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  1. Deadliest Catch ??

    None that I know of. Pacific working boats are a horribly neglected kit subject.
  2. Don't Mention The Cricket

  3. Richard, The instructions are in the first pinned topic in the kit build logs section. Cheers, Chris
  4. Is this a pirated kit?

    I might not completely agree with Ron. All I can tell you for certain is that it's not a copy of the Model Airways kit. The problem is, I don't think many of our members (at least not me) are familiar with what's currently out there in the wood-and-tissue aircraft world. Dancing Wings Hobby is not on our banned list, but some Chinese kits are sold under multiple brands, so it's difficult to know who's making what's being sold.
  5. newbee returning

    It's great to see dormant projects resurrected.
  6. Umm ... I'm at a loss on how to answer that, too, Piet. One of our more tech-savvy staff will need to answer that. Sorry!
  7. Question about kit mfg

    I think this one is legit, Carl. Young Modeler is a Korean outfit, and after checking over their website, I did not see evidence of any copyright infringement. They have a wide variety of interesting models. I didn't see the dory kit listed anywhere, though.
  8. Introducing myself

    Welcome, Steve! We have a number of members here who are well-versed in metalworking techniques for models, but I can't think of any off the top of my head who have done a whole model that way. I have seen pictures of such models, though. I look forward to seeing your work. Regards,
  9. Hello

    Ahoy, Zuko! I wrote a brief reply to your post in the other thread. My very first plank-on-bulkhead kit was Model Shipways' Katy of Norfolk, which is essentially the same ship as your Swift. I also had read Mastini's book before building it; don't worry about not comprehending some parts -- they will make more sense after you get started. I was hesitant in the beginning, too, because I expect a lot from myself and tend to get frustrated if I don't meet my own standards (which, BTW, are not nearly as high as the standards reached by some other builders around here). I mentioned kits by Midwest Products in my other post. I built two of them before attempting Katy, and I can vouch that they are super confidence builders. Swift is a good entry-level product, but if you should still find yourself balking, and you don't mind delaying Swift for a month and parting with another $40 or so, snag one of the Midwest kits off of eBay. They will set you up nicely. I can particularly recommend the Chesapeake Bay Flattie.
  10. Zuko, your concerns were pretty much addressed in every way by the old Midwest Products line of kits. They spelled out exactly what tools were needed to complete a kit, and their instructions were exhaustive. They were also classified by skill levels from 1-4. They were nearly foolproof kits. Fortunately, there's still a good number of them floating around in cyberspace in case anyone is interested. As for the rest of the "beginners" kits out there, they run the gamut from really well-designed with the beginner in mind to "you gotta be kidding me." Doing one's diligence with regards to pre-purchase research is key, and happily there are a lot more quality resources online these days (such as MSW) than there were not so long ago. The AL Swift has a good completion rate among beginning builders, so you have as good a shot as anybody at finishing it. Good luck ... and yes, it is supposed to be fun!
  11. That kit has much to recommend it. It has less rigging than many square-rigged subjects and is devoid of tricky ornamentation. It does not have the detailed instructions that a beginner might expect. HMS Badger would be better in that regard. However, while it will be a challenge, I would not say it's beyond the abilities of a determined beginner.
  12. A tag is just a clickable search term you can append to your title. For example, if you are building a Caldercraft kit, you can create a tag that says "Caldercraft". Clicking on that tag will bring up a list of similarly tagged topics, irrespective of what forum area they are in. Personally, I don't care for tags that much, since they visually clutter a title, but using or not using them is up to you.
  13. Hi folks, new to your forum.

    Some of the cordage on the winch and railings looks sorta new-ish. Looks like somebody already had a go at replacing some stuff.
  14. New to Site

    I'm not familiar with that kit, but I like the subject. Good luck and enjoy!