sharing the progress of a build, then definitely post to the build logs section.
  6. I've never tried it myself, but yes I assume that you would have to notify the membership here of further updates. Or, you could add the link to your signature -- that way it is in every post that you make here. To do that, click on your username in the menu bar at the top of any page, then select "account settings". Then select "signature" from the left-side menu, which will bring up a text window for editing the content of your signature.
  7. Hi, MHo! If you open your FB album, in the upper right-hand corner you'll see a settings button, like so: Click on it and then select the "Get Link" option. That generates a code that you can embed in your post. To show how this works, I've embedded a code here that takes you to my FB torpedoboat V108 album. Cheers!
  8. ccoyle


    Very nicely done!
  9. Just reading that makes me feel a bit woozy -- and I'm not even building the model!
  10. ccoyle

    Possible New Hobby

    Welcome! Several times on Facebook I have seen a video of some chocolatiers making a ship out of chocolate, so gingerbread does not strike me as all that far-fetched. Have fun thinking about what model to build!
  11. ccoyle

    new member

    Hi, Scott! Not to confuse the issue, but have you considered any of the other Bounty kits out there, e.g. Amati, Billing Boats, or Caldercraft? I haven't built any of them, so I can't offer an opinion one way or the other.
  12. Glad to see you making an attempt at this! I won't complain about your "deviating" from the tutorial -- I never make any claims to know the "only" (or even the "best") way to do this stuff. If anyone can make such a claim, it's probably either Danny or Doris. Keep up the good work!
  13. ccoyle

    Hello from Port Chester, NY

    Welcome! Midwest models are great first-time projects. I'm not sure about the whole "paint with lacquer" thing for sails (at least I've never done it) -- maybe they're thinking about getting the sail to hold a wind-filled shape? Anyways, I don't think that step is completely necessary. Just remember to give the sail cloth a good ironing to get all the wrinkles out. Cheers!
  14. Tell Marten that we miss his Tic-Tacs ... and his amazing models, too!

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