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  1. This is actually MSW 2.0. If you've been away for a few years, then you probably missed the Great Crash a couple years back. All the content was lost. Hard to tell by looking around now, isn't it?
  2. It's one of those "rank has its privileges" things. Shoot me a private message with the new name and I'll fix it for you.
  3. Folks, If you recently started a build log, and a few days or so later you noticed that someone has changed your build log title, then what you were seeing is a heartfelt plea from your devoted staff to please read this post. Thank you! P.S. Some of you have been around a while and should know better! P.S.S. Some of you are also multiple repeat offenders!
  4. Geoff, if it appears to be questionable, hit the report button on the post and have the mods take a look at it.
  5. If one loosely interprets the phrase "working on" to include any unfinished model, then I have five. I was going to say three, but then I remembered I actually have two more -- that's how long it's been since I have worked on them.
  6. Susquehanna, Canute -- Not AF myself, but in '79-'80 I was an exchange student in Aurich. Our school lay right beneath the approach to the Luftwaffe base at Wittmund, home of JG 71. We used to see lots of interesting aircraft heading into there.
  7. Martin, the staff made a decision (based in part on member feedback) to consolidate some of the topic categories, as the side menu was getting a bit unwieldy.
  8. My Dad's side of the family are mostly Scots-Irish from the Deep South. I have only been able to trace one branch of that family back to Ireland -- they hailed from Balleyeaston in Antrim. My 2x great-grandfather Coyle served in the 9th Mississippi Infantry (briefly), the 18th South Carolina Infantry (until the reorganization of the Confederate Army in 1862), and the Palmetto Sharpshooters (Jenkins' Brigade). He was captured at the Battle of the Wilderness on the same day that General Longstreet was wounded in a friendly fire incident. After the war he emigrated to Oklahoma where the family spent a couple of generations before branching out to California. Another 3x great-grandfather was in the 39th Georgia Infantry and present at the siege of Vicksburg. His family eventually wound up in Texas. One branch of that family can be traced all the way back to Jamestown. My Mom's side of the family were also Scots-Irish with a mix of English (via Canada), Pomeranian (back in the days before German unification in 1871) and Dutch. The Dutch side emigrated to Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York) around 1650. Mom's family followed the northern mid-westerly migration routes, making stops in Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota before winding up in California. So as you can see, my family is quite the typical American mishmash of cultures. And now I am back in South Carolina, so it's kind of come full circle in a way.
  9. Well, I know of several ship modeling forums that have met their demise over the years, but ours isn't one of them, though we have survived one major server crash and several software upgrades. I can also assure you that we are quite serious about modeling and welcome all kinds of builds of whatever subject and in whatever medium. Small craft, work boats, inshore vessels -- they're all good.
  10. My ancestors were Confederates, but I will forgive you and look forward to seeing your build log. It is true that despite their reputation within the ship modeling community, we don't see too many BJ kits being built, so it will be a treat to see this limited-run kit come together. An un-boxing post would probably be very welcome, too.
  11. I try not to hoard wooden kits because 1) they are expensive, 2) I'll never get around to building all of them, and 3) one's taste in modeling subjects is constantly evolving. I do, however, have a modest stash of paper kits, most of which are aircraft -- they are far less expensive and take up considerably less space.
  12. Beautiful work! I bet it performs well on the water, too -- in addition to turning a few heads.
  13. Okay, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: PATRICK O'BRIAN ROCKS!! Whew! There -- I said it. I feel better now. Been holdin' that in a long time.
  14. There are lots of how-to videos on YouTube for refinishing wood & metal on guns. That's where I got the info for refinishing my shotgun. It turned out pretty nice, IMO -- much improved over the worn-out original finish and bluing.