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  1. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    This diorama is 95% wood built mostly with coffee stir sticks and tongue depressors readily available anywhere.Now on permanent display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa Canada.Appraised value by Shep Paine twenty-five thousand U.S. dollars.I am very proud of this and am not bragging here but stating a "Mission Accomplished" fact.I first picked up Shep's book back in the early 70's and promised myself that one day I would this too.Over the years I often leafed through it but I was too busy woodcarving at the time. At age 60 in the year 2000 I finally got the chance to dedicate myself to dioramas.One thing led to another and I needed an appraiser for my work for the museum.I figured ah what the hell I might as well go to the top and ask Shep all he can do is say no. Well, he didn't but what really surprised me is that he appraised my work at the same level as what he was getting for his famous Box Dioramas.Just before he retired he had asked that others take up the from where he had left. off.I am very proud that I took up this challenge.I am so happy and especially at an art level that he appreciated my work.The last evaluation that he did for me was only a few days before his death.Thanks to Shep my mission was accomplished.
  2. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Now back to the Barnstormer era.This is an airshow bike leaning up against a wall.I re-designed it a bit to better fit into the era.I do take a little artistic license here and there nobody notices except few nitpickers.I mostly do these dioramas to educate the kids about the era.
  3. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    I love this site.They allow such large pics that really shows off your work.
  4. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    This is 1/16th scale.It is built mostly from coffee stir sticks and tongue depressors and pine and plywood from the local hardware store.This is the base under construction.It is pretty much self-explanatory.
  5. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Here is my last diorama under construction it is called "Against the Wind" and it is of the Fokker research facility in Germany.He worked under contract with the government.I cheated a bit here as it would be late 1918 just before the end of the war but I want to show you guys my basic methodology for building these dioramas.
  6. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    My friend and appraiser Shep Paine.
  7. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Hi Roger ! thank you for your kind words.If the aircraft that you remember seeing,if it were Canadian it would be called the Jenny Canuck.I had a different tail design and no downward tilt of the engine.Back in the 60's my dad and I rebuilt a 1929 Beech Travelair.I donated it to a museum when he passed in 1985.My dad and my brother and I were all commercial pilots,long retired now.Cheers! John.
  8. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Here is a small vignette of the under-construction storage area for the airshow performances.
  9. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Thank you Jerry.it is 1/16thI do have lots of pics.Stand by.My overall pics are in another location, here are some pics of a barn owl in the rafters on the same diorama
  10. "Keepers of the Flame-1919-1929." 1/16th Diorama.

    Some pics of the build.
  11. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    What is 3rd party Hosting and how do you get it? I already have a Photobucket account.Thanks.Cheers! John.
  12. This period of time was pivotable in the history of aviation in the last century.It has always been of great interest to me, the era from the end of WW1 to the beginnings of air regulations in 1929, a time when anything was possible before the government stepped in. I just noticed that a few of the following pics are out of focus, forgot to use my glasses when reviewing them. This is my diorama that is now on permanent display in the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa Canada.It was valued by Shep Paine the best known of the modern day diorama makers at twenty-five thousand dollars(US).
  13. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Congrats! this is not an easy build but the Fokker is worse, so bad that I turned mine into a wreck for my Fokker diorama.Cheers! john.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/195998674197262/ I won't be posting to this thread anymore.please see my Fantasy build under scratch built models.