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  1. Shane, go ahead and start them. I wouldn't add the 'finished' tag until you get all your pics up, so you don't scare off potential viewers. Have fun!
  2. Ship paintings

    I was just reading about HMS Torbay and Astute today.
  3. Latest pieces off my drawing board

    Wow! These are beautiful. I love how the shadows give the appearance of depth to your work.
  4. Since it is originally a scratch model, it should go in the scratch section. I moved it for you and polished up the title a bit.
  5. Ship paintings

    Jim, I have enjoyed viewing all of your work thus far, but I confess I am particularly enamored of your depictions of the various steel-hulled vessels. Your paintings of various kinds of patrol craft, escorts, and auxilliary vessels especially seem to me to do an excellent job of capturing the look and feel of the era.
  6. Hmm. I see I did not update my job status since my Big Move. Sharp-eyed members may have noticed that my location changed from Mariposa, California to Greenville, South Carolina, which is almost as far as one can go from Mariposa and still be in the continental U.S. (for our European friends, it is roughly the equivalent of a move from Madrid to Moscow). I'm now a writer for the secondary science pod at BJU Press, currently working on the 5th edition of our life science product line (7th grade). I love my new job, since I'm still involved in education but without all the headaches -- er, joys -- of lesson planning, classroom management, helicopter parents, endless IEP meetings, and teaching four subjects per day with only 2.5 prep periods per week.
  7. Well, John, you may have a point, but as a former Left Coaster myself, I was always dismayed by conventions (not necessarily NRG conventions) constantly being held east of the Rockies (and often FAR east of the Rockies), even if 2/3 of the population does live there. I know many westerners will be glad next year's convention is closer to home. You can't please everyone!
  8. Another Dodger record in 2017

    As an ardent Giants fan, it is difficult for me to stomach the Trolley Dodgers being in the Series, but since I have many long-suffering Dodger fan friends I will not begrudge them their moment too much. I am VERY happy, though, that the Evil Pinstripe Empire flamed out short of the ultimate prize.
  9. More likely the parts are die-cut. But Midwest kids are great beginner kits (I've built the smack, too), and their going out of production is a big loss for the hobby.
  10. Since it appears you're showing how you stained the hull, I've moved it to the Painting , Staining & Weathering forum. Let us know if you want to make a build log out of it.
  11. Beginner question about boat model

    Mike, you'll need to be a little more specific. What kit is this, and what part are you having trouble with?
  12. Gentlemen, may I post a few gentle reminders? The guidelines for this thread state to include one profile photo of your model. If you have been working on a particular area of your model that begs for a close-up shot, then make that your one photo. Also, no general comments in this thread -- post those in the builder's build log. Which brings me to my last reminder: it's difficult for someone who may want to comment on your model to do so if you haven't included a link to it anywhere in your post. So please make sure you include a link! Remember, this thread is supposed to provide just a quick taste of what our members are currently building; anyone who wishes to drink deeply of your work should be directed to the appropriate log. Thank you! Oh, and don't forget to delete prior updates!
  13. Corel Flying Fish schooner 1:50 on ebay

    I did a modified build of that kit (in the gallery as Ghost). IMO it is a terrible kit and not worth any amount of money. There are FAR better kits available in the less than $200 retail range.
  14. 20 Gun Sixth Rate Sloop of War

    Kits like that? None. As Bob has suggested, if you want to go the kit route, you'll have to find something similar and modify it. Unfortunately, other than the ubiquitous Constitution, there aren't many kits of U.S. warships from that era at all, though I think Wasp might be on a certain designer's radar if memory serves me.
  15. Canadian Seafarer in Texas

    Excellent choice, the V108. Looks good if you finish it, and little time, money, and effort lost if you booger it. Good luck!