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  1. As with all your builds Ed I have been fascinated with this wonderful build. What you achieve at this scale is phenomenal; very much enjoying the processes. WRT the dust box; have you considered photographers backdrop material? It is a lot tougher than the paper and pretty cheap by the meter from a photography store. cheers Pat
  2. Very nice work on those guns Greg. this will be one very nicely detailed model when you get all these guns onto her cheers Pat
  3. Hi Per, thanks for the feedback. Just to be sure we are singing from the same music sheet, the subway theme remains the selected choice of theme for me; BUT, if I change the contents and background colours from the default blue to say marble (black), these are the changes that don't stick. Do they stick for you? cheers Pat
  4. Seems not then Admin/Mods - any ideas what would be causing this - all other themes the settings stick! cheers Pat
  5. Very nice work (crisp and clean detail) as usual Rusty; glad to see you right back into the swing of things. cheers Pat
  6. Slow but great work Ben. It took me 14 years to complete a model when I was working and not to the quality you are showing. Thanks for that info Druxey (and Chuck) very nice to know this type of detail. cheers Pat
  7. Is anyone else having issues with the Subway theme not holding settings when changed and reverting to defaults each time you log back into MSW? cheers Pat
  8. Sounds plausible Dave; unless the original design led to a 'wet ship' and they needed more protection to stop the 'roughers' coming over? cheers Pat
  9. First class detail John; a pleasure to see these updates of yours cheers Pat
  10. That looks great Dave. Your photos reinforce why I did not go for the AOTS boat stowage as there would not have been enough room at the back of the gun for recoil yet alone working the guns. My preference was stacking on the gallows. You have done an excellent job on the finish though, they look great in situ. cheers Pat
  11. You must be close to finishing all those guns soon greg, seems never ending. A great job and a lesson in perseverance. cheers Pat
  12. Great work Karl, it's a wonder you didn't lose more with the size of the wood you are using. The stern in particular looks great! cheers Pat
  13. Who has been a busy lad then ? All that detail looks great John, and your ingenuity in making some of the items is very enlightening. cheers Pat