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  1. http://goo.gl/GonxzQ

  2. http://goo.gl/D93FPk

  3. This ventilation port will be one of many installed in the forecastle where the crew is quartered on this pirate ship.The weathering is essentially the same except I added more raw umber to the nimbus grey /raw umber mix in order for it to be more visible against the color of the hull.I may add some lighting to this piece from handheld lanterns as the pirates search the ship for treasure.
  4. http://tinyurl.com/h3apybg

  5. Damaged Model

    Nice model.It shouldn't be too difficult to restore.Take lots of pics though before you start.Cheers! John.
  6. http://projectgold.ru/izobility/podstavka_dlya_vina_cena_1nbsp.html

  7. Eventually, the holes in the hull will be a nice moss green.The steel nails will be removed.The false frames are made from wood strips ,painted and weathered before application behind the planks.Use your nimbus grey raw umber mix for this.The two fuzzy pics give you an idea how it all blends in from a few feet away.
  8. Buffalo Bill's Stagecoach.

    Dylan please see a topic that I have started in the Painting and Weathering section of this site. It is basically the technique that I used for the stagecoach.Cheers! John.
  9. The bow as it is now is like one large blank canvas to work upon.So far I have just applied my usual nimbus grey and raw umber mix in very thin coats until the woodgrain is just barely covered up.I then hand sprayed on thin raw umber with a toothbrush.I used small nails to temporarily fasten the planks to the frame.The nail holes can be hidden by just putting some water in them to swell the wood back out to normal or you can use them for wooden tree nails or iron nails.I will be using iron nails just because I like the rusty look. In order to break up this large blank surface, I will show some of the underlying frames by cutting some ragged holes into the planking.As I pointed out earlier there may have been gunports painted on this area for further intimation but our egalitarian pirate captain has decided to allow the crew to escape the crowded and smelly conditions below deck and load it with treasure instead.
  10. RATLINER - New Product

    We have known each other for a long time now Ken but it never ceases to amaze me over the years how much of your time you have spent giving back to the model building community.I know that it is not easy to be constantly interrupting your own builds to take pics and write up the text to go with them.Thank you for all you have done to promote our hobby.Cheers! John.
  11. Haven't posted in a long time!

    Welcome back ! I only recently returned too.
  12. Buffalo Bill's Stagecoach.

    Hi Dylan. I have the technique written out somewhere on my computer now it is just a matter of finding it.