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  1. Ed, perhaps too worked up, but fun and interesting nonetheless. Its really a "compelling impression" of scale line we are trying to replicate here. I find it fun using different materials and sources to achieve this and if we can find the right threads we can pass it on to the rest to benefit. I appreciate you desire and willingness to help the rest of us mear mortals trying to keep up. 😀
  2. Thanks Lou for following. 😊 Only a handful of people followed so I doubt it will be missed that much. My next project will be to break out the UNION that has languished for 15 years in storage. However, life is in the way (I need to retire, move, find new employment etc.) So I won't start on it until I can get settled and set up a proper workshop. I need to re-do much of the hull planking as I was looking it over it the other day and noticed that I added some of the sheer rails in the wrong place. So it will require replacing much of the upper works plank. I'm also not very happy with the planking below the waterline. My skills have progressed over the past 20 years and now I'm a bit embarrassed of my workmanship. Especially now that I've seen how Chuck edge bends his planks. I need to get a thickness sander to do an adequate job since I mill all of my own wood. Unfortunately, I threw away my last home-made sander about 3 moves ago. 😥 I'll probably buy a Byrnes Thickness sander. Sorry for the rambling........ I should probably start a build thread for the UNION eventually, so people can see what I'm talking about. Jason
  3. The build is essentially finished. I ordered a custom acrylic case to put it in. Once it arrives I'll show the final result. Thanks for all those that have followed this short little build. Jason
  4. Ed, I've noticed Londonderry makes 100/3 thread in linen. Have you tried them? How is the quality? Here's a link LONDONDERRY 100/3 Heres another shop in Washington that sells it. They provide a .pdf for ship modelers for the diameter for the difference thread sizes and ship scale. LINK Love the work Ed 👍
  5. Great Project Alberto. Following along.
  6. Shawn, if you are talking about the short pieces between the gun ports, I cut them slightly long, then install them on the ship. The plank will protrude into the gunport slightly. Once all the planks are installed for that side of the port, I then use a small fine file. With careful strokes I file it flush being sure to keep the file 90 degrees to the side. Depending on the size I can also use a very sharp xacto blade or scalpel to trim if needed until the blade is held flush against the side of the gunport frame. I hope that makes sense?
  7. Thanks Bill for the Update. By the way, I too am in Chantilly. 😀
  8. Bill, any updates? Whatever happened to this build?
  9. Based on the survey done for kit quality on this site under the kit forum I'd say Caldercraft quality wins hands down for quality. There are several builds on this site you can check as well.
  10. Dave, thanks for dropping in to my thread. I’m glad you appreciate the nuances of the PNW longboat from the standard kit. 👍
  11. Thanks Lou, great to hear from you. This little project was something to wet my appetite to get back into ship building. It did its job. 😀 I'm really enjoying it. The best part is learning all the different and new techniques on this website. Over course the motivation aspect of seeing all the incredible work by the masters here help as well. I wish I had this resource when I started 30 years ago. It would have prevented a lot of head scratching. 😟
  12. Thanks Chuck, I did a little research and found a reference to the use of toggles. At this scale for the boat I’m making at 1:48 it was a pain but it sort of worked. I love your method of using tissue paper. It does the trick.

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