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  1. ccoyle

    New here

    Hello, Ab! I belong to the Paper Modelers forum as well, and there are indeed some very fine modelers at that site, including a number of other MSW members. If I build a card ship, I prefer to show it here, because I like to see a diversity of media shown at MSW.
  2. Super! Looking forward to watching this one.
  3. ccoyle

    Dr PR

    I had a look, too, and your CAD model is indeed amazing -- I shudder to think of the effort that will be needed to replicate all of that in a 1/96 scale model, but I certainly applaud the attempt! The Cleveland-class were good looking ships, both in their all-gun and CG configurations, and of course they contributed greatly to US naval efforts. I wish you every success on your continuing project!
  4. The mark in the first photo looks like a dent. That should probably be filled in with wood filler, which will be hidden if you plan to paint the model. The rebate cut into the hull is where the bulwarks will be attached, so no, don't sand the hull down to that line -- unless you want a slimmer, trimmer, Bounty-Lite. Cheers!
  5. The reason you don't see much in print about garboard strakes, at least with regards to kits, is that most kits (if not all) do not differentiate between the garboard strake and any other strake. Now, as to how to properly determine the dimensions of one, I'll have to defer to more knowledgeable sources!
  6. If you're looking for sheet styrene, styrene rod, or metal rod, you can't go wrong with model train shops. Those guys have everything!
  7. ccoyle


    Erik, have you tried making your own? Eye bolts are quite easy to make with blackened annealed wire and a pair of round-nose pliers. Cheers,
  8. Ah, you painted the main guns, too. I was wondering about that. 🙂
  9. ccoyle

    Hello from North Texas

    Hi, Glenn. Start by taking your time! Read a few books -- you can probably find or get them at your local library. Some good ones to start with include Ship Modeling Simplified by Frank Mastini and How to Build First-Rate Ship Models from Kits by Ben Lankford. Browse through some build logs; use the keywords "finished" and "first build" to find completed models by first-time builders. Some of them are solid hull kits, like yours. Here's a link to a recently finished example. The planking chore that stopped you cold is called spiling. It's doable, and we have tutorials here to guide you, but eventually everyone has to just give it a go. Few of us get good at it on the very first try, but we managed. You can, too! Cheers!
  10. ccoyle

    New to forum

    Hi, Tomek. I'm a member at papermodelers.com, so I will be sure to check out your work there. I haven't built any models directly from WAK, but I did build Marek's Pacynski's 1/33rd scale PZL.50 from eCardmodels, which was also published by WAK. I look forward to seeing some of your contributions here. Cheers!
  11. ccoyle

    New to forum

    Cześć, Tomek! I am curious about which designs you have had published? Regards, Chris
  12. I had to go back to the beginning of this log just to remind myself about the state this model was in when you received it, Michael. Wow, what a difference! The appraiser was right -- your clients got a steal!
  13. I found Kazim's website and looked it over, but I don't see that there is a way for interested persons to order a kit. Are they only sold locally at this time?

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