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  1. Very interesting subject matter; look forward to seeing the model;. cheers Pat
  2. Happy birthday my friend!  hope you have a great day......

    Denis >Popeye<

  3. Hi folks, just to confuse the situation more the following is an extract from the Contract for the building of the HMCSS Victoria (for the Colony of Victoria, Australia) built 1855: "Wales, Sheerstrake and Topside. - Mahogany, thick 3 inches, to taper forward and aft to 2 inches." cheers Pat
  4. Welcome aboard from just slightly further south cheers Pat
  5. Where did you get those small (6mm) blanks from in the USA please Eberhard? cheers Pat
  6. Great technique Danny cheers Pat
  7. Very similar but the 'hand' raulic version cherers Pat
  8. Hi Ulises, I went a slightly different route and purchased an adjustable desk frame to which I added a desktop I already had. This particular frame was the heavy duty version as the desktop was large and heavy and I wanted to allow for a 1:48 build and build board. This frame also allows me to drive the table down a little bit (not much but about 6 inches) below standard desk height - for the reason to do exactly what you want to do. Unfortunately, due to the design I cannot tilt it I don't know where you would get one as I bought mine from a local office furniture provider (and not cheap due to the 'heavy duty' frame) but the package looks like this: Cheers Pat
  9. Crude maybe, but very effective - great idea and thanks for sharing Bluto cheers Pat
  10. That makes sense - thanks cheers Pat
  11. Thanks Pete. As to the S / F - I think it was simply that this was the way they wrote the S which looked like a long F back in those days Good luck with your book. cheers Pat
  12. Hi folks, I have a follow up to the initial question. Thanasis shows the fairleads that were probably used in HMCSS Victoria in the third option of his post above. Harold Underhill confirms this and also supplies a probable fairlead rigging plan in his book "Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrier". However, while implied in several books, there is not a clear statement made as to whether the bundles of lines leading through these fairleads go to a single belaying pin, or separate pins. The respective rigging plans suggest/imply they belay to a single pin (usually as a group/bundle of three lines, including any combination of the following - 2 x bunt lines plus one other line being either a leech, clew or downhaul). Does this make sense to have these lines (usually of small diameter cordage than other running rigging) belay to a single pin? cheers Pat
  13. Another interesting tid-bit Pete - you writing a book with all this research? cheers Pat
  14. Also try electronics store or suppliers. A brand by the name "Jensen" is provided along with caps, leur-locks etc and syringes which techs use for applying soldering pastes etc. Comes in a wide range of gauges and types. cheers Pat